10 ways Dragon Ball has changed since 1984

To keep Dragon Ball fresh, Akira Toriyama changed the series from its martial arts roots to an action / science fiction story that redefined anime as a medium.

Dragon Ball is Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece … and the series he can’t escape from. While finishing work on the original manga, Dragon BallIts popularity has only grown over the years thanks to its worldwide presence and so many sequels.

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But Dragon Ball It is also drastically different from how it was when the manga was created. To keep the series fresh, Toriyama was forced to introduce all kinds of concepts that took the story from the martial arts roots it was known for, into a more sci-fi / action series. Despite these changes, Dragon Ball still maintains an unmistakable identity in the anime world.

10 Flight

When Dragon Ball It started from the beginning, the only way to travel anywhere quickly was by using a vehicle. In the second half of Dragon Ball, Tenshinhan and the others brought flight into the game, and at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, flight is ubiquitous. Literally all characters who can fight learn to channel their ki to allow them to fly.

9 Goku’s power pole and the flying Nimbus are gone

When the series began, Goku had his Flying Nimbus cloud that allowed him to travel places quickly, and the Power Pole that aided him in combat. As the characters became more powerful, the Power Pole became less useful, and once Goku learned to fly, he began to use Nimbus less and less. Goku never flies on the cloud again after returning from Namek.

8 Aliens are real

Dragon Ball Z I immediately began to explain things that would not otherwise need explanation. Goku was just a talented boy and a reference to the Monkey King of Journey to the West. Piccolo was just a strange demon that lived on Earth, and it wasn’t strange because Dragon Ball it had talking animals and other mystical creatures.

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Dragon Ball Z added science fiction to the mythology, introducing the idea that Piccolo and Goku were actually aliens from different planets. While Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans were gone, Namek was still around and would become the focus of one of the Dragon Ball Zstories of.

7 Earthlings don’t matter

perverted master roshi

When Dragon Ball It began, it was a foregone conclusion that Earthlings were the most powerful. There were talking animals and animal people, but none of them were really strong. Goku was even believed to be an Earthman, even if he was very special. But by the time the Saiyan arc began, the Earthlings were already being wiped out. It was explained that Goku was a Saiyan, while Piccolo was a Namekian. The remaining warriors were all Earthlings, and their fight against the Saiyans quickly clarified their place in the world.

6 Super saiyan

prior to Dragon Ball, the characters learned new techniques and managed to win thanks to their own ingenuity, and the concept of transformation was completely new to the shonen anime. With Dragon Ball Z, Goku becoming Super Saiyan changed not only Dragon Ball, but all in shonen completely. Characters were now known to transform into forms, giving them the strength they needed to overcome a major challenge.

5 A different dragon

In the original Dragon Ball, the dragon that emerges from the Dragon Balls is Shenlong. Even when the Demon King Piccolo killed Shenlong, Kami revives the Dragon Balls to create Shenlong again.

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After learning about the Nameks, the heroes traveled to Namek and saw their dragon. This time, the dragon was Porunga, a being that looked nothing like Shenlong and granted him three wishes instead of just one.

4 A new generation

The original Dragon Ball he actually had many children. Goku wasn’t even a teenager and neither was Krillin at the beginning of the series, while Yamcha was so young that he didn’t know what to do in the presence of a girl. Dragon Ball In fact it allowed the passage of time, since seven years pass in the course of the anime itself. Instead of Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z, another seven years pass, where Goku brings his son Gohan to the group who learns to fight alongside them. Time passes continuously with this group.

3 Main character change

The main character of Dragon Ball it’s always Goku. Even when other characters join the cast, the central figure is still Goku. Dragon Ball Z It slowly shifts Goku to a more background role – no less important, but the series is constantly finding ways to make the series not about him, focusing on his son Gohan. In super, Vegeta graduates to become a main character as well, becoming the only other person besides Goku capable of stopping a main villain.

2 Knowing the gods

Beerus and Whis arguing

Near the end of the original Dragon Ball, everyone knows Kami, the God of Earth. Kami is the other half of Piccolo, a person who is believed to be the most dangerous threat to Earth. By Dragon Ball Z, the deities are greatly expanded. Goku meets Kaio, the protector of North Galaxy; the Buu bow presents the Kaioshin; Y Dragon ball super features Beerus, the God of Destruction, and his partner Whis, the Angel. There is also Zen-Oh, the creator of everything.

one Welcome to the multiverse

Dragon BallThe biggest recent change is the introduction of alternate universes. There are eleven other alternate universes in the multiverse as a whole, vastly expanding the franchise that fans thought they knew. Each universe has a “paired” alternative, with the Dragon Ball The universe is Universe 7 and its partner is Universe 6. The other universes are largely a mystery, but fans were shown inhabitants of several of those universes during Dragon ball superThe last arc of the anime.

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