Agents of SHIELD: each main hero, ranked by power

The show Agents of protection features some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of whom are on Coulson’s team. While some have actual superhuman abilities that took years to develop, others are equally capable even without them.

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Almost all of the members have had superpowers at some point and some even retained their abilities for much longer than fans thought they would. In the end, empowered or not, each member has their own special skill set that makes them the best agents the agency has to offer.

9 Deke

Jeff Ward as Deke in Agents of SHIELD

Deke Shaw was one of the many characters the team met when they were sent into the future who eventually returned to the past with them using the monolith of time. Like his grandparents, Agents Fitz and Simmons, Shaw is incredibly smart and has created a lot of useful technology for the team.

While he is not as skilled a fighter as the other members of the team, he has shown himself capable of occasionally defending himself in a fight, as he was able to take on a scary dimension version of a Kree soldier before. missing.

8 Fitz

While Agent Fitz spent most of the previous seasons operating behind the scenes with characters like May and Ward taking to the field, he later became much more of a field agent as the show progressed. His time looking for a way to bring Simmons back, as well as his time in the frame, made him a much more experienced fighter.

He is usually capable of outwitting opponents that he is no stronger than when he shot Giyera with a concealed weapon and defending the base from the Primitives.

7 Simmons

As with Agent Fitz, Agent Jemma Simmons’ greatest strength is her mind, considering she joined Coulson’s team as a biochemist. After being transported by the space monolith, she was forced to survive on the alien planet, Maveth.

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During that time, Simmons became a skilled fighter and was even able to take on some upgraded characters, such as an LMD version of Fitz.

6 Mack

Agent Alphonso Mackenzie is the strongest powerless member of the team due to his larger size than the other members. While he usually doesn’t have any powers, he has temporarily had superhuman abilities like when he became a Kree Kree Sentry after falling in Kree City and was possessed by the spirit of vengeance becoming the Ghost Rider.

Even without those abilities, he was able to kill Kasius after drinking the Enhanced Hatred with the help of Simmons and was able to kill the entity known as Pachakutiq with a specialized sword, though he normally prefers to be armed with his iconic shotgun-ax.

5 may

Melinda May Agents Of SHIELD Season 6

When she joined the team, Agent Melinda May was already an experienced marksman and skilled martial artist with more black belts than Black Widow, making her extremely dangerous. He even showed the ability to face and defeat powerful opponents like Jako and Deathlok. In the last season of the show, May realized that she had gained empathic abilities due to her time in the fear dimension during her fight against Izel.

Her inability to feel emotions, which nearly resulted in her death to Enoch, turned into the power to feel the emotions of those who were very close to her. This became an extremely useful tool when they were able to use it to find out when characters had been replaced by Chronicoms. The most important use of it came in the series finale when the team used it to give empathy to the alien robots.

4 Yo-yo

After having a soup containing fish contaminated by the terrigen crystals that made their way into the ocean, Elena “Yo-yo” Rodríguez gained the power to run at extremely superhuman speeds, but was limited by the fact that she could only travel as far as it could go in a beat before automatically returning to its original position.

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He has shown his speed numerous times, such as when he outpaced the Vrellnexians, but he still fought characters like Graviton. When Ruby Hale cut off her arms, they upgraded her with modified cybernetic arms that gave her increased strength. He also received a huge power boost in the last season when he realized that he no longer needed to go back to his original place.

3 Enoch

Enoch Agents of SHIELD

Enoch is a Chronicom, an alien race of synthetic semi-robotic beings that originate from the planet Chronyca-2. Like all Chronicoms, Enoch has an unusually long lifespan that allowed him to observe Earth for thirty thousand years. Because its body is made of a plastic alloy, it is able to withstand most attacks and is capable of squeezing into tight spaces.

Despite being an anthropologist, he later upgraded himself to have Hunter-level fighting skills which he used to defeat every other member of the team, including Daisy and Yo-Yo, to avoid having his DIANA implant removed. to Jemma Simmons.

2 Coulson

Agent Philip Coulson was always a great fighter shown in the Marvel short, Something funny happened on the way to Thor’s hammer, who saw him deftly take down two armed robbers at a convenience store. After Agent Mack cut off his arm to prevent him from completely turning to stone since he grabbed a terrigen crystal, he was fitted with a prosthetic arm with various abilities including X-ray vision, an energy shield, and most of all. importantly, an enhanced strength.

Although he died in season 5, he was revived as an LMD-Chronocom hybrid version of himself created by Fitz-Simmons equipped with all of his past memories. His new body gave him some new powers, such as the ability to read codes and total super strength, allowing him to take on opponents that he would have originally fought with as the Chronicoms, as he was technically one himself.

one Daisy flower

Agents of SHIELD BOOM Daisy Johnson Quake

Agent Daisy Johnson is the strongest member of Coulson’s team and potentially the strongest character in the series overall. After being exposed to Terrigen’s mist while trapped in an ancient Kree underground city, her inhuman DNA was activated and her seismic powers. With his abilities, he is capable of controlling vibrational waves and emitting concussive blasts at opponents.

Although she was a skilled fighter without her powers, as she was trained by both Agent Ward and Agent May, her powers gave her a huge boost. She was able to launch Graviton into space and defend herself against Ghost Rider. The only character she couldn’t beat was Nathaniel Mallick because he had the same powers as her but more experience.

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