5 animes that have great live-action adaptations (& 5 that went flat)

Some anime shows have become so successful that they have received live-action adaptations, although not all have shared the same success.

Live action adaptations of anime are known to be really bad. Something about trying to capture what goes into an anime in a live action setting is often not done that well and can seem super, super cheesy. Live-action adaptations also have the problem of trying to fit entire anime and manga series into a two-hour movie or much shorter television series.

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But while ironically they are known to be bad, there are definitely some hidden gems amongst the masses that are super well made for what they are. Live action anime adaptations have great potential to be really funny if accepted for what they are.

10 Amazing: Kakegurui

Kakegurui Live Action

The live-action version of the popular and fun sports anime with a gaming theme, Kakegurui it is deeply faithful to its original material. The live-action version covers about the first half of the show’s first season and it’s really good. The show takes the anime habits of the original and puts them on real people. The characters often have exaggerated eye movements and animations, and it also features a really interesting internal monologue for all the characters as they play to explain what they are thinking and what the anime doesn’t do. If you want a laugh and just a little fun content, live action Kakegurui definitely worth it.

9 Fell Flat: Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action

Live action Fullmetal Alchemist The Netflix movie was absolutely gorgeous to look at as the visuals and costume work were completely superb, however the movie follows the first few episodes of the original series that weren’t the best. The movie is a super rushed version of the story and it does a really crazy job of expressing Ed and Al’s story as they try to get their bodies back. Towards the middle of the film, the plot departs from the original story to make a shorter version. While it’s good for a movie that’s trying to capture the whole story, it just changes so much from the original that it made it fall pretty flat.

8 Amazing: bleach

Bleach Live Action

Many fans of Fullmetal Alchemist Y Bleach compared these two movies to each other as they were both Netflix live action movies based on popular anime that came out one after the other, but there is a crucial difference between the two, Bleach it’s really just trying to cover the first big story arc.

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the Bleach The live action movie focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki and the story of how he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper, and how he becomes one. The two get very close to each other and end up teaching each other about their own worlds as Ichigo fights Hollows and Rukia learns about being human. The main climax of the movie is when Rukia’s brother-in-law Byakuya and his friend Renji come to arrest her, leading to Ichigo’s confrontation with both of them. In the series, that was what marked the first great Bleach history and what made Ichigo travel to Soul Society to save Rukia. So the fact that the live action only covered this was really well done. Ichigo and Rukia also did very well.

7 Fell Flat: Ghost in the Shell

Ghost In The Shell Live Action

It is no secret that he Ghost in the shell The live-action movie starring Scarlett Johansson was an anime movie that completely failed. It was mainly due to the casting and lack of Asian representation even though all the characters in the film keep the Japanese names they have in the anime. The visuals for this movie were super amazing, but it’s still one of the anime movies that notoriously gives live-action adaptations a bad name.

6 Incredible: Death Note (Japan)

Death Note Japan

The two live action Death Note Japan adaptations are really highly appreciated and appreciated by many anime fans. The two films act as a retelling of the anime’s early arcs, as the first film focuses on Light Yagami and when he first turns into Kira with a super well-done looking Ryuk. The second movie continues the story and also talks about the second Kira in the series, Misa Amane, who has Rem as her Shinigami. The effects are a bit dated, but they still look great and stay true to the anime.

5 Fell Flat: Death Note (Netflix)

Death Note Ryuk Netflix Live-action

The live-action Netflix adaptation of Death Note is probably the most laughable live-action anime adaptation. He manages to overlook all the important aspects of the series and make the whole thing feel extremely silly. The romance between Light and Mia (who was apparently “not” based on Misa, but was a new original character) was incredibly bland, annoying and boring and nothing like Light and Misa, which was toxic to show for Light’s manipulation. L was also a boring character who looked nothing like what the anime version had except for a sweet tooth. And by far the worst part was Light’s constant screeching that made everyone laugh out loud.

4 Incredible: Alita: Battle Angel

Battle angel alita

Alita: Battle Angel is an excellent anime adaptation that took years to make due to the fact that James Cameron was looking for perfection. The first half of the movie follows the first manga incredibly closely and tells the story in an incredible way while still trying to honor the original material.

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The images in this movie were also very well done and left many fans speechless. This is also one of the few anime movies that seems like it can be enjoyed on its own, even if the people who watch it don’t know anything about the original manga as the rest are more like condensed versions of the anime that need more explanation. beyond the movie.

3 Fell Flat: Dragon Ball Evolution

dragonball evolution

While Netflix Death Note is the new age anime adaptation that has made the genre as a whole laughable and started a host of memes, Dragon ball evolution is definitely the creator of hideous live action anime adaptations. This movie is absolutely terrible and shows the cast of Dragon Ball in a modern, early 2000s setting, full of spiky, gelled hair, high school parties, and first crushes. The movie is really bad and he definitely doesn’t know what he’s doing at any point and is far from the original material, not to mention the bleaching of all the characters.

2 Incredible: Rurouni Kenshin Parts I and II

rurouni kenshin live action

Live action Rurouni Kenshin The movies are surprisingly well done compared to many of the other anime movies on the list and they tell the story very well while also showing just how great the story is. On top of all that, the characters actually look like their anime counterparts. There are two movies in the series and they both cover the anime and tell the story of Kenshin and Kaoru beautifully as they try to protect Kaoru’s dojo that their father left them.

one Fell Flat: Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan Live Action

There are a lot of mistakes in this movie, but one of the main aspects that left a lot of fans unhappy was actually the cast. Although Attack on Titan It’s a Japanese series, all the characters on the show, except for Mikasa, are actually European, and that’s one of the main things that makes Mikasa stand out. The visuals for this movie were great and did a good job of capturing the Titans and the overall aesthetic of the series, but the way the characters and plot were made made this yet another ridiculous attempt at action anime adaptations. Live.

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