10 of Tom Cruise’s Lowest-Earning Movies, Ranked

Tom Cruise is arguably the greatest actor of all time and has been for almost 40 years. Being one of the few actors who is not famous for being a superhero but still able to get butt into the seats at multiplex cinemas, Cruise has been in many huge movies and draws audiences by being one of the actors who makes his own. stunts. .

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However, even the most profitable actors in the world have a bad day at the office, and Cruise is no different. From misguided sci-fi endeavors to long, wordy musicals, Cruise has also starred in some low-grossing movies. But even though they underperformed at the box office, many of them are far from bad, and some have even become cult classics. All box office statistics are according to Box Office Mojo.

10 Legend (1985) – $ 15 million

Legend It’s the closest thing to a box office bomb Cruise has ever seen, and it came right at a time when he was untouchable. The reason is simply that the fantastic nature of the story did not translate well into the film.

The movie didn’t even recoup the $ 24 million it cost to make the movie. Not even Ridley Scott, who managed to convert high concepts like Alien Y Bounty hunter into cult hits, with the help of Tom Cruise he could turn the script of Legend a success, as the concept was too absurd.

9 All the Right Moves (1983) – $ 17.2 million

All the right moves Tom Cruise

Being the only sports movie that Tom Cruise has starred in, All the right moves features some of the earliest and most grounded stunts that the actor performed himself. As the movie is one of four Movies Cruise starred in in 1983 once again cemented him as a movie star and proved to be a credible athlete as well.

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However, the narrative is a lightly veiled and heavy plot about a working-class soccer player, and aside from Cruise’s performance, the film is a failed attempt to become a classic sports movie. However, the movie made just over $ 17 million, about three times its budget.

8 The Outsiders (1983) – $ 25.6 million

the outsiders c thomas howell tom cruise rob lowe

After the disastrous box office bomb that was One of the heart, director Francis Ford Coppola set out to develop something much simpler. Being an adaptation of the 1967 novel of the same name, The outsiders It was a simple and charming coming-of-age movie that put Coppola back on the map and featured Cruise as a movie star as it was his first starring role.

Although he was part of a cast that included Emilio Esteves, Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze, it was Cruise who stood out. The movie only made $ 26 million, but relative to its $ 10 million budget, it was a modest success.

7 Magnolia (1999) – $ 48.4 million

Despite being one of Cruise’s lowest grossing films, Magnolia it is an important movie for the actor for many reasons. Cruise is one of the most Oscar-nominated actors to ever win, and one of his nominations was for his role as TJ Mackey in the 1999 melodramatic epic, and arguably he should have won.

Cruise’s character is a womanizer who conducts extremely misogynistic seminars that teach middle-aged men how to seduce the women of their dreams, while at the same time having major problems with parents. On top of that, it was the first movie in many years where Cruise took the backseat and was cast in a supporting role, which was both a blessing and a curse as that may be why the movie made so little money. . Although he made less than $ 50 million, Magnolia presents possibly the best performance of Cruise’s incredible 40-year career.

6 The Color of Money (1986) – $ 52.2 million

Coming 26 years later, The color of money is a sequel to the elegant 1960 film The scammer. On paper, a collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Tom Crusie on a film that is the sequel to a blockbuster 1960s film should be a huge success, but unfortunately, that was not the case.

Although the film is one of the best Scorsese films of the 80s, no one believed that a movie about billiards could be that interesting. But it’s great, it’s captivating, and the onscreen chemistry between Cruise and Paul Newman makes it one of the best duos in a Martin Scorsese movie.

5 Rock Of Ages (2012) – $ 59.4 million

Rock of Ages cast

Rock of Ages It’s one of Cruise’s worst movies, according to IMDb, and it was a massive box office bomb, earning less than $ 60 million. Tom Cruise wasn’t the film’s only star, as the musical featured a ton of Hollywood’s most famous actors, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mary J. Blige, and Alec Baldwin, but it wasn’t enough for audiences to ignore. to the critics. ‘negative words about the movie.

However, Cruise was the only part of the film that critics and audiences liked, and the two songs he performs in the film were endlessly praised.

4 Lions for Lambs (2007) – $ 64.8 million

Lions for Lambs Tom Cruise

With the cast of stars behind, it is shocking how little money Lions for lambs made it at the box office, as Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, two powerful Oscar winners, star alongside the stunt-obsessed actor.

But given its strange title and disjointed narratives, the war epic barely made its full budget. The film was criticized for feeling like it was lecturing the audience rather than telling an interesting story about American soldiers in Afghanistan.

3 Risky Business (1983) – $ 63.5 million

Even Cruise’s lowest grossing films are still a huge hit, as Risky business made $ 63 million worldwide. Although that doesn’t sound like much, it is a huge success compared to its $ 6 million budget. Risky business is one of Cruise’s best non-action films, and it features the iconic scene where the actor slips into the living room in just his underwear, white shirt, and socks.

The film proved that Cruise was not just a budding movie star, but a superstar, as he just prevented Ray-Ban from going bankrupt. Sales of the sunglasses company soared 50% after the release of the film.

2 Made in USA (2017) – $ 134.8 million

Tom Cruise in American Made

Being one of the few Tom Cruise films that was released in the 2010s that is not a Mission Impossible movie, American made in fact, it sees the actor with more energy in his performance than any of his other films of the decade. The film is about a pilot who becomes a drug dealer for the Medellín cartel and, despite getting rave reviews, underperformed at the global box office.

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The film’s underwhelming performance was largely due to it being released at the same time as two major hits. That Y Kingsman: the golden circle. However, the great partnership between Cruise and director Doug Limen continued, as they previously worked on The era of El Mañana together too.

one Far and Away (1992) – $ 137.7 million

Being one of the lesser known films directed by Ron Howard, Far is an epic western that follows Irish immigrants trying their luck in search of their fortune during the Land Run of 1893. It could have been one of the greatest and most radical epics in history, and with Cruise accompanied by Kidman, it had all the star power. behind him he needed.

But by focusing on the romantic aspect, the film’s epic scope served as nothing more than a backdrop when it should have been front and center. Despite that, it was still a modest success, grossing close to $ 140 million worldwide.

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