10 anime that are clearly inspired by Sailor Moon

Since its inception in the early 90’s, Sailor moon has profoundly influenced the “Magical Girl” genre, ushering in new generations of impressive and memorable franchises. As with any pioneer in the entertainment industry, Sailor moon it was followed by countless “Magical Girl” anime that sought to capture that same enduring quality.

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Although Sailor moon It was not the first franchise to be categorized as a “Magical Girl” series, it undoubtedly brought the genre into the mainstream, inspiring other studios to do the same. Although clearly inspired by Sailor moon, the anime included on this list is remarkably unique and noteworthy in its own rights.

10 Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Characters

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch started as a manga published in a monthly anthology called Nakayoshi in 2002. Due to the popularity of the manga, mermaid melody it was soon adapted into an anime the following year. The story follows a mermaid princess, Lucia Nanami, who is tasked with recruiting six other “mermaid princesses” to summon Aqua Regina.

Like a true “Magical Girl” anime, mermaid melody has many similarities with Sailor on the moon. As the Sailor Guardians, Nanami and the other princesses can transform, giving them magical powers. Nanami even has an iconic pet that provides guidance during missions. However, instead of using magic wands, the mermaid princesses defeat monsters through the power of song.

9 Pretty cure

main characters of the anime pretty cure

Pretty cure is a full-length anime “Magical Girl” heavily influenced by Sailor moon. First introduced in 2004, the franchise has more than 800 episodes to its name, with eighteen anime installments, various manga iterations, and even video games.

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Each Pretty cure The installment follows a group of teenagers who can transform into magical warriors called “Pretty Cures” using unique items. I like Sailor moon, the Pretty Cures use their abilities to fight evil in a constant attempt to save Earth.

8 My-HiME

My-HiME anime characters

My-HiME was initially distributed to the North American public by Bandai Entertainment in 2006, following the success of the series in Japan several years earlier. The plot centers on a high school student, Mai Tokiha, who recently transferred to a mysterious school, Fuuka Academy.

On the surface My-HiME may seem different Sailor of the Moon; However, the two share some undeniable similarities. Shortly after attending Fuuka Academy, Tokiha learns that she is one of twelve gifted girls who carry the “HiME” brand, which grants her unique abilities. Together, Tokiha and the twelve HiME set out to protect the world from “Orphans”, the main antagonists of the series.

7 Akazukin Chacha

akazukin chacha anime full cast

Interestingly, the Akazukin Chacha manga was first published in 1991, the same year that Sailor moon, resulting in some unmistakable similarities. curiously Akazukin Chacha’s The story was rewritten for the anime adaptation of the series in 1994. Although it has many of the same characters, the plot is significantly different.

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The premise centers on the titular Chacha, who is given a magical Princess Medallion, allowing her to transform into a “Magical Princess”. However, the locket only works when her classmates, Riiya and Shiine, are present.

6 Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth anime characters

In 1994, Magic Knight Rayearth, a popular manga in Japan, it was adapted into an anime series by Tokyo Movie Shinsha studies. The anime follows three girls, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu, who are transported to another world called Cephiro during an excursion to Tokyo.

Like moon of Sailor moon, the three girls are guided by a magical creature, Mokona, who finally awakens her elemental magical powers. Their powers, or “runic gods”, allow the protagonists to summon and pilot giant mecha to fight against evil.

5 Yuki Yuna is a hero

Yuki Yuna Is A Hero Anime Full Cast

Although released more than 20 years later Sailor Moon, Yuki Yuna is a hero was undoubtedly influenced by the long-running franchise. Yuki Yuna is a hero it is a miniseries of only 12 episodes; however, since then it has gained notable popularity among fans of the “Magical Girl” genre.

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The story takes place on an island called Shikoku and follows four high school students, Mimori, Yūna, Itsuki, and Fū, who are all members of the Sanshu High School Hero Club. The anime offers an interesting modern take on the “Magical Girl” genre, as the protagonists use a phone app to transform into their magical counterparts.

4 Tokyo Mew Mew

Full cast of Tokyo Mew Mew anime

Fans of the “Magical Girl” genre who also love cats may want to check out the popular franchise. Tokyo Mew Mew. In 2002, 4Kids entertainment authorized the North American launch of Tokyo Mew Mew, which spanned more than 50 episodes.

Tokyo Mew Mew, as its title suggests, it takes place in Tokyo and follows Ichigo Momomiya. After an earthquake at an endangered species exhibit, Momoiya encounters a rare “Iriomote Cat” that fuses with Momoiya’s DNA, allowing the protagonist to transform into Mew Ichigo.

3 Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors)

Sakura Card Captor

The award-winning series, Sakura Card Captor, is perhaps one of the best known “Magical Girl” franchises to date and was largely inspired by Sailor moon. In 2000, the series was licensed to the North American public under the title “Cardcaptors”, which ran for several years.

Sakura Card Captor revolves around the headline Sakura Kinomot, who unwittingly invokes magical “Clow Cards” from an ancient book. Sakura soon learns that she possesses magical powers that allow her to retrieve the Clow Cards and seal the otherworldly entities within.

2 Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS Anime

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS was adapted into an anime in 1995, just a few years later Sailor moon began airing in Japan. The main character, Ririka Moriya, has many characteristics similar to sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino too. Both are characterized as clumsy and struggling students with iconic blonde hair that can transform into magical guardians.

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Nurse Angel Ririka SOS follows fourth grader Ririka Moriya, who is gifted a magical nurse hat on her 10th birthday. It turns out that the cap allows Moriya to transform into a powerful guardian named “Nurse Angel”. He soon learns of his task to save Earth using the power of the “Flower of Life”.

one Wedding peach

Full cast of Wedding Peach anime

Wedding peach was undoubtedly influenced by Sailor moonEven the “Love Angels” costumes. However, considering that lead character designer Kazuko Tadano worked on both franchises, the similarities shouldn’t be surprising.

The series features three high school students, Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku, who confront a devil as they walk home after school. I like sailor Moon The protagonist Usagi, who is given a magic brooch, Momoko finally receives a compact case, allowing her to transform into “Wedding Peach”.

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