Movies like Spiderman Y The beginning of batman They are credited with putting superhero movies back on the map, but X Men it actually came out earlier and was just as successful. In 2000, director Bryan Singer brought everyone’s favorite mutants to the big screen. For the next 20 years, the X-Men movie franchise would have its ups and downs. There were successful entries, such as Logan, dead PoolY X2, but there were some glitches like X-Men Origins: Wolverine Y X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Some of the films in the franchise are considered better than others, but what about the artists who brought these characters to life? Comic book fans can be extremely picky when it comes to who portrays their favorite hero or villain. These are characters of great importance and some actors did an incredible job, while some stumbled and lost their way. Some fans are hoping to see their favorite Fox X-Men reappear in the MCU, while others feel that some should remain inactive.

10 Should: Michael Fassbender (Magneto)

Fassbender Magneto X-Men

Sir Ian McKellen was an amazing Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr when X Men first hit in theaters. He had a very similar feel to the Magneto from the comics and cartoons, with his white hair and strong voice. However the Lord of the Rings Star is getting old and probably doesn’t want to be contractually bound to another big franchise. Furthermore, Michael Fassbender’s performance in First class it was just as amazing.

It brought just the right amount of intensity and confusion to young Erik Lehnsherr. The audience saw the concentration camp scene in X Men, but they folded it in First class giving more context to the story. Fassbender showed why Magneto is sometimes considered a good man, all while maintaining this anger towards humanity and vowing revenge.

9 Shouldn’t: Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique)

Jeniffer Lawrence Mystical X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most important actresses in the world. He’s won top acting awards, looks very personable, and starred in some of the best movies of the last decade. When X Men First generation He came out, his star had just started to shine, and he gave him an excellent, if different, version of the Mystique character. She was ready to become the most sadistic and evil mystic in Days of future past Except Jennifer Lawrence became so famous that the writers decided that her character had to be heroic.

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Lawrence also didn’t like the blue makeup application process and who can blame her? Nobody wants to sit in one place for 6-8 hours a day, but it was his serious demeanor that took the spirit out of the character. Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent actress, but she didn’t want to be in the last three X Men movies so I hope you find more projects you like and skip the MCU.

8 Should: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)


Without a doubt, Wolverine will be part of the MCU in the future. It would be interesting to see a smaller sized and comically accurate Wolverine, but some actors become the characters they play. Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. Jackman was hired to play Wolverine in the first X Men in the last minute and it became the best part of the movie. It has been the adamantium heart and soul of the franchise.

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Jackman’s dedication to the character of Wolverine is unmatched And it would be very disappointing not to have him interact with characters from the most beloved cinematic universe. Imagine the possibilities; Jackman’s Wolverine collides with Holland’s Spider-Man, mixing him with Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange, or the physicality of a fight with Ruffalo’s Hulk. At the very least, a cameo arguing with Reynolds’ Deadpool could capitalize on their real-life friendship and bring additional humor to the MCU.

7 Shouldn’t: Tyler Mane (Sabretooth)


Sabretooth is a terrifying villain, but even the comics, animated series, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine gave the character more depth. Some professional wrestlers are excellent actors (for example, Dave Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy), but Tyler Mane should have stayed in the square circle. The writers and director of X Men It didn’t help the Canadian-born pro wrestler by getting him to communicate by growling like a tiger and looking dumbfounded at many of the film’s crucial points. Mane looked like the part, but don’t expect to see the big man in the MCU.

6 Should: Kelsey Grammer (Beast)


X-Men: The Animated Series The 90s are still talked about today. It brought fan-favorite mutant moments to the screen, with its bright colors, booming theme song, and superb voice cast. George Buza had a distinct voice that highlighted the intellectual Beast and sounded strangely similar to Health Y Frasier actor, Kelsey Grammer. When Grammer became a Beast in X-Men: The Final Decision, the fans rejoiced. The movie was disappointing, but Grammer’s performance was solid and he was brought back for a surprise cameo in Days of future past! Imagine Grammer’s Beast becoming a “brother of science” in the MCU?

5 Shouldn’t: Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut)


“I’m the Juggernaut, bi …” was part of a youtube video hilariously edited with clips from the animated series, but it should never have been taken seriously enough to be in an actual X-Men movie. Vinnie Jones is a hilarious actor, but the Juggernaut should be angry, indestructible, and mentally unbalanced. X-Men: The Final Decision it was a sad movie and Juggernaut added dismay. Now that Ryan Reynold is enrolled in the MCU, maybe he can double duty again because his Juggernaut is Deadpool 2 hit the mark (o).

4 Should: Famke Janssen (Jean Gray / Phoenix)


Famke Janssen’s performances in the original trilogy are criminally underrated. She plays the beautiful Jean Gray very well because she balances her beauty with her brain. She is strong and kind, but she also seems to hide something deep and dark, which becomes her Phoenix personality. The franchise has had two chances to make the Dark Phoenix saga, but none lived up to the original story in the comics or the animated series. As talented as Sophie Turner is, her performances in the X Men The prequel trilogy was comparatively bland and couldn’t match Janssen’s intensity.

3 Shouldn’t: Anna Paquin (rogue)


Anna Paquin has been very successful in her career, but there was a reason she was excluded from the stage version of Days of the future past. Rogue is known for her Mississippi accent, strong personality, and ability to hurt anyone she touches. In the comics, she even starts out in the Brotherhood of Mutants and is an adopted daughter of Mystique. The rogue Paquin always seemed to act like a damsel in distress. Rogue should be one of the strongest X-Men and more of a hero than a victim.

2 Should: James McAvoy (Professor X)


Much like Sir Ian McKellen became Magneto, Patrick Stewart was a near-perfect casting for Professor X. He’s getting old, though, and probably wants to avoid more franchises in the long run. So if Fassbender’s Magneto returns, Xavier de McAvoy should join him. McAvoy is an incredible actor who proved that Xavier could make mistakes, disappoint his students, but learn from them. He has such an expressive face, which is great for a character who has millions of voices in his head and uses mind control.

one Shouldn’t: Halle Berry (Storm)


Storm is one of the most complex heroes in the Marvel universe. He can control all aspects of the weather, can fly, and is believed to be one of the strongest mutants in comics. She is also married to King T’Challa, also known as Black Panther, and she is royalty herself, the daughter of a Kenyan tribal princess. She has such a rich history that fans are hoping she will be explored in the MCU.

Only the lovely Halle Berry should remove her black (or white) cape forever. His performance was not very exciting, his accent changed and he made the worst joke in the history of superhero cinema. “You know what happens to comic book fans when Halle Berry returns as Storm? The same thing that happened in the first trilogy.”

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10 times the X-Men movies were darker than they needed to be

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