All Breath of the Wild minigame locations (and how to earn them)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it was a great outing for him Zelda franchise. Focusing on free exploration and a giant overworld instead of a series of dungeons, Breath of the wild it hit new ground and was a huge success as a result. Despite these changes, there were some basic series that became Breath of the wild like the Master Sword, the usual heroes and villains, a stable of classics The legend of Zelda fictional racing and, of course, minigames! These little challenges are a great way to reward the player’s exploration and in Breath of the wild earn the player some much needed additional resources.

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The legend of Zelda The series sees players take on the role of Link, the hero of Hyrule who must venture across the land to protect the world from evil, support Princess Zelda, and defeat the most recent incarnation of Ganon. The series is quite long now, with many massive hits, and some very underrated. Zelda multiplayer games. In Breath of the wild the first Zelda game on Nintendo Switch, Calamity Ganon has already won, trapping Princess Zelda and plunging Link into a 100-year dream. Newly awakened Link embarks on a great new adventure.

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As you wander through the beautiful landscapes and listen to the minimalist music in Breath of the wild, Players are encouraged to search for shrines and mini-games to acquire much needed resources such as rupees and equipment. Each completed minigame will reward Link in some way, although some are much more profitable than others. When it comes to making the most money, there are certain mini-games that can offer the best return on time spent and rupees. However, the rest are still worth completing, especially the ones that offer unique items.

Breath of the Wild Minigames – How to Find and Win Them

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch

Bird-Man Research Study: Set in the Ridgeland Tower, this minigame consists of flying as far as possible to impress Investigator Branli, who emits a serious Tingle, From Zelda Stranger NPC, vibes. Each attempt costs only Rs 20 and the potential payout is Rs 100, so there is some incentive to try. A solid strategy is to use Revali’s Gale to try to get as much distance as possible. An easy minigame, but time consuming. The time spent on each flight might not make it the most effective money-raising strategy.

Boom Bam Golf: In Tanagar Canyon, north of the Great Tabantha Bridge, a Goron named Modar organizes a miniature golf challenge. There are iron mallets to collect and use. Using Stasis on a giant golf ball before hitting it into oblivion with the Sledgehammer is generally the way to go, but as the ball gets closer to the hole, it’s definitely worth switching to a lighter weapon for a more delicate putt. . The cost of entry is Rs 20, with a great potential payout, although anything above four strokes will be just Rs 20. A fun minigame, but definitely not one of the best golf games to play in 2021.

Blue flame: A simple minigame involving moving blue fire, this little activity outside of East Akkala Stable requires a bit of preparation. First, Robbie’s Investigation must be completed, then Link must have a torch or blade to carry the flame, and finally Link needs a fast horse. When given the go-ahead, Link must run to the nearest blue flame lantern, light a hand torch, and get it going as fast as possible. Doing it in 20 seconds grants a gold rupee, but it’s not worth trying more than once. It is very difficult to do it within that time limit.

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Deer hunting: At the farm near Retsam forest near Hateno village, Link can run into a farmer named Danz who will pay for the dead deer. There really isn’t any gimmick to this one other than bringing a strong bow and some armor with good stealth capabilities. It is also a great place to practice Breath of the wild trick shots. This minigame is good if the player just wants to collect meat as the deer will drop a bit and Link is free to keep it all, but it is not the best money generator by any means.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Mountain of Death

Flight range test: Another distance minigame, this one also tests Link on his ability to fly long distances without touching the ground and is located northwest of the Sha Warvo Shrine in Dronoc’s Pass. The same strategies as in Bird-Man Research Study should work here. Just make sure to drop all the heavy food that Link weighs.

Foot race: The running track where this minigame begins is located in the Hyrule Ridge region, at the northern foot of Mount Rhoam. There, Link will meet a Hylian named Konba who will propose a foot race. The running race can be fooled quite easily with the whistle failure. Link’s stamina will recharge if he whistles for his horse while running. If the player wants to avoid that, it is best to run for each flag and avoid following the specific path established; just remember that using a horse disqualifies Link. Winning awards 50 rupees.

Gambling at Lurelin Village: The village of Lurelin is located in the Faron region along the beach. In a cabin, players can find Cloyne, who offers a gambling minigame in which players can bet their rupees. A maximum bet of Rs 100 has a chance of winning Rs 300. It’s a straight game so there’s not much in the way of strategy beyond just moving on and finding a better, safer game. At least Link is old enough to bet Breath of the wild.

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Ice delivery: At the Northern Ice House, located at the end of the ruins north of Gerudo Town, players can find a Gerudo named Anche who initially gives Link a side quest. Completing the side mission allows Link to make ice deliveries. After rescuing Pokki from the Misae Suma Shrine, Link can deliver Anche Ice to him for 50 rupees each. There’s nothing like that, it’s just a quick hike up to Noble Canteen.

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Mounted archery challenge: This challenging minigame takes place in the archery camp set up in Faron Grasslands. While searching the region for Korok Seeds, players will find Jini running a horse archery course where Link can compete for a shiny new bridle and saddle. Link must hit 20 targets while shooting on horseback in less than 1 minute. The best advice is to bring a new bow and a fully bonded horse. If the horse likes Link enough, it will stay on track, allowing the player to focus on archery.

Mounted obstacle course: Located in the Highland Stable southeast of Lake Hylia, this minigame requires Link to bring back a well-bonded horse. Talking to Blynne will start the minigame for the cost of Rs 70. It is a narrow path that may take several tries to get right. If you do it in 1 minute and 30 seconds, Link will receive the extravagant bridle. If you do it in less than 1 minute 15, you will link an extravagant chair.

Paragliding course: On the Eventide island in the ocean, after completing the island mission, Link can find a Rite called Mimo that will start a paragliding minigame. This requires Link to fly through multiple rings, with 40 being the key number to earn a silver rupee. It is best to try this minigame only after obtaining a full resistance wheel. It is better to learn to do this course well, as the paraglider returns in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity too!

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Sand-Seal races: Set in the Sand-Seal Rally area in the Gerudo Desert region, this minigame requires Link to do a shield race with the adorable Sand-Seals. There really isn’t any gimmick beyond focusing attention on the stamp itself and not on Link, who’s only on the road. Winning will earn Link 300 rupees, a hefty amount.

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Surf Shield: At Selmie’s Spot, in the Hebra region southeast of the Shada Naw Shrine, Link can participate in a mini-game of surfing with shields. There are three courses, each with different rewards, so all three are worth trying. The beginner course is easy, but completing the advanced course in less than 1 minute 30 will result in Link to Knight’s Shield. If you do it even faster, you will get a real shield. Link can overcome the challenge by using the paraglider to cross the body of water on the way to the bottom. This is a valuable skill to learn, with impressive shield runs through Breath of the wild inspirational forums.

Snowball bowling: Snowball Bowling takes place at Pondo’s Lodge in the Hebra region, northeast of the Hebra Tower. This is the best minigame to earn money in Breath of the Wild. Pondo, who could be a distant relative of From Zelda Forgotten hideous NPC, offers Link a chance at Snowling with a 300 rupee Link strike net. The trick is to stand directly behind Pondo, align the camera so that Pondo’s legs are visible between Link’s legs, and throw over Pondo’s head. It may take a few tries of practice to get the space right, but doing so will be an incredible source of incoming rupees.

Super Gut Check Challenge: Located at Gut Check Rock in the northeast area of ​​the Eldin region, this challenge requires Link to have good stamina or climbing gear. The challenge is for Link to climb the rock face and collect rupees as he goes. If Link has a lot of stamina, it shouldn’t be too difficult. There is a grand total of Rs 300 to win in this challenge so it is definitely worth doing.

There are plenty of mini-games to keep players busy. Breath of the Wild. Fortunately, this list will ensure that no matter which minigame is attempted, the best strategies are at the player’s fingertips. All that’s left is for Link to gather enough rupees, weapons, and armor to face the calamity. The legend of Zelda It is not Zelda without stopping Ganon from taking over Hyrule, after all.

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