10 supporting anime characters stronger than the protagonist

The protagonist often becomes the most powerful character in their anime, but sometimes there is a supporting character who outshines them.

Anime remains an exciting and unpredictable form of entertainment that tells a variety of stories that seem impossible anywhere else. There are several factors that make an anime popular and connect with audiences, but a powerful protagonist and cast of characters can go a long way. Sometimes anime heroes can be immensely powerful from the start and others grow up to become strong legends.

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A hero is often as competent as those around him and it is not unusual for him to secondary anime characters to dominate the hero. It’s especially interesting when these secondary characters turn out to be more powerful and a bigger threat than the anime’s protagonist himself.

10 Killua Zoldyck’s Nen mastery pushes him beyond Gon’s level

Hunter X Hunter is a consistent anime that tries to do something different in each of its main story arcs to avoid the fatigue and repetition that are so prevalent in shonen series. Hunter X Hunter Gon stars, but his support team represents a diverse group of fighters, many of whom possess abilities Gon lacks. Killua Zoldyck benefits from a grueling childhood in which he was trained by deadly assassins and has become a formidable idiot of all trades. Gon takes down some very strong opponents, but most of the time Killua’s help is needed to achieve victory.

9 Goemon’s precise ninja training makes him a bigger threat than Lupine III

Lupine III It has endured for many decades and features some wonderful deconstructions of archetypal characters, such as how Lupine functions as a knight robber. Lupin’s schemes generally involve several of his usual cohorts, be it Jigen, Fujiko, or Goemon, who can help in various capacities. Goemon is perhaps smarter and more resourceful than Goemon, but there is no doubt that Goemon is the best in battle and the most skilled fighter. He comes from a long line of accomplished samurai and Goemon has a very dangerous level of talent that Lupine lacks.

8 Teresa is Clare’s maternal mentor at Claymore

Old house creates an amazing world where humans are hunted by a demonic species of shapeshifter known as Yoma. The answer to this results in human-Yoma hybrids being used as mercenaries to hunt down the Yoma.

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All the warriors that populate the Organization are skilled, but it is immediately clear that Teresa, the matriarch figure of the group, is the strongest. Teresa may not outlast the rest of the Claymore characters, but her strength is hard to beat and Clare definitely fights on her behalf.

7 Whis is an angel with immense powers that surpass Goku or a god

Anime Dragon Ball Super Whis Concerned Aura

Part of the joy in Dragon ball super you’re looking at how much Goku and his friends have grown and changed since the early days of the original Dragon Ball Serie. Goku has progressively become the strongest character in the series and has gained an advantage over his friends that only grows larger. Nevertheless, Dragon ball super has introduced new universes and entities that diminish the power of Goku. For example, Beerus and his accompanying the angel, Whis, has powers that transcend what Goku is capable of even after mastering Ultra Instinct. This can literally turn back time.

6 Ezra Scarlet is the strongest member of the Fairy Tail guild

Anime Fairy Tail Ezra Scarley Attack on horseback

Fairy tale It stumbles in a way that many shonen series do and its protagonist, Natsu, is not without its flaws. Nevertheless, Fairy tale Try some interesting maneuvers with your supporting characters, and Ezra Scarlet experiences an especially rewarding experience. developing. Ezra has respect and loyalty to the rest of his Guild, but he is also easily the most powerful member of the group. She gains her S-class mage status and while extreme violence may not be the first impulse that comes to her, Ezra has no difficulty defending himself and is someone Natsu would cringe at.

5 Hiko Seijuro is strong and ruthless in a way that Kenshin cannot be

There are many anime series that explore the lives and strict codes of honor that govern the lives of samurai, but Rurouni Kenshin it is still considered a pivotal anime in the genre. Kenshin is extremely powerful and skilled with a sword, but he practically resents himself for these abilities and tries to avoid death.

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Kenshin struggles with where he fits, but Hiko Seijuro has no qualms about killing others and has a host of special abilities and an intimidating physique that give him an edge over Kenshin.

4 Shigaraki from My Hero Academia wields multiple quirks to overwhelm Deku

Anime My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki Decay

Midoriya’s progress towards a hero in My hero academia It’s remarkable considering that he starts out as a fan without Quirk and has now managed to understand his Quirk One For All and has learned other tricks as well. Tomura Shigaraki and his Decay Quirk are extremely dangerous at the beginning of the series and only become a bigger threat. Shigaraki gains incredible power, more quirks, and All For One owns it in a way that makes it even scarier. Midoriya is able to withstand it, but when it comes to sheer strength, it seems that Shigaraki would triumph.

3 Suzaku from Code Geass has been trained not to accept defeat

Suzaku Kururugi

Geass Code focuses on intricate strategies to gain control and power. The anime’s protagonist, Lelouch, begins his mission with an honorable goal, but his values ​​slowly warp and he becomes a tyrant. No one is smarter than Lelouch, but Suzaku is at least someone who can give him pause when it comes to combat. Suzaku is already highly trained and dangerous at the beginning of Code Geass, but he continues to refine his skills to achieve his achievements when it comes to the abilities of himself or his Geass.

2 TK and Angemon are the strongest champions in the digital world

Anime Digimon Adventure 2020 TK Angemon

All Digi-Destined are the heroes in the Digimon Adventure anime, but Tai and Matt are frequently positioned as the leaders. They are the ones whose Digimon evolve and combine to face the series’ greatest threats. The evolved forms of Agumon and Gabumon are extremely powerful, but TK and Patamon He quickly surprises everyone with his Champion form, Angemon. Angemon’s prophetic status is underlined and he is even capable of taking on Ultimate Digimon without difficulty. More powerful Digimon appear as the series continues, but Angemon and his evolutionary line continue to be powerful and important.

one Bruno Bucciarati is the glue that binds Giorno and The Gang

Every season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shows a new member of the Joestar bloodline and a powerful group of warriors surrounding them. Each respective JoJo is typically the strongest in their group, but Golden wind gets a bit experimental and some consider Bruno Bucciarati will be the “Unofficial JoJo” it’s from the season. Giorno Giovanna is smart and strong, but his Stand needs time to become consistent. Bruno, on the other hand, has lived a difficult life that made him a highly capable and resourceful gang leader. His Stand has also been able to outwit Giorno in the past.

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