Disney remake of Aladdin It is arguably the strongest of all the live-action movies Disney has remade in recent years. The movie was well aired and had a lot of energy, just like the original. Of course, some of the songs from the original animated film are among Disney’s best, so the remake’s soundtrack will always be a crucial element in its success or failure.

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Fortunately, Disney got him out of the park with these songs. Bringing back the classics but with a new twist, while injecting new music into the film was a fantastic idea, and created a brilliant set of songs that were clearly exclusive to this version. But which ones were the best?

9 “One leap forward (repeat)”

One Jump Ahead Reprise - Aladdin

This is just a small song from the movie and is a continuation of the most frenetic and exciting original version. However, the replay brings a bit more excitement than the first version, seen when Aladdin is busy running away from the guards while trying not to get arrested.

This segment is well done and does a fantastic job of making it clear that there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this character, showing the heart within him and making him an important part of the movie.

8 “A leap forward (repeat 2)”

A leap forward, part 2

That’s right, this song returns for the second time in the movie, and this time it’s filled with more emotion and thought, which makes it even more enjoyable. This is the moment when Aladdin begins to question whether or not he should tell Princess Jasmine the truth about his identity and thus it is a difficult time for him.

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However, that’s what makes it so much stronger than the first rep. The character has developed more at this point and has a lot more personality and heart, so people are more involved and able to connect with him.

7 “Speechless (part one)”

Aladdin without words

In the original movie, Princess Jasmine doesn’t have her own solo song, and that’s something the live action addresses. In this movie, they give her her own song, which is divided into two parts, and it really adds a lot to her character.

Princess Jasmine has a much bigger role in this movie regardless of the song, but this just brings a little more excitement to her character, making her that much more relatable. It really increases the difficulty and struggle you face, opening up your story much more.

6 “Arabian nights”

Arabian nights

This song is the one that kicks off the movie and welcomes the audience to Agrabah and is actually better than the original version. Disney raised this song up a notch here and really gave it a lot more focus, with great instrumental moments as the song really increased in energy to create the excitement.

He gave a great overview of the situation, also adding the Cave of Wonders. Will Smith delivers a great performance on this song, which really shows his singing ability, rather than just his rapping, which is used at later points in the movie.

5 “A leap forward”

One Leap Forward - Aladdin

This is one of the best Disney songs and it’s one that is also perfectly suited to Aladdin, so it was important that the remake got it right. And it certainly did. The instrumental sections of this song really added something to the movie and were much more suited to the chase scene than the original.

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In terms of singing, it doesn’t have the same energy as the original, but it’s not far. But the way it is filmed and the rhythm that is put between the voices, extending the song a bit, it suits the scene much more. It gives the real fear to panic about what is about to happen and whether or not Aladdin will avoid the guards, which is great.

4 “Friend like me”

Friend like me

This song was sung with so much charisma by Robin Williams in the original that there was some nerves among fans about how Will Smith would deal with this. However, it’s fair to say that he left him out of the park, putting together an amazing song that was perfectly for him.

This song is so upbeat that it’s impossible not to dance to it as it brings so much energy. The music is epic and Will Smith brings a lot of fun to the performance, and adding a bit of his rap talent is something that really makes this song his own, rather than just a copy.

3 “A whole new world”

A whole new world

Of course, when it comes to Aladdin, this is the song that everyone usually thinks of first. It’s the huge number in the movie between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, and for the most part, the live action didn’t change much with this one.

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There were some adjustments with the instrumentals, which weren’t as good as the original, and this version didn’t seem to have as much emotion. But the song is still beautiful and was performed superbly here, making it just as epic as the original.

2 “Speechless (part 2)”


While the original movie is about “A Whole New World,” the remake really benefits from having Princess Jasmine’s own epic number. While the first part is good, it is the second part of their song, “Speechless,” that really sparks the emotion and creates an epic number that is simply unforgettable.

The song is full of heart and passion, but it is also very catchy and a truly empowering moment for Princess Jasmine, as a character. This is where he stands up and shows his true feelings, taking control of the situation, which makes this version of the character even stronger than the animated version.

one “Prince Ali”

Prince ali

Disney did a fantastic job with the great number of “Prince Ali” in this live action remake. This song is another one that has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and somehow Disney managed to make it feel even bigger and more important here.

The actual scene is brilliantly shot, with lots of things that make Prince Ali seem like the most exciting person possible. But it’s Will Smith as The Genie who carries the song, with great vocal performance while also acting as the MC, as he brings so many other people to the song to make it truly epic.

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