Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s golden tools aren’t worth it

Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires a toolkit for players to explore their island, but the golden toolkit may not be worth it.

Building tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons help players explore their island homes. The tools can be used to catch insects or fish, jump over streams, or cut trees for wood. When a player starts in his Animal crossing game, they will only have access to “Flimsy” grade tools. Better quality tools are available as they reach milestones, such as upgrading Nook’s Cranny from a tent to a suitable tent. Players can unlock colorful tools, themed tools, and even golden tools. However the New Horizons’ The Gold Toolkit may not be worth the resources to create.

To get Animal Crossing’s golden tools, players will have to spend a lot of time working to unlock certain requirements. The golden fishing rod is unlocked when a player catches all types of fish available, and the golden shovel is unlocked when the player helps Gulliver 30 times. Because they are so difficult to unlock, players may think that the tools are worth a lot more than the “Pretty Good” set that they have probably been relying on for most of the game. However, this is not the case.

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The Golden Toolkit has many hiccups that make it difficult for players to use. Not only does each tool take time to unlock, but they are expensive to manufacture. Each DIY recipe requires a gold nugget and a “Pretty Good” level tool. For example, if a player wants a gold spade, they will need a spade and a gold nugget to craft it. Gold nuggets are a scarce resource in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with each piece worth 10,000 bells. They are also a resource for crafting some of the weirdest DIY recipes. Players can spend a lot of time hitting rocks with their shovel or ax, and they can only come across a few gold nuggets for their efforts.

Animal Crossing’s Gold Toolkit is not worth the price

animal crossing tool reel

Despite the difficulties and expense that make gold tools appear to be the highest quality set, Animal crossing players will quickly discover that they are not worth the effort to create. The tools are not unbreakable, even though they require a rare item like a gold nugget to craft. In fact, the durability of gold tools is only 3 times greater than “Pretty Good” tools, with the difference that these tools have a durability of 30 and gold tools have a durability of 90, according to the Animal crossing fan wiki. Because the “Pretty Good” tool set only costs a flimsy tool and a piece of common iron ore to craft, they are much more cost effective and don’t waste precious crafting materials like gold nuggets.

Instead of creating brittle tools that won’t last much longer than other easy-to-get tools in the game, Animal crossing Players may want to save their gold nuggets for DIY Celeste Zodiac Fragments recipes, or even save them to sell for a solid profit. While having the gold toolset shows that the player has met the requirements to get the DIY recipes, in the end, they are actually just trophy items. This could do Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans think twice about browning their perfectly good tools.

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