X-Men: a disgusting fan fiction mutant is about to become Marvel Canon

Artist BobQ! Take the opportunity to add a new fan-fiction mutant to the X-Men – it’s time to meet the amazing Soft Serve!

A hilariously disgusting X Men The fan-fiction character is about to make his official debut in the Marvel Universe: make way for Soft Serve. There was a time when Marvel Comics believed it was possible to have too many mutants. That was why the editorial insisted that Scarlet Witch take power from all but 200; that was seen as a way to reduce the number to a manageable count.

That time is clearly past. With superstar comic book writer Jonathan Hickman, the X-Men have founded the mutant nation of Krakoa. They are welcoming all the mutants of the world to make their home on the living island. And, significantly, they have also discovered the secret of conquering death. A synergy of mutant powers and Cerebro technology is allowing the X-Men to resurrect all slain mutants, including the millions killed by the Sentinels on Genosha. They have even established a mechanism (of gladiators) to restore all mutants looted by the Scarlet Witch. And finally the recent X of spades The event brought a new mutant island to Earth, Arakko, apparently populated by 20 times as many mutants.

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Awesome artist Bob Q! he’s working on some of the X books, and on Twitter, he revealed that he’s taking the opportunity to add some fan-fiction characters to canon. Specifically, the most surreal mutant to date: Soft Serve, whose power is to make ice cream poop.

The powers of Soft Serve raise so many entertaining questions. How does your digestive system work? How did he discover his powers, and who first tasted his poop to realize it was ice cream (maybe a little brother he played a practical joke on)? Do you feel cold after using the bathroom, and what if you get a tummy virus? If you can poop out of various flavors of ice cream, how do you control it? And is there another mutant in Krakoa that can create sugar sprinkles so Soft Serve can be part of the ultimate team?

The truth is, the X-Men books have often taken mutation too seriously. The vast majority of mutants have powers that lend themselves perfectly to combat: think healing factors, optical blasts, and superhuman strength. But the mutation is supposed to be random, which surely means the vast majority of powers will be absurd and capricious, relatively useless in battle, and instead hilariously gross. In the case of Soft Serve, Bob Q is worth mentioning! he imagines her saying she poops ice cream “Better than nobody,“Which, frankly, suggests that this power happens often enough that she has rivals. It’s frankly fun to imagine Soft Serve taking on them in a contest to prove she’s the best at what she does, and to pity the poor. X Men who are asked to award the competition.

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