Peril on Gorgon is available now in Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch. Here’s what gamers should know about downloadable content.

The outer worlds It is Obsidian Entertainment’s latest successful project, and while the Nintendo Switch version of the game has been available since June last year, its DLC content has not – until now. As of February 10, the game’s first expansion, Danger on Gorgon, is available for Switch players.

Nintendo Players Can Buy Danger on Gorgon DLC via the eShop, either as a single download or as half of a two-part expansion pass. In the game, Danger on Gorgon It will be accessible after players clear the “Radio Free Monarch” main story mission on the planet Monarch. This means that they will not have to finish the entire game to explore this new area. In fact, Gorgon has a map roughly as large as Monarch, the largest explorable environment in the base game.

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In the DLC mission, the player and the Unreliable crew come across a severed arm and a cryptic message pointing to the asteroid Gorgon. Never straying from a murky corporate conspiracy, the Hero of Hope makes his way toward the infamous asteroid. From there, they find a woman named Minnie Ambrose, who gives them a compelling mystery to solve around a top-secret project gone terribly wrong.

The Gorgon asteroid was once a former science outpost that was owned primarily by Spacers Choice Corporation. It was eventually abandoned after a series of disastrous experiments were carried out. The research labs are now mostly in ruins, overrun by marauders and alien monsters. This is also where “Adrena-Time” was first created, an in-game consumable that gives the player character the power to slow down time in combat. Nintendo players new to The outer worlds You will be able to discover the origin and the mystery that surrounds this so-called miracle drug.

the Danger on Gorgon The add-on includes new interactions with the team, as well as some of the options that determine the overall ending of the game. The player level cap has been raised to 33, and there are a few new perks and flaws to choose from. Players will need to be careful who they trust in this adventure, using all their skills, diplomacy and intelligence to navigate this hostile and intriguing place. Or, if you prefer the psycho game, you can always shoot everyone you come across.

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Upon reaching Gorgon, players will have the opportunity to obtain new loot, consumables, armor, and three new science weapons to wield. These include the “Special Delivery”, a heavy weapon that fires explosive projectiles with a knockback effect; the “PET”, a two-handed melee weapon that will draw enemies from afar in front of players to attack; and the “Employee Perks”, a pistol that is instead capable of slow healing and even reviving any friendly fellow NPCs in its sights. Players will need these weapons and more to survive against the monsters that roam this cursed asteroid.

The outer worlds It may not work as well on the Switch as it does on other platforms, but the Switch does have some advantages when playing games. The main one is to be able to use the joy-cons for the weapons that aim gyroscopically, increasing their precision without the need to aim automatically. The game can also be played on the go thanks to the Switch’s handheld mode.

Nintendo players must keep Danger on Gorgon is just one of the two DLC provided in The outer worlds expansion pass. So get ready for when the second expansion, Murder in Eridanos, comes out earlier this year.

The outer worlds and its first DLC are also available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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