90-day fiancé: Rosemarie Vega spends the day at the beach with her son Prince

Rosemarie Vega has made inspiring breakthroughs in her post-education life, and fans of 90 Day Fiance love it. They are glad that you are spending time with your child.

Rosemarie Vega posted an adorable photo of a beach day with her cute son, Prince. the 90 day fiancé The franchise star has been hard at work on his YouTube channel. He also recently renovated the house where Big Ed slept. Fans have noted that he has many different projects going on.

The rise of Rosemarie Vega is a 90 day fiancé success story. The Filipina may not have gone to the US with Big Ed, but she has cultivated an incredibly loyal fanbase on Instagram and especially YouTube. The young mother of one has nearly 700,000 YouTube subscribers and the number continues to grow. She is one of those people with a genuine and humble character who reads through the camera. Also, people love the story of a homeless man who makes his dreams come true. She has gone from enduring Big Ed’s terrible treatment to gathering supporters to help her win in life. Her endearing nature on camera really comes through when she talks about her son, Prince. In her video showing her YouTube subscribers about her renovations, she said she hadn’t bought a bed for herself, despite having bought one for Prince. She was still sleeping on the floor near him.

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Now, it seems like Rose is taking time out of her busy schedule to hang out with her son, Prince. Rose posted a cute family photo of the two of them at the beach with her. Instagram and I captioned it, Fun day at the beach today with my son Prince. I matched his socks and sandals. 😆 “ Prince seemed happy to spend the day with his mom and Rose looked adorable in a cute summer dress. The couple definitely must have had a great mother-son outing. On the post, comments were limited. One fan wrote: “So cute! I am very happy for all your good fortune. ” See Rose and Prince down:

Fans had nothing but kind words for the reality star and her son. Rosemarie continues to win over fans because she is one of the quietest. 90 day fiancé alum. She just does her thing and takes care of her own business.

Rosemarie is trying to live life the best she can. Rose even recently got a passport, so fans of the TLC reality franchise can meet the beauty in the future when the pandemic ends. Unlike Big Ed’s meet and greet in Las Vegas, people will be excited to venture out and chat with Rosemarie. Right now the world is 90 day fiancé star oyster.

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Source: Rosemarie Vega / Instagram

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