10 ways Red Hood would make a better Batman than Nightwing

Although Nightwing became Batman at one point in the DC comics timeline, Red Hood could have been a much more effective version of the Dark Knight.

Jason Todd, Little Red Riding Hood, was the second Robin after Dick Grayson and was unfortunately killed by the Joker before he could make a name for himself. A few years later, the character was resurrected by Ra’s Al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit in which he took the name Red Hood.

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Jason Todd has many anger issues that seem to be solely directed at his father and brother figures, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. He was angry at Batman for not avenging him and always felt he could do a better job. During a story arc in which Bruce was thought to be dead, Dick took up the mantle to the disapproval of Jason, who felt he would do a much better job putting on the hood.

10 Best fighter

Red hood

Of all the Robins and even Batman himself, Jason Todd is arguably the best fighter. He was excellent in combat during his time as Robin and became even more skilled after becoming the Red Hood. He followed in Bruce’s footsteps and went beyond learning what Batman taught him. He trained in a wide range of different martial arts and is able to use his skills to better adapt to each moment, using his body and tools as an effective weapon.

9 It would be a much darker Batman

Whether or not this makes Jason a better Batman is debatable, but it would definitely be a much darker iteration of the already Dark Knight. Jason as Batman would be utterly brutal and would destroy his opponents on the battlefield, often brutally killing and wounding compared to what Dick or Bruce would do to their victims. Jason is extremely badass and would not only fight harder, but also make decisions based on his emotions that would often lead to more violence than not.

8 I would kill the joker

Joker Red Hood has three jokers

If Jason Todd were Batman, he would have no problem with simply killing the Joker. Bruce always denies this idea as he values ​​human life and ending someone else’s would simply push the line from hero to villain. Batman feels that if he kills, he would be no better than the Joker himself, so the Joker continually tries to get the bats to kill him.

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But if Jason were the one behind the mask, there’s no question that he would simply kill the clown at the earliest opportunity he got, ridding Gotham of its most despicable villain.

7 He would become more of a vigilante than a hero

Due to Jason’s lack of empathy when it comes to killing others, he would probably be much more of a vigilante than a hero. Batman worked hard to earn the title of hero and tried to make it known that he is helping rather than harming the judicial system. However, Jason probably wouldn’t mind. Beyond killing the Joker, he would also likely kill many of Gotham’s great evils or hit them so badly that they would be rendered incapable of causing harm for the rest of their lives.

This is proven even in Under the red hood– in a flashback sequence where Jason brutally beat up a bad boy and Batman commented that he was too aggressive.

6 It would be more offensive compared to Grayson’s defensive fighting style

Jason Todd Red Hood hitting Batman illustrated

Because Dick Grayson’s main feat is his skill at stunts and using that against his opponents, he’s more of a defensive fighter compared to Jason’s offensive tactics. Dick dodges and uses his enemy’s footwork against them, swinging at just the right moment. Jason launches straight into battle and uses his strength, strength, and speed as his primary weapon. Jason’s aggressive offensive strategies make him better suited to fight as Batman, as Bruce is also a dominant offensive fighter, and he will likely defeat his opponents much faster than Dick.

5 I wouldn’t have so many repeat villains

As with the Joker, Jason wouldn’t deal with repeat villains as much as Bruce or Dick. Instead, it would probably just kill him. If Penguin, Two-Face, or any of the other classic villains who are in and out of Arkham to cause mayhem were to appear in front of Jason, he would probably use the same logic that killing them would make Gotham safer than just locking them up. in Arkham or Black Gate only for them to escape again.

While this idea is much darker and more brutal, it seems likely that it will end up making the citizens of Gotham and the city in general a much safer place.

4 It’s better with weapons

Jason is also much better with weapons than Dick. He is an expert in the military grade weapons and explosives that he has access to and took his interest in firearms a step further than Batman, even as he trained with different masters around the world to properly learn how to target and kill his weapons. targets with different weapons.

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This was also shown in Under the red hood when he quickly breaks the rope that wraps around his ankle with a Batarang and again a shuriken.

3 I’d be a Batman who uses weapons

Everyone has always wondered what Batman would be like if he used real weapons, and Jason Todd would be the best example of what that would look like. It would be completely deadly and completely skilled. He would also have a much better chance of dealing with enemies from long distances, as he can successfully use snipers from long distances to take out his enemies. He would also defeat his other enemies much more easily than Nightwing or Batman.

2 Just as good at stunt and detective work

red hood movie animation

It always seems that each Robin excels in one respect over another; Dick is the acrobat, Jason is the fighter, Tim is the detective, and Damien is the killer. But just because Jason had no stunt or crime experience, he’s still been noted to be just as good at stunts and detective work as Dick and Bruce.

He had the same Batman training Nightwing received and learned to expand it to suit his background and fighting style, making him just as agile and even stronger than the rest of them. It can also be noted that she was able to easily escape from Supergirl’s grip.

one It would be influenced by the Batfamily

Artwork for the Batfamily during the DC Comics Renaissance era

Of the entire Batfamily, Jason is definitely the one who cares the most for his teammates, although he has a hard time showing it. He really respects Tim, Damien, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown and cares about them. He has feelings for Barbara Gordon and often feels that she is the best of them.

If Jason were Batman, he would definitely take into account what the other members of the family think and would probably base many of his decisions on their opinions. Although they would probably disagree with his way of doing things, Jason would probably be more swayed by “the rules” with them, while Nightwing would do what he thinks Batman would do.

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