WandaVision theory: SWORD created Westview

The latest episode of WandaVision draws a line between Wanda and SWORD, making one wonder if the agency really created Westview.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 5, “In a very special episode …”, now broadcast on Disney +.

The last episode of WandaVision It threw in a lot of new information about the mysteries at the heart of the series, and it only worked to thicken the plot. In “In A Very Special Episode …”, SWORD forces attack Wanda, and she is forced to leave Westview to retaliate and warn the agency to stay away from her. SWORD, however, has no intention of backing down, much less acting director Tyler Hayward.

The episode may have drawn the line between the agency and Wanda, but the new clues it has shed make us wonder if perhaps the two sides are even more connected than it seems. In fact, it seems possible that SWORD was behind the creation of Westview.

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Monica Rambeau from SWORD by WandaVision

When Vision finally becomes unsure of his reality in the series’ latest episode, he confronts Wanda about the nature of their home. She explains that while she’s in control of some things, she doesn’t control everyone at Westview. She is not pulling all the strings and, more importantly, she says she has no idea how this all started. This means that it is more than likely that Wanda did not create the alternate reality in the heart of Westview.

So while there are theories that Wanda is being manipulated by Agnes or even Mephisto, what if she is actually SWORD? After several hints that the organization was monitoring the situation in Westview in the first three episodes of the series, “We Discontinued This Show” drew fans into the real world, after SWORD agent Monica Rambeau returned. to life after Blip and go back to work for his agency. When she met with Acting Director Hayward, Monica learned that the organization’s focus was no longer on space, they were sensitive weapons.

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The term “sentient weapons” is vague to say the least, but it makes more sense when it is revealed in “In a Very Special Episode …” that it was SWORD who had Vision’s body, and they seemed to be studying it. . It is possible that the organization planned to use the Vision body to create something new, as part of its new mission statement. Given that the agency is now in the business of building tech weapons, then perhaps what created Westview’s reality is its doing. After all, the biggest clue feeding into this theory is the barrier that separates reality from sitcom from the real world. Viewers have seen this warped wall on several occasions, and what is perhaps most remarkable about it is that it vibrates with an energy that seems to be born of technology, not magic.

In fact, when Wanda confronts Hayward, Monica, and the rest of SWORD’s forces just outside the barrier, she has to use her powers to break through the wall. The red glow of his abilities collides with the purple-blue barrier, which may reveal that this wall is not of his own creation. Furthermore, it is clear that the entirety of Westview is contained in a hexagon, a geometric shape that appears calculated, which could be further proof that the barrier itself comes from a technological source.

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But if that is the case, the reason why SWORD creates a weapon that alters the reality and identity of those contained within a certain perimeter remains a mystery. Fortunately, the answer to that can be found in the comics. In 2016 Avengers: Standoff! crossover event, it was revealed that SHIELD had created an entire city that was populated by villains. This Pleasant Hill was actually a prison where all of these supervillains received new identities and memories from a sentient cosmic cube called Kobik.

In their mission to create sensitive weapons that could respond to super threats, SWORD could have created something similar to Pleasant Hill. Westview could be a test, and Hayward could have sent the unknown Monica Rambeau to find out what went wrong with her experiment. This is still just a theory for now, but there are a lot of fans who don’t know about SWORD yet, and at the moment, they can’t be sure they aren’t behind all of this.

Written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman, WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, Paul Bettany as Vision, Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Kathryn Hahn like Agnes. New episodes airing Fridays on Disney +.

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