The leader of the future DC Justice League has been chosen

Jo Mullein may be the newest Green Lantern on the block, but in the world of Future State, she’s the newest leader of the Justice League.

Spoilers for Future State: Justice League # 2 ahead!

the League of Justice from Future state have chosen their new leader: Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, one of the recent recruits in the Green Lantern Corps! In the first story of Future State: Justice League # 2, by writer Joshua Williamson, artist Robson Rocha, inker Daniel Henriques, and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr, Mullein sets himself apart in combat, cementing his place as leader of the Justice League. The issue is now available in stores and on all digital comic platforms.

Jo Mullein was created by acclaimed novelist NK Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell and has been appearing in the miniseries. Green Lantern: Far Sector in DC’s Young Animal Imprint. Recently recruited to the Corps, Mullein was assigned to a distant sector of the universe, hence the name “Far Sector”. The series has received high praise from both fans and critics, and now Jo meets the rest of the DC Universe in Future state. This two-month event shows the future of the DC Universe, from a few years in the future to the end of time, and in a few years from now, Jo Mullein will become the leader of the Justice League.

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the Future state League membership consists of new versions of popular Leaguers like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. This new iteration of the Justice League does different things than its predecessors: They do not know the identities of others or associate with each other outside of the League. Jon Kent (Superman) hates this, ironically it’s knowing the identities and quirks of others that saves the day in the fight against the shape-shifting Hyperclan, and it’s Jo who first realizes this, and it’s capable of changing the course of the situation. battle. Later, when the League comes together to begin charting a new destiny, fans learn that Jo has been chosen as the new leader of the League.

Jo Mullein has made a huge impression on fans in the year since her debut and seeing her in action at Future State: Justice League underlines why, she is not only brave but also resourceful and observant; he knew that Hyperclan were both shapeshifters and mind readers, and consequently they created a trap. These qualities serve him both as a Green Lantern and as a leader of the Justice League. Jo will take over the League at a crossroads in her career, and she has shown that she is capable of guiding them through it.

Far sector will conclude its execution soon, and Jo mullein will move into the larger DC Universe, starting with Future state. She has had a great impact as Green Lantern, and will certainly do the same with the League of Justice.

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