10 Classic Image Comic Series You Forgot Existed

Image Comics first appeared in the early 1990s and was created by six artists who left Marvel to form their own company that would give them full creative control over their work. It goes without saying, but a lot has happened in comics since the 90s.

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Some of the early Image series are classics that will always be relevant. Since then, many other books have appeared that are also notable successes. But a lot of comics that were once quite well known for one reason or another seem to have been completely forgotten by most comic book fans.

10 Chasing Dogma

When Kevin Smith was at the peak of his popularity and stardom, he released the comic Chasing Dogma, a short four-issue story that followed Jay and Silent Bob through a series of shenanigans right before their cameo in the movie Chasing Amy to his heroic appearance in the movie Dogma.

The comic may seem a bit dated at times, especially with some sexual humor and homophobic language, but it’s a hilarious game overall, taking the two stoner protagonists through a series of misadventures where they visit a studio that makes Adult movies, help save an escaped chimpanzee and get beaten up by preppy high school students.

9 Sam and Twitch

By Todd McFarlane Appear it is probably the most famous 90’s comic ever made. It’s a dark and gritty tale about a haunting and edgy antihero who mixes supernatural horror with the real-world tragedies of urban crime and poverty. Two of the characters to emerge from the comic are detectives Sam Burke and Maximilian “Twitch” Williams.

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The couple starred in their own series in the early 2000s. While the comic was popular, it had constant delays and it took four years to release just 26 issues.

8 Wetworks


This comic was supposed to be one of the first Image Comics to appear in 1992, but because Whilce Portacio suffered a personal loss in his family, it didn’t come out until 1994. As the name implies, this book is about a black man. . operations team, in this case one that handles supernatural threats.

Part military fiction and part superhero history, the golden symbiotes they had teamed up with gave the characters supernatural abilities. The book was connected to another popular series of the time, Team 7 (not to be confused with Team 7 from the anime Naruto).

7 Lazarus Cemetery

Lazarus Cemetery

Just before starting his career writing comics, the divisive Warren Ellis wrote an article for the magazine. Speakeasy about how the cyberpunk genre was dead. He was then asked to write a cyberpunk comic as a follow-up. After pointing out the absurdity of this, he went to work creating Lazarus Cemetery, a story about a jaded man whose body could not be destroyed and who only sought death.

It was a great success and was related to the reading of comics by disgruntled young people. It helped launch Warren Ellis’s career, and after initially being printed in Explosion! Magazine, was reproduced by various publishers, including Image. Ellis most recently created the Netflix adaptation of CastlevaniaAlthough after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced in 2020, he is no longer a part of that program and most of his upcoming projects have been canceled or he is no longer participating in them.

6 Broken trinity

Broken trinity.  Darkness.  Witchblade.

Broken trinity was the first in a series of stories of major events in the main Cow Universe Darkness Y Witch comic books. The basic cosmology of the world was established so that there were three mystical Artifacts of importance: the Darkness (a chaotic force of primordial darkness), the Angelus (a fascist force of cosmic light), and the Witch’s Blade (a gauntlet that changes colors). form and balance these two).

In addition to disrupting the balance of power, this comic introduced two new artifacts: the Emberstone and the Glacier Stone. The comic was huge at the time, but has since faded into relative obscurity.

5 Firstborn


The sequel to Broken trinity I was Firstborn, a story in which the one who once wielded the witch’s sword (Sara Pezzini) and the bringer of darkness (Jackie Estacado) had a son. This was a big problem, since the previous canon had established the idea that Jackie could not have a child without dying.

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The current bearer of the Witchblade, Danielle Baptiste, serves as a doula to help Sara give birth. Meanwhile, Jackie and a woman known as Magnalena who wields the Spear of Destiny battle against the forces of the Angelus. Ron Marz does some amazing writing here, while Stjepan Sejic’s art is impressive.

4 Young blood

Rob Liefeld’s Young blood was one of the books that seems to be an amalgamation of everything that goes on in the superhero comics of the early 90s, although the titular superhero team actually made its debut in 1987 and would only get its ongoing series in 1992 after the formation of Image Comics.

A team of superheroes backed by the US government, Youngblood was another one of those paramilitary semi-political teams so popular at the time, balancing this with celebrity-style stories in which the heroes took on their agents and managers while they were featured on popular television shows. There have been several reboots of the series since then.

3 The Nine Rings of Wu-Tang

The Nine Rings of Wu-Tang

This martial arts fantasy comic is inspired by the real-life hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan and their love of martial arts culture. The premise behind the story involves the Shaolin kung-fu traditions developed after a Buddhist monk traveled to China, and in particular, the formation of the Wudang quan martial arts traditions that have since lent their name to the Wu Clan. Tang.

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The comic is fun but ultimately less memorable than the band that inspired it. With that said, the Wu-Tang Clan martial arts masters in this comic are certainly nothing to [mess] with.

2 Science dog

Robert Kirkman is the creator of both Invincible Y The Walking Dead, two of the most successful comics ever published by Image. He has always been successful in making unusual niche comics that are excellent (as is obvious from his published comic, Battle potato), and Kirkman took the dark tropes of the superhero genre to a new level with Science dog.

In the world of Invincible, the favorite comic of the protagonist Mark Grayson is Science dog. In the real world, Kirkman proceeded to write a Science dog comic.

one Tom Judge: The Rapture

Tom Judge

Tom Judge, an interesting character within the Top Cow Universe, is still known to fans of the more recent books in which he made appearances, particularly the Artifacts Serie. However, his solo series, Tom Judge: The Rapture, has been more or less forgotten.

This interesting book is about demons in the real world as Tom navigates supernatural threats trying to take control, and humans who are as nefarious as any spawn from hell. As a disenchanted priest who values ​​sex workers and drugs more than his faith, he is a genuinely fascinating character, and when he obtains a powerful Artifact, he begins to doubt his abandonment of the faith. While it’s out of stock, used copies are still floating around at reasonable prices.

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