90 Day Boyfriend: Rebecca Parrott Shares ‘Savage 90 Day Roast’ Video

Rebecca Parrott loves to laugh, and she showed it when she posted a reaction video to a hilarious 90 Day Fiance barbecue. Read on to see the clip.

Rebecca Parrott from 90 day fiancé showed that he has a good sense of humor. She filmed a reaction video of a TikTok user’s TV show toasting. She had posted this video a year ago, but decided it was worth sharing again on her Instagram.

Fans of the show, which follows the story of Americans overcoming obstacles to be with their partners in other countries, met Parrott during 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 2. This is a 90 day fiancé spin-off with Americans who travel to their partners’ home countries to see how they live and meet their families. Parrott, 49, of Georgia, was preparing to travel to the other side of the world to meet her 27-year-old Tunisian boyfriend Zied Hakimi. The path of romance was a difficult one that included many tests, such as that Parrott did not completely divorce her husband and Zied’s. sister’s skepticism about Parrott.

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In a reaction video post for her Instagram Earlier this week, Parrott proved that he can take all the jokes about the show in stride. The original video was created on TikTok by user Mikail. In the clip, he pretends to be a 53-year-old man named Peter. The character Peter comes from “One of the flyover states” and I met Training on the fictitious website, Gold DiggersoftheFarEast.with” just three days ago … and I fell madly in love. Mikail then dons a curly bright red wig and pretends to be the other half of the relationship. Treenie introduces herself saying she is 23 years old and “Islands of the Green Card”. As the video plays, Parrott is seen laughing. Proof of Parrott’s opinion is shared in the caption that he recognizes the video as a roast. Rebecca says: “I shared this last year [,] but I just saw it again and it still makes me laugh. ” See Rebecca’s post below:

In the current season of 90 day fiancé, Rebecca found out that Zied’s visa had been approved. After tearfully saying goodbye to his family, Hakimi reunited with Parrott in the United States. In the United States, the clock began to tick. Zied would have to marry Rebecca within 90 days or return to Tunisia. During the season, the couple have done the typical things that a couple who have just started living together do, like decorate their apartment.

Since the season is not over, it is unclear what the couple’s fate will be. However, (SPOILER ALERT) a possible spoiler has been leaked. In a photo Hakimi posted to her Instagram account to show off her new haircut, fans think they may have seen a wedding ring on her finger. Given Parrott’s jovial attitude about the video he posted, there’s a chance they made it to the altar. Only time will tell if these two were happily ever after. There is always the possibility of 90 day fiancé The cast members will once again live in separate worlds.

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Source: Rebecca Parrott / Instagram

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