WoW: Classic has come to an end and players want to know what’s next. BlizzCon provides the perfect opportunity for that announcement.

BlizzCon 2021, also known as BlizzConline, is almost here, and gamers are eager to hear what’s next. World of Warcraft: Classic. The launch of the Naxxramas raid has brought Wow: Classic in keeping with everything that was available in the original game. World of Warcraft: Classic has reached its maximum level and players want to know what they will be able to enjoy in the future. Blizzard will almost certainly have announcements to make during its annual convention, and this is what some people are hoping for.

The great expectation that fans have is an announcement of The Burning Crusade: Classic. With nothing more to add from the vanilla game, it makes sense for Blizzard to turn to the relaunch From World of Warcraft expansions, starting with The flaming crusade. This expansion added The Outlands, flying mounts, and a host of class changes to the game. If players are looking for more things to do in WoW: Classic, adding this expansion would give them an abundance. It’s the obvious next step for Blizzard, but it’s not the company’s only option.

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Beyond the fact that it makes logical sense, there have been some signs that Blizzard is gearing up for a classic version of The flaming crusade. The company has sent out surveys to players asking their preferences on a variety of server options, and most recently Blizzard has added the ‘Moon-Touched Netherwhelp’ mascot to World of Warcraft. How does this point to The Burning Crusade: Classic? This little dragon is a remake of the ‘Netherwhelp’ that was originally packaged with the Collector’s Edition of The flaming crusade. The timing is too perfect to dismiss as a coincidence.

The future of WoW Classic could be announced at BlizzCon

WoW Classic Naxxramas with BlizzCon Logo

Beyond an expansion release, the other line of thinking World of warcraft that fans have is that there will be a set of servers that will ‘restart’ the Classic phases for those who want to continue playing without going to The flaming crusade expansion. The idea is that these servers offer ‘clean starts’ from where WoW: Classic released, with scheduled updates that bring it up to date. Rinse and repeat. This infinite loop would certainly satisfy gamers to stay on Classic, and it would probably be a fairly easy thing for Blizzard to do. They’ve already done all the work, it’s just a matter of getting it all out again.

If there’s one thing BlizzCon is good for, it’s Blizzard’s big announcements. Now that World of Warcraft: Classic has run its course, there will almost certainly be some announcements about its future at BlizzConline. The free, fully online convention will take place February 19-20.

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