What is the Skeld.net public server between us (and how to use it)

Skeld.net is a popular community server featuring some of the best Among Us mods. Here’s everything fans need to know about the site and how it works.

Mods are incredibly popular on Among us, the social deduction game and the great success of the independent studio InnerSloth. Many of the best mods can be found on a public community server called Skeld.net, which has been up and running for some time. Here’s everything the fans of Among us I need to know about the server

Skeld.net is a public community server, which means that it is fully used and managed by Among us fans and has no official ties to developer InnerSloth. Public servers for mods in Among us are becoming more common, especially as more and more gamers want to use mods in their games. Some of the most popular mods come from Skeld.net, so it’s definitely something Among us fans should check it out.

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The Color Changer mod and the Zombie mod can be found on Skeld.net, as well as the new Twins mod for Among us. There are also numerous game modes available, and there are even anticheats to keep all games fun and fair. There’s also a dedicated Discord, which anyone using Skeld.net should check out, as more information and people within the community can be found there. Of course, the first step in taking advantage of the many mods, game modes and anticheats that Skeld.net offers is to download the app or launcher.

How Skeld.net works for Among Us Mods and more

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To begin the process, Among Us fans will need to visit Skeld.net and follow the installation instructions. Currently, there are two options available: a launcher for PC and an application for Android devices. Once the application or .exe file is installed, players can start using the service. In general, it is a fairly painless process that does not take long.

Joining Skeld.net can be a first step to enjoying various popular game modes and mods, such as the Twins mod or the Zombie mod on Among us. It’s also completely free to join, though the community has a Patreon page to help with costs. For anyone looking to mix things up Among us, the various mods and game modes on Skeld.net are great. And because the server has its own anticheats, players don’t have to worry about the cheats and tricks that sometimes affect InnerSloth. Among us servers.

Anyone interested in mods and other game modes at Among us you should definitely consider joining Skeld.net. It’s a great way to see what the fan community has to offer, and it can make future games even more fun and interesting.

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Source: Skeld.net

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