10 times Kylo Ren didn’t deserve redemption

It seemed that Star Wars He would never have a big bad like Darth Vader again, but when Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was released, fans were delighted to meet Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo and Princess, now a general, Leia Organa, nephew of Luke Skywalker and grandson of Darth Vader himself, was born Ben Solo before he became the Dark Side.

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As Kylo Ren, he commits a series of atrocities, following in his grandfather’s dark footsteps. While the series attempted to give Kylo Ren redemption in the end, his actions prior to his death are so horrifying that few are willing to grant him that redemption.

10 Kill everyone on your way

Kylo ren

When Kylo Ren first shows up, he is one of the most ruthless figures in the world. Star Wars franchise has never witnessed. He and his Stormtroopers attack the village of Tuanul on Jakku to find Lor San Tekka, Poe Dameron, and BB-8. In the process, Kylo Ren himself kills Lor San Tekka and captures Poe Dameron, a man he has known since they were children, before ordering his Stormtroopers to slaughter the entire village.

He does the same in The rise of Skywalker again when the movie begins, massacring the people of Alazmec. Kylo Ren has little to no respect for life, kills groups of people, and even willingly attacks Finn at the end of The awakening of the force with the intention of killing him.

9 Haunting everyone around him

Kylo Ren almost killed Finn, but Finn is not someone Kylo Ren is close to. However, the people Kylo Ren sees in his daily life, like General Armitage Hux, are not treated better just because of their place in Kylo Ren’s life.

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Kylo Ren physically abuses General Hux several times, often falling into fits of rage in which he destroys entire rooms. Stormtroopers and other underlings are afraid of Kylo Ren; man is a loose cannon and wants to wound those around him to assert his dominance over them.

8 Tortured and tried to kill Rey

From the moment Kylo Ren realizes that Rey exists, he is obsessed with her. He pursues her no matter where she is, attempts to kill her multiple times, captures her whenever he gets the chance, and uses both physical pain and Force force to torture her body and mind. He constantly wants her to be by his side, but only if he can completely control her. When she rejects him and refuses to join him, he tells her point blank that he will either join him or die. If Kylo Ren had his way, Rey would be dead a dozen times before the franchise came to an end.

7 Snoke killed and replaced

Kylo Ren and Snoke in The Force Awakens

Part of becoming a Sith is killing the master, but Kylo Ren is honestly not a Sith. When he decides to kill Supreme Leader Snoke, it is in an act of revenge. In that moment, you think you are doing the right thing. He and Rey even work together to take down Snoke and his men.

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However, it turns out that Snoke was simply a figurehead, and Palpatine was in charge the entire time. In fact, Kylo Ren killing Snoke actually speeds things up and makes them infinitely worse than they already were. As if that wasn’t bad enough, after Snoke dies, Kylo Ren effectively takes his place and takes his place.

6 He became the leader of the first order.

Like Darth Vader before him, Kylo Ren is the leader of a hideous group hell-bent on destroying the galaxy. They are both, as a result, puppets of Emperor Palpatine, but they still fulfill his wishes of their own free will and willingly commit countless atrocities simply because they want to.

Even when Rey thinks that Kylo Ren has finally seen the light and will turn on the Dark Side, joining her and the Resistance in their fight against evil, he has become darker and more twisted than ever. Kylo Ren becomes the most hideously powerful man in the galaxy, assuming the title of Supreme Leader of the First Order and continuing to torment the universe to the best of his ability.

5 He killed Han Solo, his own father

Kylo ren

From the moment the Star Wars started the franchise, fans have loved Han Solo. When the first Star Wars the movie came out, Mark Hamill was even surprised that I KNOW He was the star of the movie and not Harrison Ford. Over the years, audiences have only grown to love Han Solo more and more, making his death even more devastating.

Although fans will never know for sure if Kylo Ren was the one who ignited his lightsaber or if it was Han Solo, the end result is the same: because of Kylo Ren, his own son, Han Solo is dead. Chewbacca could only watch as his best friend of many years was murdered in front of him by a boy he once considered a nephew.

4 Responsible for his mother, Leia Organa, dying

As if killing his father wasn’t bad enough, Kylo Ren is also partially responsible for his mother’s death. General Leia Organa may not be as powerful within the Force as her twin brother, Luke Skywalker, but she is still Force-sensitive and has several Force-specific abilities. He can even reach his son through the Force, which he does in an attempt to prevent him from killing Rey.

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Kylo Ren is only briefly distracted, but it’s enough to save Rey’s life, right now. Unfortunately, this took the last of Leia’s forces, and she died as a result of this. Even if Kylo Ren didn’t face the death blow himself, he nearly killed his mother earlier in the franchise, so it’s not surprising that he is ultimately responsible for being orphaned.

3 Responsible for the death of his own uncle, Luke Skywalker

When Kylo Ren was still young, his uncle, Luke Skywalker, took him and other Force-sensitive children under his wing. He decided to start a new Jedi Order, but, glimpsing into the future, he believed he saw Ben Solo opening a trail of destruction. In a moment of weakness, Luke almost took his nephew out of the painting to save other lives, but ended up changing his mind. However, Ben saw this moment of weakness and felt betrayed, pushing him further on the path to becoming Kylo Ren.

He would always blame his uncle for this, something Luke blamed himself for as well, until the two finally met face to face again. Fighting Kylo Ren is too much for Luke, and his Force projection is too exhausting – he ends up dying after saving Kylo Ren’s Resistance and the First Order.

2 Shattered the Jedi

Luke Skywalker wanted, more than anything, to bring peace, joy and happiness to the galaxy. After the horrible things he’s experienced in his life, he thought that he could train a new Jedi Order that could truly follow what the Jedi were destined to do. However, this was not to be, as he and Kylo Ren, in their own strange and self-fulfilling prophecy, destroyed this Jedi Order. After Kylo Ren broke out, he and his Knights of Ren attacked the other Jedi, killing the young men as Darth Vader had done, years before. Sure enough, he destroyed the Jedi again, before they could actually begin.

one Followed in Darth Vader’s footsteps (and smashed the galaxy)

Kylo ren

At the end of Darth Vader’s life, he realized that everything he had been doing was wrong and he sought the redemption of his son, Luke Skywalker. Even though Anakin would have told a young Ben Solo to do anything but idolize Darth Vader, this is exactly what Kylo Ren did. He followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, doing the same horrible things that Darth Vader once did. Anakin was gone, but Kylo Ren made sure the galaxy still felt his presence.

In the shadow of his grandfather, Kylo Ren committed unspeakable evils over and over again. At the end of his life, his few good deeds failed to redeem him when compared to his countless atrocities.

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