Velma’s ‘Scooby-Doo’ Prequel Series Coming to Mindy Kaling’s HBO Max

Mindy Kaling has teamed up with HBO Max to develop an animated series about Velma from Scooby Doo. The streamer has given the show a straightforward order along with many other adult animated series. Kaling is on board to executive produce the series, as well as providing the voice of Velma in the Scooby Doo cleave.

Although inspired by a popular children’s cartoon series, Velma is described as an “adult-centered” animated comedy, suggesting that the show will likely be developed for more adults. Scooby Doo fans. The series serves as an origin story for the “underrated and bespectacled brain of the Scooby Gang”, offering a look into the “complex and colorful past of one of the Scooby Doobeloved mystery solvers. “

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Velma comes from a general deal between Mindy kaling and Warner Bros. TV to produce multiple original shows for the studio. Executive producer Velma Joining Kaling are longtime contributor Charlie Grandy, 3 Arts’ Howard Klein, and Sam Register.

Velma Dinkley has been appearing in the Scooby Doo franchise since the original cartoon series premiered in 1969, originally voiced by Nicole Jaffe. He most recently appeared in last year’s computer-animated film. Scoob!, this time played by Gina Rodríguez. In live action Scooby Doo film and its sequel, Linda Cardellini portrayed a live-action version of Velma. Since then, he has reprized the role in several animated skits for Robot chicken.

Other Scooby Doo The prequels have also been developed in years past. The 2018 direct-to-video film Daphne & Velma also served as an origin story for Velma, following Velma (Sarah Gilman) and Daphne Blake (Sarah Jeffery) as high school students in the days before joining Mystery Inc. with Fred. . , Scooby and Shaggy. The animated series A puppy named Scooby-Doo He also reinvented the gang by solving mysteries as children with Christina Lange voicing Velma.

Together with Kaling’s Velma series, HBO Max is increasing its offering of adult animated comedies with several other titles. An update of Clone high, described as an update to the original series that is set in a high school for clones of historical figures. An animated workplace comedy series called Shot on mars It is also in development with Pete Davidson cast in the title role. Additionally, the streamer also ordered two other seasons of the animated comedy. Close enough.

“It is a tremendous privilege to build on the more than 100-year legacy of ‘cartoons’ at this company,” HBO Max said in a statement. “We can draw a straight line from the hundreds of hours we spent in childhood watching Bugs outwit Elmer to the current list of adult animated projects we are building here at HBO Max and we think fans will agree. We are proud of this. to present this distinctive group of series from a wide range of diverse creators that will be a first stop destination for animation lovers everywhere. “

Other animated projects in development at HBO that have been previously announced include new shots of Gremlins Y The Boondocks along with more episodes of the Kaley Cuoco series Harley quinn. This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

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