Valheim fixes the worst part of the rust

Valheim developer Iron Gate has already fixed the biggest problem survival games like Rust are facing. This is how the Viking adventure stands out.

Valheim sent ripples through the survival game genre when it launched on Steam Early Access on February 2. The Viking-themed adventure has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from PC gamers after its debut. While developer Iron Gate is still actively working on the title, Valheim has already managed to differentiate itself from competitors such as Oxide, DayZY Ark: Survival Evolved.

It’s not just the Vikings who set the launch apart from its rivals; It is the type of combat that prioritizes. While Oxide, DayZY Ark have all players facing each other by allowing unrestricted player versus player play, Valheim it has done the opposite. The title focuses almost exclusively on cooperative combat, player versus environment, eliminating the most frustrating part of survival games, the pain of other players.

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Building expansive forts and collecting materials in boxes can take days Oxide and similar titles. However, all of that can be taken away from players in minutes if an enemy player decides to hunt them down or attack their base. Keeping up with other players and negotiating alliances was once a de facto part of survival games. Now, Iron Gate has shown how much more satisfying the genre can be without them.

How Valheim solved Rust’s biggest problem

Rust Steam Log Concurrent Player Count

ValheimThe main objective is simple but well executed. Up to ten players step into the boots of slain Viking warriors who are transported to a mysterious realm and ordered by Odin to rid the domain of his plague of monsters and beasts. The main loop of the game consists of exploring to find materials to build weapons and armor and then challenging bosses, such as the possessed deer Eikthyr. This repeats until players have amassed the tools and resources necessary to not only challenge the strongest bosses in the game, but also to have a base they are proud of.

Valheim It has a PvP option, but it needs to be toggled so that players can choose when they want to fight each other. That eliminates the possibility of a strong player roaming the map and preying on weaker Vikings for fun. Problems like that are a big reason why Oxide It’s very difficult to get in as a newcomer – many servers are full of players killing newbies that appear in the world for fun.

Valheim It’s still far from complete, but Iron Gate has already made its way into a highly contested market. World PvP has made Oxide and other fierce and toxic survival games. On the contrary, Iron Gate has given its survival title a satisfying path to progression that cannot be interrupted by players in bad faith.

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