Relationships are not the same for everyone, so it is refreshing to see some romances portrayed on television who are not afraid to show a broader spectrum of love, although there is still a long way to go when it comes to equitable representation. Most mainstream media stories still tend to follow a set of rules or tropes, making characters who have escaped that mold have an even stronger impact on their audiences.

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A lot of the many ways of expressing love were not socially accepted at one time or another, and some still are in many parts of the world, showing that these rules must be broken. There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to celebrate how all love is valid, all love is real, and everything deserves to be celebrated.

10 Ryn, Maddie and Ben – Siren

All about this Freeform’s interspecies triad Siren brings something new and exciting to the genre. Mermaids are often portrayed as devious females or clueless damsels, but Ryn is a caring but powerful leader. Instead of tricking a man into falling in love with her for nefarious purposes, she enters into a healthy and supportive relationship with an existing partner, Maddie and Ben.

There is no jealousy or focus on a central couple, instead all three are the same and are always there for each other, as well as opening up with their friends and family about their dynamics.

9 Jason and Janet – The Good Place

The Good Place - Jason and Janet

Outside, Jason Mendoza and Janet from The good place They may seem like the “average couple”, but they couldn’t be further from the traditional. Although Jason is dead and trapped in the afterlife, he is still human, which cannot be said for Janet.

Artificial beings like her aren’t supposed to be capable of falling in love, and a big-hearted fool like Jason is the last person anyone would hope would end up helping her go against her design to marry.

8 Labyrinth and Eve – Lucifer

Neither Mazikeen nor Eve believe in restrictions when it comes to loving in Lucifer. None of them have a problem with physical intimacy and are involved in various relationships with both men and women. But they are opposites when it comes to their origins. Eve breaks free from Heaven to come to Earth, while Maze was born and raised in Hell.

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Despite everyone saying that demons have no soul, Maze falls in love with Eva on a deeper level, while Eva finally begins to free herself from the idea that she was designed for Adam.

7 Magnus and Alec – Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters: Magnus and Alec

Fan favorites Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, also known by their partner name Malec, are masters at breaking the rules. This couple of Shadowhunters challenged their entire world order to be together. Traditionally, Shadowhunters and Warlocks hate each other, making it difficult for the two to be accepted by either community.

There is also the added prejudice in his world that leads Alec to almost being forced to marry a Shadowhunter, as well as the vast age difference between Magnus and Alec, as Magnus is not mortal and has centuries on him. Despite all these obstacles, their bond only grows and the two get married, proving that love can conquer all.

6 Angel and Lil Papi – Pose

When Blanca accepts Angel and Lil Papi to be part of House Evangelista in Pose, the rules are not the same as for adoptive siblings, but they call each other family. Getting into a relationship when you’re already living together has its risks, as the fallout from housemates Ricky and Damon shows, but they decide it’s worth it.

Even when his modeling agency rejects Angel for being a trans woman, Lil Papi does not allow the industry to exclude them for not fitting into the “status quo,” and the two continue to advance as a model and manager.

5 Oberyn and Ellaria – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - Oberyn and Ellaria

game of ThronesWesteros isn’t the first place to visit when looking for modern romance, but in the case of Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand, their philosophy of love is extremely progressive, especially compared to the rest of the fantasy world.

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As other kingdoms advance with arranged marriages and heteronormative relationships, Oberyn and Ellaria are inviting multiple partners to their bed and enjoying the company of men and women, along with each other. They reject the limitations of society in King’s Landing, choosing to ignore the comments of anyone who tries to impose their narrow vision on them.

4 Kat and Adena – The bold type

The Bold Guy - Kat and Adena

There is nothing “ordinary” about The bold typeKat Edison and Adena El-Amin, whether they are together or apart. Although she has had to overcome many obstacles as a Muslim lesbian woman from Iran, Adena has been proud for years when she meets Kat, who is still discovering her sexuality.

To help Kat discover more about herself, Adena encourages her to open up her relationship so that Kat can have experiences with other women. As their relationship evolves, it remains impossible to fit into a box. But no matter what is happening between them, they continue to support each other in their activism, not letting the world tell them who they are or what to think.

3 Elena and Syd – One Day at a Time

From the beginning, Elena Álvarez and Syd come together because they are “different” from other people in One day at a time, especially in her love of cosplay and activism. The two must navigate explaining Syd’s non-binary pronouns to family and friends, as well as finding a term that works for their situation when traditional words like “girlfriend” don’t work. They finally decide on the Other “Syd-nificant”.

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Neither of them is willing to change to fit the mold, even when it means being rejected, as is the case with Elena when she tells her father about it.

2 Arthie and Yolanda – GLOW

Being among the first female wrestlers makes Arthie Premkumar and Yolanda Rivas oddities, especially in the 1980s. Their romantic relationship with each other on Netflix. RADIANCE It sets them apart even more, especially when Arthie refuses to conform to the labels that define his sexuality.

This is a controversial topic among fans, but many believe that Arthie is taking a modern stance at a time when doing so was shunned, even by those in the queer community. Yolanda’s use of wrestling as a way to help Arthie feel more comfortable with her own intimacy further shows her unique connection.

one Villanelle & Eve – Killing Eve

There is nothing “normal” about Villanelle or his relationship with Eve Polastri in Killing Eva, according to the normative standards of society, or when it comes to the “typical” relationship between an assassin and a special agent. The two meet while MI6 agent Eve hunts down the killer, and their relationship involves trying to murder each other on multiple occasions.

Every character on the show begs them to put an end to the toxic dynamic, and the world is literally against them as the government tries to stop the trail of bodies that follows Villanelle, but the palpable chemistry between them keeps fans coming back. for more.

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