90 Day Boyfriend: Fans Baffled By Brandon Gibbs’ Age-Defying IG Selfie

Amid rumors that Julia Trubkina returned to Russia, 90 Day Fiancé star Brandon Gibbs gave fans a reason to joke about her age with an IG photo.

With half of 90 day fiancé With season 8 underway, TLC viewers have started to wonder if Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina finally tied the knot. However, aside from the obvious questions, Brandon and his parents Betty and Ron have created a lot of controversy due to their assumption “puppy factoryAnd a supposedly false story. However, the strangest topic of discussion about the history of the Gibbs family remains Brandon’s face. Like memes of 90 day fiancéBrandon is “Somewhere between 12 and 32 years old” circulating on the internet, Julia’s boyfriend has surprised fans with an age-defying Instagram selfie.

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Virginia boy Brandon, who had never been in a relationship before, met Russian go-go dancer Julia through a video call from a friend. After immediately deciding that she was wife material, 90 day fiancé The star Brandon began dating Julia, without anticipating the problems that her parents were going to bring helicopters. Bringing his fiancee Julia home, Brandon had to deal with Betty and Ron putting him and Julia in separate rooms, and having his future wife become their new pawn. When the city’s cunning Julia got tired of feeding the pigs, Brandon somehow confronted Betty and threatened to move out. However, as the 90 day fiancé The couple began to worry about planning the wedding on screen, fans were comical with Brandon and Julia’s antics on social media off screen. Following Brandon posing as an elf on the shelf based on a meme, the 90 day fiancé celeb has now baffled fans with a selfie that makes them wonder what he looks like “so young. “

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A meme in Reddit about 90 day fiancé star Brandon jokes about his eternally youthful appearance, with comments saying things like “has not matured enough to have a man’s face“Y”She looks like little Debbie from the cake box.. “Some fans seem to be “Completely scared“Next to the photo, and a comment says”there is a subreddit called 13 or 30 hahaha this belongs there. “Perhaps to add more fuel to the post with over 1675 upvotes, Brandon de Julia posted a selfie with the caption”sometimes it’s better to put on headphones and tune out the bad stuff. “

However, as hard as Brandon gibbs you can try, the “bad“Comments follow him in his 90 day fiancé Instagram. “Does he even shave yet?? “one critic asks, and another writes,”you look 15. “Still, there seem to be some 90 day fiancé fans who are in awe of Brandon, one of whom says: “Aw I love freckles you literally don’t get old” followed by “what a sweet face. “See your post down:

Meanwhile, rumors that Julia may have returned to Russia swirl, after the 90 day fiancé season 8 preview that makes her say, “Brandon changes when I come here.“Besides disconnecting the haters, could that?”bad thingsWhat Brandon is referring to Julia breaking up with him? After all, Brandon and Julia are apparently the only ones 90 day fiancé Season 8 couple whose marriage documents have yet to appear.

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

Source: Reddit, Brandon Gibbs / Instagram

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