10 movies to see if you liked Malcolm and Marie

Some aspects of Malcolm and Marie (especially the polarizing scene poking fun at movie critics) might have gotten mixed responses from viewers, but overall, the black-and-white drama is a worthy addition to the pantheon of toxic movie romances. Such films often get brutally honest by exploring their protagonist’s troubled relationships as insecurities are touched upon and mental wounds inflicted.

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Movies reminiscent of Malcolm and Marie they are often based on dialogue-based scripts, as heated plots form a central part of the narrative. Rather than glorify unrequited love, these dramas normalize the fact that not all love stories are destined to have a happy ending.

10 Story of a marriage (2019)

It’s not surprising to find people who are quick to compare Malcolm and Marie’s haunting relationship to that of Charlie’s (Adam Driver) and Nicole’s (Scarlett Johanson) failed marriage in Marriage story, another iconic Netflix title. Drawing inspiration from his own past relationship, writer-director Noah Baumbach attempts to weave a dramatic epic to recount the aftermath of a divorce, including debates over child custody and constant arguments seeking closure.

The epitome of the movie’s tone is, of course, the emotional fight scene that lasts over 10 minutes. Coming from a male writer, much of the story offers viewers Charlie’s perspective. However, Baumbach’s dialogues do not avoid showing his selfishness and his fragile ego.

9 Private life (2018)

Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn in private lives

Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti play a middle-aged New York couple who are struggling to conceive a child through IVF. But as they deliberate about the pregnancy, they both soften more and more with their fading careers. Mental dilemmas reach a point where you question your own parenting skills for your future child.

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Instead of getting into fights, the couple Private life They share moments of subtle comic punches with each other that show off their passive aggression. Recurring bittersweet humor and lead performances make this Tamara Jenkins movie worth a look.

8 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Elizabeth Taylor as Martha and Richard Burton as George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

An excellent case study on marital distress, Who is scared of virginia woolf he feels extremely realistic in his verbal duels, mainly because stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton also shared a tumultuous marriage in real life.

Taking shape over the course of a drunken night, the film revolves around an elderly couple seeking to entertain a young couple who are invited for a drink. The fiery dialogue and volatile performances ensure that the night is as unpredictable as the marriage in question.

7 Big Eyes (2014)

Artistic characters in fiction films and biopics tend to have a strained relationship with their partner, mainly due to their evil obsession with their own art. In the case of Tim Burton Large eyes, a fraudulent painter (Christopher Walken) abuses his partner Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) to profit from her art.

Keane is forced to paint one piece of art after another as her husband ends up taking all the credit. Based on a true story, Keane’s story is poignantly brought to life by Adams, while Waltz emulates his usual charming antagonistic self.

6 The Boys in the Band (2020)

Hank call the boys in the band

The boys in the band is another Netflix option that caters to fans of intense talkathons. Based on the play of the same name, the film takes place during a birthday party that turns into serious business. The ensemble led by Jim Parsons and Zachary Quinto portrayed gay men in the 1970s.

In this context, the narrative touches on certain secrets related to the sexuality and identity of the characters. Tragic relationships and friendships arise, both from the past and present, which makes each of the party goers introspect their own emotions.

5 Gaslight (1944)

Gaslight (1944)

While the title of gaslight refers to actual gaslights, the male lead in this classic was so emotionally manipulative that it was the film that led to the genesis of the word ‘gaslighting’. A bold psychological thriller for its time, Gas light starring Ingrid Berman as a woman who doubts herself of having kleptomaniac tendencies.

Her lover (Charles Boyer) on the other hand, constantly blames her by making her believe this lie despite the fact that he has the secrets of her self-doubts. The third act of Gas light it’s based on predictable plot twists, but it’s the conversations between the two characters that make the movie fun. Boyer’s portrayal of the condescending husband perfectly exemplifies the vile nature of human toxicity.

4 Someone Cool (2019)

One step above the usual Netflix rom-coms, Someone cool It begins with the breakdown of a long-term relationship. As the main character (Gina Rodríguez) gets over her heartbreak, her own self-realization and some strange encounters with her friends give her a sense of acceptance to face her reality.

Although it is not an intense drama, the film has enough scenes that can move the viewers, especially if they themselves came out of a mature relationship. Someone cool Set an example for other romance movies to promote realistic possibilities in modern dating. Even if one relationship didn’t end up as a fairytale romance, the next one could get better.

3 A star is born (2018)

A star has been born, like its predecessors, is based on a tragic family love story. But perhaps it’s Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s on-screen chemistry that adds more layers to the tumultuous bond the two musicians share in the film. What starts out as a passionate romance soon turns ugly when professional envy enters the picture.

Cooper’s Jackson Maine is a seasoned entertainer who is past his prime, while Lady Gaga’s Ally is a rising star making sense of her newfound stardom. When Maine’s ego is shattered and Ally struggles with her drug addiction, problems arise. The audience knows the doomed nature of their relationship thereafter.

2 The Spectacular Now (2013)

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley in The Spectacular Now

A fairly mature entry into the coming-of-age genre, The spectacular now is a rather dubious journey of two high school students and the unexpected love that blooms between them. Although it may seem like a simple love story between a boy and a girl, the boy in this scenario (Miles Teller) ends up being an emotional burden for his other half (Shailene Woodley), due to his strong alcoholism. But it’s not just your drinking habits that cause a rift between the two of you.

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The film, like the novel on which it is based, contrasts the ideological differences between the apparent lovebirds. While Teller plays a carefree party animal who lives in the present moment, Woodley’s character is an introvert who often worries about the future. Opposites attract sometimes, but in this case, they simply lack compatibility, no matter how hard they try.

one Revolutionary Path (2008)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio joined forces for the first time in Titanic, an interclass story of two people who share a bond of pure love on an unfortunate journey. In Revolutionary path, the setting shifts to suburban America in the 1950s. A man works hard at his job while his homemaker wife wishes to lead a more passionate and happy life. Dissatisfied with their current life, they decide to start over in another city.

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However, this change has its own repercussions and there is a clash of ideals between husband and wife, as exemplified by some extremely aggressive dialogue exchanges between Winslet and DiCaprio. Revolutionary path it’s melancholic to the point that it becomes heartbreaking to watch.

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