When Magneto was young, he faced great adversity. He became an adult who struggled with many of the more positive aspects of life, having experienced very few purely good experiences. With so much trauma behind him, it is impossible to imagine Magneto functioning in real life.

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However, he is capable of making even some of his worst character traits work for him. Although he can be kind and charming when he wants to, he doesn’t always want to be. Instead, he often lets his worst character traits take center stage, which makes him a bit difficult to deal with.

10 Cocky and overconfident

utopia magnet

Magneto is an immensely powerful man. He developed his mutation early and has had many years to hone his skills. Beyond that, he is an extremely motivated individual, and that has led him to become more and more powerful over the years. The stronger Magneto gets, the more confident he becomes, and this has made him a cocky guy. He believes that he always knows what is best and that what he does is always the right thing to do. Others don’t always agree with them, but part of Magneto’s arrogance is that he doesn’t really care.

9 Stubborn than most other characters

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Magneto believes that he knows what is best and will stick to his ideals no matter what. He doesn’t care how many times the X-Men stop him, how many times he is arrested by human police, or how many times Professor X personally approaches him to challenge his ideals and decisions.

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Magneto will always bend and defend whatever he has decided to do to the end. You know what you want and how to get it, or so you think, and you will do whatever it takes, without letting anyone get in your way.

8 Frank and not sensitive to the feelings of others

Magneto (Ian McKellen) from X-Men

As smart as he is, Magneto doesn’t see much point in being sensitive to many other people’s emotions. You tend to just say what you think and do what you want, even if it would upset someone else. The things he says and does, however, tend to be incredibly hurtful. He is direct to the point of insensitivity and can sometimes be too sincere when he wants to convey something. He cares about those around him, but sometimes finds it difficult to really access his emotions about them.

7 Bossy to those around him

Magneto in X-Men: The Animated Series

The older Magneto got, the more he realized he needed his own team, an answer to the X-Men who were less interested in integrating with humanity and more interested in subjugating humanity. Erik forms the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and is their leader most of the time.

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You need to be in charge as you are your boss and you must assume authority, but you tend to be bossy to an extreme degree. Magneto wants everyone around him to do exactly what he wants them to do. He believes that he knows best and that people listen to him best when he tells them what to do.

6 He is guarded and never lets anyone get near him.

There have been many times in Magneto’s life when he has been betrayed. Countless times, he has loved and cherished others who have turned against him when he needed them most. This would guide anyone down the path to becoming a cautious person, so it is not surprising that Magneto has become an extremely cautious person. It is difficult for you to let others in and even more difficult to trust others. While Magneto may want to be around others, deep down, he struggles to open up and express himself with them.

5 Incredibly arrogant compared to everyone else

Magneto from X-Men

After all these years, Magneto knows that he is bigger than everyone else. He has seen many others fail, and yet he has prevailed above all of them. Magneto has abilities like no other and, what’s more, he knows that is special. Magneto’s specific amount of power and ability has made him an arrogant man who believes he always knows best. He does not believe that he can do wrong; you simply believe that others are misunderstanding you and / or punishing you because they are simply not on your level.

4 Cynical with everything he finds

For Magneto, humans are not to be trusted. In fact, for Magneto, no one can be trusted, because no one has ever proven to be trustworthy. You have tried to reach out to people over and over again, but often you only run into pain.

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As a result, he has formed a shell around himself and pushes others away from him. People eventually stop communicating and Magneto becomes increasingly isolated. After all this terrible treatment and the horrible things he’s seen, Magneto can’t help but be a cynical man.

3 Vengeful against humans and mutants alike

Magneto is an Omega level mutant in X-Men

Magneto grew up during World War II and was imprisoned and tormented in a concentration camp in the process. When he was young, he lost his entire family, including his daughter, who passed away. He has suffered unimaginable pain in his life and often at the hands of others who made a conscious decision to hurt him and his loved ones. This has made him an angry and vindictive individual who would do anything to hurt those who have hurt him. It’s hard to blame him, as he has experienced such immense difficulties in his life.

2 Always take extreme actions

The ideas Magneto has for Earth, society, mutants, and humans are considered extreme even by conservative standards. If he had his way, he would wipe out humanity and replace it entirely with a society of mutants. However, the X-Men often stop Magneto from getting his way, so he hasn’t quite succeeded yet. The man is extreme, ruthless and would go to any lengths to get what he wants no matter that that thing is.

one Killer, especially for humans

Magneto is willing to do absolutely anything to get what he wants. He has killed many humans in his life and he really doesn’t see anything wrong with that. There have also been mutants that he has killed in the past, but he struggles more with those deaths, as he values ​​the lives of mutants above human lives. In general, human lives don’t mean much to Magneto. He has taken lives before and will take them again if he thinks that is what he must do to ensure mutant supremacy.

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