10 one piece tattoos to inspire your next ink

One of the most popular ways for a fan to show their love for a specific property is through fanart. Naturally, the most popular form of really dedicated fans to show their support is through tattooed fan art. After all, what is a tattoo but art for the skin? Anime fans are among the most committed fan groups out there, so it’s no surprise that the caliber of the ink is inspired by fan-favorite shows like One piece is the next level.

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One piece ranks among one of the best shonen series, along with classics like Dragon Ball Y Bleach. After 20 years and counting, One piece is one of the longest running anime still in production with nearly 1,000 episodes and 97 volumes of the manga to draw inspiration from the ink.

10 Doflamingo tattoo by fabiomonteiro.art

Doflamingo tattoo from One Piece.

Even villains have fans, and this fan’s description of One pieceDonquixote Doflamingo, the main antagonist, is magnificent. As colorful and daring as their theme, the bright colors belie the formidable strength of the crooked ex-Pirate King and instead seem to play on Doflamingo’s deceptively natural and carefree nature.

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Tattoo artist fabiomonteiro he does a remarkable job playing with light, such as the contrast between the deeply saturated colors of Doflamingo’s clothes and his strings and the green highlighting that hints at Doflamingo’s nefarious nature.

9 Color-Pop Zoro by thayna.tattoo

This tattoo of the master swordsman, Zoro, shows a few different tattoo techniques to really make the art by thayna.tattoo highlight. The primary blackwork art style uses the skin tone of the canvas to contrast with the dark ink creating a graphic art style reminiscent of the manga from which the show was adapted.

The character’s style is much closer to that of anime, making it a bold combination of the two mediums. Brightly colored hair is a staple among most anime and often conveys certain aspects of a character’s personality. Since Zoro is one of the few characters in the series to have green hair, it is a wise choice to make him a focal point of the tattoo.

8 Painted Luffy by turcotattoostudio

This tattoo of turcotattoostudio looks like it could have been painted directly onto the skin. Tattoo lovers prefer the brush stroke style of tattoo because of the highly stylized and unique look it gives in comparison to the more solid and precise line of work that traditional tattooing is known for.

Still a relatively new art style, brush stroke tattoos emulate the East Asian art form of ink washed paintings. The open and unfinished lines, combined with the bright colors that make up Luffy and the sky, make for a fun and carefree piece.

7 Two Tone Tony Tony Chopper by borto_tattooer

All about this tattoo of borto_tattooer yells “contrast.” From the different art styles and color options to the two separate renderings of Tony Tony Chopper that blend together seamlessly, this piece does a fantastic job of showing how opposites can complement each other.

The tattoo shows Tony Tony Chopper standing in a field, ready for a fight and preparing to receive a Rumble Ball. Behind him looms his Monster Point form showing the fearsome surprises actually found inside the adorable talking reindeer.

6 Wanted Zoro Poster by kutattoomx

The Easter egg-inspired tattoos from a show are a great way for a fan to distinguish their tattoo from the rest by thinking outside the box. This tattoo of kutattoomx displays a Wanted poster asking for a generous reward for the Straw Hat’s First Officer, Roronoa Zoro.

While this list and many similar lists show that many people get amazing tattoos depicting characters like Zoro, deep cut tattoos like their desired image are more likely to be less and more apart. To make the tattoo stand out even more, this artist and client opted to forego the paper edges of the poster, making it appear that the poster was printed directly on the skin.

5 Luffy and Sabo Watercolor by sanninolello

Watercolor tattoos have definitely been having a moment in recent years. The trend has remained so strong that many more tattooists have been able to learn the technique, making it much more accessible to fans everywhere.

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Fortunately that is the case with these One piece fans who got these amazing tattoos of Luffy and Sabo made by sanninolello. Both tattoos use vibrant colors, a delicate use of negative space and the whimsical technique of watercolor to create two unique yet complementary tattoos that look fantastic on their own and absolutely stellar together. The perfect way to celebrate a brotherly bond.

4 Manga Panels by brunomonak

A nice perk to getting ink inspired by a successful manga franchise is that there is a ton of pre-made art available if a fan wants it. For fans of One pieceConsisting of over 1,000 chapters, it’s a matter of choosing one of many pivotal scenes to immortalize.

In this tattoo of Brunomonak, the range of saturation in the ink, from the soft gray of the shading to the rich, intensely saturated black stripes that make up details like the kanji letters and Luffy’s hair, give the piece such depth and visual interest that it makes it a beautiful tribute to a particularly powerful narrative.

3 Black and White Straw Hat Pirates by doe.tattoo

Cohesion is paramount when designing a full sleeve tattoo. For fans looking to go for ink on a large scale, grayscale is a tried and true method of tattooing that is a surefire way to ensure a timeless piece.

Fluid transitions between shades of gray and black make this Straw Hat Crew collage by Doe.tattoo they are so dynamic, highlighting minute details like ripples in driftwood, while the artist uses white space to create light and movement in a way that makes the scene look like it could start moving in the blink of an eye .

2 Luffy and Shanks by erontattoo2

Tattoos, anime, and manga share a common goal of creating art that has value and meaning for their consumers. This tattoo of erontattoo2 portrays a perfect example of this concept when the three mediums intersect to create a piece that represents a pivotal scene in the One piece series doing what is surely a sentimental work of art.

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The artist uses a combination of black, full-color, and silhouette working techniques to illustrate the scene in which Luffy receives his signature straw hat from his hero Shanks. The change in perspective used to highlight different moments gives the tattoo a layered effect, making the tattoo read like a story where the pages are turning.

one Terioshi Embroidered Luffy Patch

A tattoo of Luffy from One Piece drawn to look like an embroidered patch.

Tattoo design is an ever-changing medium in which artists continually develop new and innovative techniques to differentiate their work from the rest. Artist terioshi has managed to perfect the relatively new trend for embroidered tattoos, using contrasting colors in short, even strokes to create a piece that looks as if a patch in the shape of Young Luffy has been ironed onto the client’s skin.

This surprisingly authentic app makes for an awesome and unique tattoo that any One piece fan would be proud to have. As an added bonus, the contrasting technicolor “ONE” overlaying Luffy’s tattoo shares similar shades, making it look like a sticker or a pin, completing the collage.

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