Your Honor: The Worst Each Character Did

Bryan Cranston hadn’t been on a hot TV show since Breaking Bad finished. That’s up to Your Honor premiered in December 2020. The Showtime miniseries feels like the perfect vehicle for the actor. Like Walter White, his character Michael Desatio is always in a race against time to make things go wrong … illegal stuff. It does not matter that I am a judge.

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Michael beats out New Orleans mob boss Jimmy Baxter when it comes to the number of morally questionable decisions made per episode. But the great thing about the show is that Michael isn’t the only one making decisions that are downright shocking or have a negative domino effect. In Your HonorBad people far outnumber good people.

10 Adam Desiato: Hit and Run

Adam Desatio in his honor

Adam’s actions are the genesis of all the problems that arise in the show. He accidentally hits Jimmy Baxter’s son Rocco while trying to quickly get away from the men who want to attack him. Adam’s first reaction is commendable as he tries to resurrect the unfortunate Rocco, who was testing his new bike.

When Adam panics, he has an asthma attack, so he goes back to his car to find an inhaler. Not wanting to take responsibility for his actions, he walks away. As soon as he gets home, he tries to take off his clothes and hopes that everything goes well. Sadly, Rocco dies, prompting the mob boss to start looking for the culprit.

9 Gina Baxter: ordering a hit at Kofi

Gina Baxter - Your Honor

Gina Baxter gets points for being a loving mother who cares deeply about her children. However, her thirst for revenge overtakes her early in the series.

After Rocco dies, Gina is devastated. As soon as gang member Kofi is arrested while driving the Volvo that was involved in the accident, she concludes that he is the culprit. Her husband Jimmy asks for patience, but she goes against his advice and orders a hit. She entrusts none other than her son Carlo to do it. It’s a bad decision because it soon becomes obvious that Kofi was innocent.

8 Frannie: Sleeping with Adam

Frannie in her honor

Frannie, the high school teacher, comfortably has an affair with Adam, who happens to be her student. It is a great risk for her because she could lose her job if the information comes out. Adam is not yet an adult, so therein lies a bigger problem. Frannie could be registered as a sex offender.

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Since Adam loves her, he lets her know what he did. Despite being a bit older than him, she gives him bad advice, telling him to continue keeping her secret. Interestingly, she doesn’t keep the same secret for long.

7 Nancy Costello: Threatening Carlo with Lethal Injection

Nancy costello

Detective Nancy Costello is generally a cop who plays by the rules and likes Michael too much to realize that something is wrong with him. Since there are multiple characters plotting behind the scenes, it becomes impossible for her to do her job properly.

In a desperate move, he threatens Carlo with the possibility of a lethal injection. Like a villain, she goes on to describe in horrifying and creepy detail how the poisonous fluids from the lethal injection turn off the nerves. The death penalty doesn’t have many fans these days, and Nancy using it to threaten a suspect is not so admirable.

6 Charlie: tying up loose ends

Charlie in your honor

Charlie is the typical smiling but evil politician. People think he’s a nice person but he’s in bed with a couple of shady people. You can speak to a local gang to help get rid of the Volvo involved in the hit-and-run. Kofi, the guy in charge of getting rid of the car, is not so lucky.

He is arrested and Baxter’s men eventually put him in their hands. Instead of trying to help Kofi, he goes out of his way to tie up all the loose ends and make sure nothing ties him to Kofi.

5 Fia: be naive

Trust in your honor

Things get a bit complicated when Jimmy Baxter’s daughter, Fia, falls in love with Adam. Michael’s teenage son is a mess, but apparently he’s good with women. Fia’s mother, Gina, does everything in her power to end the relationship. Despite being the most innocent character on the show, Fia is naive and unaware of all the madness that surrounds her.

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Fia’s decision to date Adam is problematic because he is the person who killed her brother and she doesn’t know it. Being with Adam also prevents the Baxter family from exacting revenge.

4 Jimmy Baxter: Killing Trevor

Jimmy Baxter - Your Honor

A stranger who knows that Adam is the culprit decides to blackmail Michael. Then the judge does everything he can to find out who it is. Use Detective Costello to obtain the license plates of the vehicles that were seen at the gas station.

Finally he discovers that the blackmailer is Trevor, Ed’s son, lover of the sea. Michael offers to buy him a boat to keep him calm. You also agree to partially cover your $ 200,000 claim. Unfortunately for Trevor, Jimmy Baxter and his henchman Frankie catch him and Michael. The judge speaks to avoid being killed, but Trevor is not so lucky. Jimmy shoots him.

3 Kofi Jones: Not being careful enough

Kofi Jones in his honor

Kofi is tasked with disposing of the Volvo, but he doesn’t take enough precautions. He does something that eventually leads to his disappearance. Drive the car through the city streets that are infested with policemen. As expected, he ends up getting arrested.

As a young gang member, you should have known that if you were asked to dispose of a car it means it was probably used for a crime. Should have scrapped it at night or used routes that are probably not crowded with cops. Sadly, he doesn’t do that, so he ends up being arrested, tortured, and killed for something he didn’t do.

2 Carlo: Revenge by killing Kofi

Carlo kills Kofi in a brutal way by hitting the young man’s head against a wall 7 times. He does it when he only has a few days of sentence left. By doing this, you risk serving another lengthy jail sentence. That was Jimmy Baxter’s concern in the first place and that’s why he didn’t want Carlo to get the hit.

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Thanks to his reckless actions, Carlo is arrested again a couple of days after being released from prison. Therefore, his father is forced to do the same as Michael: save a guilty child from the clutches of justice.

one Michael Desiato: causing the arrest of a black judge

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato

A problem arises when a black judge named Sara is assigned to Carlo’s case. Michael knows that he will not be able to influence the case with a new judge in charge. This means that he will break his promise to Jimmy Baxter and possibly end up dead.

Michael puts on his quick thinking hat and talks to some racist cops so they can stop Sara and arrest her. In this way, you will return to the case. Sara is tricked into driving drunk even though she is not drunk. He later tells Michael that he feels someone influenced the case, not knowing that he is the culprit.

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