10 famous comic book animals that were adapted to live action

Animal characters are a big part of DC and Marvel comics (enemies, aliens, pets, or buddies) and some of them have been turned into live action.

The comic book world is a diverse place full of strange and mystical creatures. However, for every devil dinosaur, there is also a pizza dog. Over the years, the animals of the DC and Marvel Universe have slowly adapted to the screen, as these heroic best friends contribute to the fight against evil in their own unique way.

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Of course, some of these animals actually fill the roles of villains; It goes without saying that whatever their allegiance, these pets can often be quite difficult to adapt to the screen. However, leading studies have shown that they have what it takes to bring these incredible animals from the page to television or the movies.

10 Ace The Bat-Hound

Ace The Bat Hound

As the Batman universe continues to expand thanks to the Warner Brothers version of the Multiverse, there may be more opportunities to see different versions of Ace the Bat-Hound on the big screen. For now, however, fans are satisfied with his little cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

When the Arrowverse’s Multiverse began to collapse, fans were shocked to see the original Boy Wonder, Burt Ward return to the screen. With this version of Robin came Ace the Bat-Hound, one of the few times the famous dog has been seen in real action.

9 goose

Goose the Cat in Captain Marvel

In the comics, Captain Marvel gets to have a cat that she calls Chewie, after the famous Wookiee from one of her favorite movies. The MCU version of the cat is given a slightly different name to reflect Carol Danver’s time in the air force.

Named Goose for the character of Top Gun, As in the source material, this friendly feline is not what it appears to be. As the Skrull Talos comes to recognize, Goose is actually an alien creature known as a Flerken!

8 Krypto the super dog

Joshua Orpin as Connor Kent Krypto the Superdog Titans

Krypto the Super Dog is one of the most famous comic book animals of all time. In fact, this Kryptonian canine has even had his own solo on-screen adventures, thanks to an animated series based on the titular character.

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As fans watch the third season of HBO Max’s Titans and all the new characters that could be introduced to, they are reminded of the big reveal from season 2 that Superboy and Krypto had joined the show; with an extremely faithful adaptation put on screen.

7 Rocket raccoon

Rocket raccoon

Rocket has confused countless characters after frustratingly denying being of raccoon origin. Whether it’s some kind of alien variant of the species, or just a normal land animal that has been endlessly experimented on, no one knew what to expect when it was announced that Rocket would be brought to the screen.

A character like this had never been seen in film before, but James Gunn believed he had what it takes to fully realize the character in live action. Thanks to his fun dating and charming relationship with Groot, Rocket has now become an absolute fan favorite in the MCU.

6 Cosmo the dog

Cosmo the space dog from Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy it was quite groundbreaking with how far it went in the comic book lore. The creative team behind the highly successful production continued to go to great lengths with a host of other cosmic animals from Marvel history.

The addition of Cosmo the Space Dog was surprising but welcome. The canine companion is a Russian dog from the country’s space program, which had been left in deep space. Finally it ends up at the Collector’s private museum of living curiosities.

5 Howard the Duck

The hits kept coming for James Gunn’s version of the Galactic Team. The post-credit sequence of that initial Guardians of the Galaxy The film created a more lasting surprise for those who had been patient enough to wait for it.

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After the previous and surprisingly grown-up attempt to bring Howard the Duck to the screen in live action was a complete failure, it was actually quite shocking to see Howard the Duck return in newly created CGI form, in the film of MCU.

4 Antique lace

Gert Yorkes with Antique Lace in Runaways

Old Lace is a slightly lesser-known creature from the Marvel Universe, but it is the loyal pet of Gertrude Yorkes, a member of Runaway, or Gert to her friends. Her parents created this beast to protect their daughter; although they are more than a pet and an owner.

The two are actually psychically linked, which means that Gert can have full control over this prehistoric predator. This also means that the couple can feel the same things, which can become very dangerous in the middle of the battle. This is one of the elements of the comics that the live-action adaptation didn’t change.

3 Sparky

WandaVision Episode 5 - Sparky doing tricks

Sparky has recently appeared on screen, in the new Disney + show WandaVision. In the comics, Sparky is Vision’s family pet and as such he looks like an android dog rather than something resembling something from the real world.

In the MCU show, Sparky appears in a single episode as a normal dog and then dies at the end of the story. There’s a lot of speculation that the Scarlet Witch could revive the beloved pet, to make it look like something from the comic arc.

2 Lockjaw

The Inhumans’ teleporter dog, known as Lockjaw, looked pretty spectacular on screen considering the show’s budget. However, it was used sparingly at all times, probably due to the cost of creating the canine on television.

one Gorilla grodd

Grodd Flash

Gorilla Grodd is one of the most dangerous villains Scarlet Speedster has ever had to fight. CW’s The flash in fact, he introduced this beast early in the show and created a pretty faithful adaptation of DC’s enemy.

From his mind-blowing powers to his sheer strength, the TV series has done a masterful job of showing why Grodd has earned the reputation he has. Plus, the show didn’t even shy away from venturing into Gorilla City, a place well known in the comics.

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