10 best indie game pet characters

The indie games industry has come a long way since the days of Commander Keen and since then it has essentially become its own subgenre in the middle. For every Mario and Sonic, a Shovel Knight and Meatboy await on the other side of the spectrum.

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Slowly but surely, the faces of indie games are becoming more and more recognizable. While they can’t possibly outshine the famous faces of Nintendo and other ancient dog developers, they can certainly stand out just as much as their mainstream counterparts. In an industry populated by rig plumbers, gun-wielding Doomslayers, and Hyrule champions, it’s nice to know there’s a love for unconventional heroes.

10 Tim (braid)

Set of braids

Yes Super Mario Y Prince of Persia were put together in a blender, the result would be Braid. Known as one of the most iconic indie games of all time. Braid Tim, the protagonist in a suit, reinvented what it meant to be the “hero” of a platform game.

Without getting into spoiler territory, let’s just say that just because his face is on the cover doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the good guy. But his game remains one that all independent fans should try at least once.

9 Appointment (Cave of history)

Quote Cave Story

This low-poly Metroidvania may seem like a simple run-and-gun adventure game, but underneath the bits, beeps, and blocks lies a really deep and even heartbreaking story. Samus Aran, this little guy, might not be, but with his acrobatic leap and fondness for proton guns, Quote could make Mega Man run for his money.

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An amnesiac robot lost in an underground world full of rabbits, poisonous mushrooms and a mad scientist sounds like a difficult task for such a simple game to fill. Still History of the cave delivered with great success.

8 Issac (Bonding of Issac)

Issac Union

The binding of Isaac It is not for the faint of heart. It’s a Zelda style that goes into some pretty disturbing and haunting territory, especially with its mix of cute and creepy artwork.

A boy running naked through an alternate dimension of hell doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, but it has become one of the most downloaded indie titles out there. Honestly, that probably makes it even more disturbing.

7 Creepers (Minecraft)

Minecraft he is one of the most important players in modern games. What went from being a simplistic sandbox / survival title soon became one of the biggest global phenomena since Pokemon. While Steve might be the poster boy for the series, it’s the exploding green Creepers that get the space.

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Call them annoying, call them enraged, call them … well … creepy, one thing that can’t be denied is how iconic they are. From their hissing voices to their appetite for destruction, creepers are certainly unforgettable.

6 The cast of Undertale (Undertale)

Undertale Characters

There are honestly too many characters to choose from when it comes to an iconic cast member of Undertale’s labyrinth. Loving Toriel could certainly hold a place in most gamers’ hearts, but so could Sans and Papyrus’s comical antics.

And that’s just a small sample of the number of characters, monsters, and other creatures that Frisk encounters on his journey. Is it any wonder it’s hard to pick just one?

5 Hollow Knight (Hollow Knight)

House of the Mourning Gray Hollow Knight

Hollow knight It is one of the best Metroidvanias in recent years. Likewise, its masked protagonist has slipped and found his way into the hearts of gamers around the world. Short, fast, and silent as the grave, the night has all the makings of a classic game hero.

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Cute insectoid-inspired foes may not be the type of creatures Simon Belmont would face, but Hollow Knight seems to follow some cues from the heroes of his day, much to the player’s delight.

4 The traveler (trip)

Trip is one of the quintessential indie game experiences that everyone should play, pure and simple. And few characters embody the player’s curious and exploring appetites better than the traveler.

His mysterious nature, piercing white eyes, and inspiring stamina rival many on this list. You don’t need a sword, proton pack, or magic mushroom to complete your quest. He ties his robe and simply travels fourth, something every adventure fan wishes he could do.

3 Cuphead (Cuphead)

Cuphead and Mugman

One of the newest entries to the indie games hall of fame has to be the colorful carnage that Cuphead. Inspired by the classic animation styles of Walt Disney and Max Fleischer, Cuphead and the rest of his cavalcade of cartoons have found their way into mainstream gaming.

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An exciting project for the Moldenhauer brothers, Cuphead and his paralyzing and difficult game are now as common as the Against it used to be the series. But honestly, who could forget that adorable mug?

2 Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy)

Super Meat Boy Wallpaper

Meat Boy is easily one of the titans of the indie video game circle. How many characters on the platform use being ripped, ripped apart, and mutilated into billions of bloody pieces as a game trick? Certainly not Mario.

super meat boy It’s a treacherous and difficult title, and it doesn’t let players forget it. If they want to save their girlfriend from the clutches of Doctor Fetus, they won’t do it without losing some limbs.

one Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)

Shovel Knight promo art

If ever there was a character to be considered completely original but completely classic, it is Shovel Knight. Taking tracks and other parts from classic titles like Mega Man and DuckTales, Shovel Knight traverses a kingdom of fantasy with a nerve of steel and a shovel in hand.

Shovel knight It not only stands out as a game, but also in character development. The traditional narrative of saving the princess is altered to make Shield Knight the Shovel Knight’s faithful partner and companion in need of help rather than rescue. Talk about breaking down barriers.

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