10 Avengers who should rejoin the team

The Avengers are the most prominent team in the Marvel Universe. There are certain members who have become synonymous with the team over the years, having spent a lot of time as Avengers. The number of heroes who have been Avengers is quite vast, with almost every major hero in the Marvel Universe calling the team home at some point.

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The Avengers have had some of the best heroes, but each new roster makes changes to the team. While the change is good, there are many classic team members that fans have missed and deserve another shot at Earth’s mightiest heroes.

10 Hawkeye

Marvel's Hawkeye with his bow and arrow

Hawkeye is probably one of the most underrated Avengers of all. He’s an easy target for jokes, he’s just a guy with a bow and arrow. However, the bravery it takes to be Hawkeye makes him one of the most impressive members of the Avengers, and his irreverent sense of humor and nonchalant attitude to danger make him one of the most entertaining members of the team.

In recent years, Hawkeye has been doing his thing and while that’s good enough for him, his presence in the Avengers has been sorely missed. Hawkeye’s sheer bravery and skill, combined with his great sense of humor, make him one of the greats on the team.

9 Quicksilver

Quicksilver has been through a lot during his time as an Avenger, but it’s pretty much the only place he’s been able to call home. He’s spent more time as an Avenger than anything else and his teammates understand him, forgive his excesses, and help him become a better hero. His super speed also makes him a formidable combatant.

Quicksilver has been absent from the Marvel Universe for a while and a great way to bring him back would be as an Avenger. The team is where he has always felt most welcome and his powers come in handy in a fight.

8 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, like her brother, also found a home with the Avengers. She has had a hard time too, but the Avengers have always been there for her, providing her a home when she needed it and helping her deal with the problems that have plagued her throughout her life. Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful people on Earth and has a tendency to go a bit crazy, this makes the Avengers a good place for her.

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Scarlet Witch and the Avengers go together like peanut butter and jelly. She’s immensely powerful, which would be a huge help in the kind of battles the team gets into, and she has a good relationship with the team. Beyond that, everyone likes to come home and the Avengers is the home of Scarlet Witch.

7 Storm

Controlling storms over the weather makes her one of the most powerful beings on the planet. She has long been one of the best X-Men and had a very short stint in the Avengers. While she’s not as identified with the team as some of her other X-Men alumni, like Beast and Wolverine, she deserves another shot with the greatest team in the Marvel Universe.

With human and mutant relationships at a boiling point due to Krakoa, the mutant representation in the Avengers is very important. Beast returning would be great, but he’s gotten a bit murky in recent years and Wolverine feels like his place is in Krakoa to do what needs to be done. Storm is a perfect choice, as she would be more moderate with the team and still defend her people. Also, watching her interact with her ex-husband Black Panther would be a lot of fun.

6 Spiderman

It should never have been Avengers Spider-Man

Spider-Man took a long time to become Avenger, which was very strange. He was always one of the top-tier heroes, even if you didn’t believe it, and he deserved more than the reserve spot he held for years. He was also very good as an Avenger, bringing his trademark humor and saving the team on many occasions.

Spider-Man and the Avengers go very well together. Spider-Man is a great hero and has done a great job against many threats over the years and being a part of the Avengers makes perfect sense to him. He brings a lot to the table and is an asset to the team.

5 Luke cage

The Avengers made Luke Cage a household name again and since he left the team, he has faded into the background. This is extremely unfair to him as his time with the team showed just how great a hero he could be. He even became a leader of the Avengers, guiding them through the post-Civil war world while they were being hunted by the recorded heroes.

Luke Cage deserves another shot with the Avengers. He had some of his greatest successes with the team and his time as Avengers changed the way everyone thought of him. Luke Cage needs an injection in his arm and going back to being an Avenger would give him that.

4 Sersi

With the Eternals becoming big business again for Marvel, it’s about time one of them became an Avenger and the best one for the job would be one that has a history with the team: Sersi. Her control over matter makes her a boon to the team and her timeless toughness means there are few threats that could even affect her.

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Sersi hasn’t been with the team for a long time, so he’s been back for a long time. She is a powerful and skilled heroine who has a history with the Avengers, and usually that’s enough for most to get another chance to play in the big leagues again.

3 Wonderful man

Wonderful man

Wonder Man has fought and joined the Avengers. Powered by ionic energy, not even death can stop him as he has been known to resurrect often. He is strong and skilled, able to defend himself against the most powerful enemies, and has years of experience. He hasn’t been seen in a while either, so the best place to bring him back would be the Avengers.

Wonder Man is one of those characters that belongs to the Avengers. He has never done well anywhere else and the team is like family to him. Wonder Man deserves to be an Avenger again, even more than some of the current team members.

2 Monica rambeau

Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau Feature

Monica Rambeau has had many names over the years: Captain Marvel, Photon, and Spectrum, and in all those ways she has always been one of the greatest heroes. Her time in the Avengers put her on the map, as she was able to rise to team leader. Her powers, which include full control over the electromagnetic spectrum, make her one of the most powerful Avengers.

Monica has years of experience and the kind of power that would make her a great asset to the team. With its place in the MCU cemented due to WandaVision, comedian Monica deserves time in the limelight, and what better place than with the team that helped put her on the map.

one Vision

The Vision hasn’t been a member of the Avengers in a while and that’s just weird. Vision is one of those characters who doesn’t really belong anywhere else and without him, the Avengers don’t feel the same; sure, they are the avengers but they are not The Avengers.

The vision should be returned to the team as soon as possible. It is the best place for him and it is more than proven over the years that he belongs to the most powerful heroes on Earth. Few heroes deserve a spot on the team more than he does, and with all he brings to the team, it’s surprising that he’s no longer a member.

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