10 anime characters who love food as much as Goku

Goku from Dragon Ball can consume a great deal of food, but there are other anime characters who love snacking even more than he does.

Anime stands out thanks to series that tell unique and exaggerated story styles. Anime is limitless in terms of themes and there are a number of franchises that prioritize good cooking above all else.

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There are many anime characters that have been defined by their strength or transformations, but sometimes the appetite can be even more impressive and fierce. Dragon Balls Goku It can consume a lot of food, but there are some other anime characters who love snacking even more than Goku.

10 Kagura has an insatiable alien appetite and is always eating snacks

Anime Gintama Kagura eating wide mouth

Gintama It’s a wild mix of genres and it’s a brilliant prank anime. as well as an emotional serialized drama that is largely about tropes only to later subvert. Kagura is a character that can be distilled into your love of food. He always talks about what he is going to eat and his greatest aspirations are related to food. He’s practically always chewing pickled seaweed for a livelihood.

9 Titan’s attack on Sasha’s blouse underscores her love of food

Attack on Titan is a very grim and depressing action series that doesn’t stop at the horrors or manipulations of war. Most of the characters lose their innocence and become very stern, which makes The continued adoration of Sasha Blouse for food a constant highlight. Sasha is practically hungry when she eats and it is as if she transcends existence. It’s satisfying that you get to get a taste of lobster and new cuisine before the end of the series.

8 Luffy’s elasticity makes his hunger practically insatiable in one piece

Anime One Piece Luffy Feasting

One piece Luffy makes a strong impression and he has clever versatility due to how he has been able to incorporate his elasticity into his fighting style. Luffy treats food as therapy and thus calms his soul. Its elasticity also allows you to eat to your heart’s content, as your stomach will simply expand and allow more.

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It’s also worth remembering that the only reason Luffy’s crazy adventure began is his appetite and compulsion to eat the gum devil fruit. It is an atypical way of gaining powers in most anime.

7 Toriko is a gourmet hunter who appreciates food above all else

Anime Toriko eats watermelon clam happy

Toriko it’s a shonen anime set in a world that has been changed and divided between normal society and the Gourmet World. The mighty warriors have vowed to use their strength to acquire the best and rarest ingredients. Ingredients and recipes have become the new currency and form of power.

The main character of the anime, Toriko, is a legendary Gourmet Hunter who enjoys food like no other. Toriko puts her life in danger to consume the best food, all in the service of preparing the perfect meal. Toriko’s entire life is dedicated to eating.

6 The gluttony of Fullmetal Alchemist is the epitome of hunger charged

It is usually entertaining to see very normal characters in anime with gigantic appetites, but it should come as no surprise that Fullmetal alchemist’s Gluttony is someone who likes food because that is its entire purpose. Gluttony is gluttony desire that comes to life and all it knows how to do is eat and consume, be it food, people, or anything. It’s the same for Gluttony. This is one of the few examples here where one character’s desire for food is actually dangerous to the safety of others.

5 Hei’s love of food is a reminder that he’s still human in darker than black

Anime Darker Than Black Hei Various Empty Plates

Darker than black revolves around two great cataclysms that hit the world and change things forever, creating a heaven and a gate to hell. A powerful group known as Contractors also plays a key role in this. Hei benefits from these unique powers, but he is still human and not a Contractor.

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These skills put a lot of pressure on him, which is part of the reason he eats so much. Your body requires the energy to sustain the feats you do it for, but you also genuinely enjoy eating and the joys it brings.

4 Samurai Champloo’s Fuu Shows Big Appetites Can Come In Small Sizes

Anime Samurai Champloo Fuu eats rice quickly

Samurai Champloo he is a charming and eclectic mixture of sensibilities that marches a lot to the beat of his own drum. Mugen, Jin, and Fuu may cross the line between secretive and extreme, but their starving artist mentality leads them to get into rice-eating content in an episode that leads to a big reveal with Fuu. Fuu is capable of eating exponentially more than everyone else and it is a huge surprise that Fuu’s passion for food runs so deep. It even makes its way into the music that she sings.

3 Naruto’s Choji requires a lot of food to achieve his powers

From Naruto Choji is a very powerful Akimichi ninja, all of which are known for the unusual ways in which they inflate and use their bodies in battle. It makes Akimichi incredibly resourceful, but it’s a maneuver that requires a ton of fuel, meaning that Choji is constantly eating as a way to keep his strength at the right level and make sure he’s not caught off guard. It is a strategy and a passion that he even transmits to his family and continues to be explored in Boruto.

2 CC has an undeniable penchant for pizza in Code Geass

Geass Code explores some interesting ideas about power, corruption, and mecha, not to mention that Lelouch’s descent into dark territory is a very powerful story development in itself. Geass Code makes it clear that no one is perfect and that everyone has their vices, that in the case of CC It turns out to be a deep love for pizza. CC’s pizza binge is more of a cute affectation of the character, but it’s something very important to her, and sometimes she doesn’t know the meaning of moderation when it comes to food.

one Beerus’ addiction to Earth’s food has kept the planet afloat in Dragon Ball Super

If there is any other character in the Dragon Ball universe that can make Goku’s gigantic appetite seem meager, then it would be God of Destruction Beerus. Beerus is incredibly powerful, but he adopts a lazy attitude that consists of sleeping and gorging himself on banquets.

Beerus learns to love the vast amount of food on Earth and requires food as payment when the characters come to him for help. It’s no exaggeration to say that Earth’s unique cuisine has saved the planet from Beerus’ destruction on several occasions. It is only food that keeps Earth safe from this God of Destruction.

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