10 Marvel Legends Figures Every Collector Should Have

There are plenty of great Marvel Legends figures that have been released, although these are the ones that every serious collector should have.

Marvel Comics has brought joy and happiness to countless fans around the world for more than 80 years. Likewise, Marvel Legends has been an incredible line of action figures for a long time. Toy Biz started it all in 2002 and these days Hasbro is creating these highly detailed and reasonably priced collectibles that every Marvel fan needs on their toy shelves.

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Marvel merchandise has never been more fashionable thanks to the success of the MCU and the comics. T-shirts, posters, video games, and of course toys are flying off store shelves and online. Toys are no longer made just for kids. They are also made for the most dedicated adult collectors. Marvel is represented in almost every toy line: Lego, Funko, Diamond Select, etc., but it is the Legends series that every fan should have.

10 Kingpin – Retro


It’s good to be the King … Pin! This retro Legends figure comes in the classic Spider-Man ToyBiz style box. The difference is that the new Kingpin and its box are roughly twice the size of the original and so detailed that you can see those pearly white teeth popping out of the box. The large size of the figure makes it intriguing enough just by looking at it. Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin looks great in his big white suit and comes with a different sculpted head and signature diamond cane. There is no way you can run an action figure crime syndicate without this figure.

9 Dr. Strange – MCU

Legends DrStrangeMCU

This MCU-inspired Marvel Legend Doctor Strange is a work of art. It looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is going to come to life and start swirling things with his hands. Only the details of her costume are worth the price of the figure. He comes equipped with his sling ring projection, an extra pair of hands for casting spells, and is part of the Dormammu wave of figures.

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Every trinket, from her magic necklace to her belts and everything in between, is covered in this magical Marvel Legend. Any figure that is so well crafted that you can see the pleats in his shirt is a must. “Try me, Beyonce.”

8 Moon Knight – BAF Vulture

legends, oonknightwalgreens

Moon knight Coming to Disney Plus in MCU Phase 4 is very exciting for Marvel fans. Marc Spector, also known as Moon Knight, is a very unique and little-used antihero, and is rumored to play him. Star Wars star, Oscar Isaac. As exciting as it is, this figure is even more so.

While many Marvel characters explode off screen or are packed in color, this character only needs black and white to express his point of view. Moon Knight’s cape, hood, and mask are cool enough for fans to consider him the Batman of the Marvel universe. The figure comes with an extra pair of hands that will come in handy for using the staff and moon-shaped boomerangs that come with it.

7 Thanos – Walmart Exclusive


The Mad Titan, Thanos, has gained worldwide recognition in recent years thanks to the Avengers films. However, Thanos has been threatening the Marvel comics universe for decades. This figure represents him in his most dominant form, in The Infinity gauntlet 1991 comic book series, which is considered one of the greatest achievements in Marvel history. Thanos shines with his shining blue and yellow armor, an extra sculpted head, and an extra hand attached to the Infinity Gauntlet. Buying this figure is “inevitable”.

6 Silver Surfer – Walgreens Exclusive

Surfer Legends Walgreens

Norrin Radd, also known as the Silver Surfer, is the former herald of the World Eater, Galactus. He is an extremely powerful being who travels the universe helping other Marvel heroes. He is also one of the coolest characters ever created in comics. Who wouldn’t want the figure of a shiny silver boy with a shiny silver surfboard? It might look simple, but it’s a must-have for every comic book fan and anyone who wants to be able to say no to their boss.

5 Venom – Big box – 2020


This Venom is huge and takes up a lot of shelf space, but it’s worth every inch. It is the perfect representation of this character. Venom is a monster and is always bigger than most of his adversaries, especially Spider-Man. The veins protrude from the figure’s body and appear real enough to come to life. His back is so large that the figure comes in two parts but is easily assembled. The back also has black symbiotic growths that seem poised to attack you. The white Venom spider logo is 100% comical and is in scale with the figure. The best part has to be the head, which includes those giant white eyes, sharp teeth, and the classic long red tongue. “We are Venom” … indeed!

4 Gambit – Retro


The fact that Gambit didn’t have its own live action TV show or movie is a crime. Taylor Kitsch did his best in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but it didn’t have the charisma of Gambit from the comics and animated series. Unfortunately, his character was brought into the final act of the film and has not been given another chance. Now that the X-Men are slowly making their way into the MCU, maybe they’ll make time for the Kinetic Cajun!

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This Legends figure comes in the classic Toy Biz X-Men bundle and is a perfect match for its cartoon counterpart. Gambit’s jacket and outfit look great, but it’s the accessories that make it a must-buy. He’s armed with his classic battle staff and hands that can launch his trademark kinetic cards for hours of action figure fun. It is an ace of collectible.

3 The Punisher – War Machine

punisher warmachinelegends

Imagine John Wick as the Terminator? Ripley from Aliens combined with Predator? This Marvel Legends figure combines two of their most badass characters and looks like a million dollars. What happens when Nick Fury Jr needs military help and James Rhodes is believed to be gone? Give another ex-military man some War Machine armor and set him free. Frank Castle is not ashamed to kill and with Stark technology, he makes it even easier. The design of this figure is as pretty as the comic. It’s sleek and stylish and packed with a full arsenal. Let’s hope Jon Bernthal returns for the MCU, meets Rhodey from Cheadle, and makes our dreams come true with action figures!

2 Mysterio (Retro) and (Lizard BAF)


This is not an illusion! It may be a trap, but it is real. These two Mysterios deserve to be in all collections. First of all, he is one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies and both figures represent why. The Mysterio on the right is from the Lizard BAF and is the classic comic book design with a darker green suit and purple cape. The Mysterio on the left is from the retro line of the animated series with a color scheme that uses a mix of the cartoon and its Far from home excursion. At the very least, any fan of the fish tank should make one of these appear on their shelf.

one Stan Lee


A Marvel Legends collection is not complete without the man, Stan Lee! Marvel’s Godfather comics come in this elegant black square box with your signature signed on the front. Stan wears a classic sweater and jacket with gray pants and comes with an impressive signed Captain America crest and briefcase. The head scan looks great with his traditional shaded lenses and graying hair. Most of the things we love wouldn’t exist without this man, so he must be on top of your Legends collection, looking down with pride.

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