90 Day Boyfriend: Why Fans Think Brittany Banks Might Be Pregnant

Yazan’s ex, Brittany Banks, surprised her 90 Day Fiancé fans on Instagram by posting a photo that sparked pregnancy rumors. Could it be true?

Some 90 day fiancé Fans can claim that Yazan Abu Horira moved on too fast after their breakup, but Brittany Banks shocked them even more by making them wonder if she was pregnant. Amid the myriad of provocative images Brittany recently posted on her Instagram, some TLC viewers found one that was completely bizarre. 90 days: the single life Star Brittany’s comments on the post are filled with fans who claim they believe she is pregnant.

Nothing went right at Brittany and Yazan’s 90 day fiancé: the other way relationship. Not only had the rapper fallen in love with a man who lived thousands of miles away, but he also chose someone from a very conservative family. When Brittany landed in Amman, Jordan, a fight broke out over carrying alcohol and her argument with Yazan freaked out. 90 day fiancé viewers. Brittany’s clothing, social media, career, and more were frowned upon by Yazan’s Muslim family. As predicted, the couple broke up, Brittany flew back to America, and Yazan flew into the arms of a new fiancée. As Yazan flaunted her newfound love Lulu on Instagram, Brittany reverted to her old, sassy ways. He started sharing sexy images on his IG. Soon, news of Brittany getting a new 90 day fiancé the split was broken. The Discover + spin-off is called 90 days: the single life and features Brittany, as well as Colt Johnson, Big Ed Brown and other stars from the franchise. As Brittany gears up for the big launch later this month, her Instagram features posts that Yazan’s mother would have had her delete.

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The post that wowed fans on Brittany banks‘Instagram was seen by his 471k followers. The reality TV star posed in a pastel gray tank top for a gripping photoshoot. She shared a photo with the caption “make me run my coins. “While Brittany may have wanted to flaunt her gorgeous long hair in the photo, it was her supposed tummy that caught everyone’s attention. See a screenshot below:

Brittany Banks pregnant from Instagram in her 90 day fiancé

Chile the image looks like a nine month old belly“Says the most voted comment on Brittany’s post, and a different one says:”Oh it’s like you’re pregnant from a photo. “Another TLC viewer chimed in with:”Legit thought this was a fully developed pregnant belly at first glance“And then follow up with another comment,”I definitely did a triple take to make sure I wasn’t about to have a baby.. “However, the mystery is solved in the comments on Brittany’s post, when a 90 day fiancé fan writes, “That knee so shiny I had to look twice. I thought you were pregnant. I’m sorry. “

Turns out it’s Brittany’s knee that speaks all in this strange image. The way Brittany poses is what is causing all the confusion, leading fans to think that a surprising new 90 day fiancé the baby could be on the way. In addition to becoming a leading OnlyFans creator, bikini fanatic Brittany seems to have outgrown the optical illusion game.

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Source: Brittany Banks / Instagram

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