Arrowverse Star’s father tried to cure him of being gay

Russell Tovey of the CW Arrowverse recalled how his father initially suggested hormone treatment in response to Tovey coming out as gay.

Russell Tovey, who has appeared in multiple Arrowverse crossovers including Supergirl, Arrow, The flash Y Legends of tomorrow, has opened up about the years it took for his father to accept his sexuality and had originally wanted to “cure” him.

Tovey and his mother, Carole, spoke to the Sunday Times and discussed the years after Tovey told his parents at the age of 18, prompting his father, George, to suggest they “treat him hormonal “. Tovey believes her parents’ reaction to the news was due in large part to fear that her life would become more difficult. Said, “My dad [George] I thought it could be cured. I was afraid of what my life would be like. For him, being gay was a rocky and unhappy path; Out of love he wanted to correct this weakness, put cottons on me and protect me from all that. “

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Carole echoed her son’s account and recalled: “George had a hard time. It took him about three years to come to terms with it. I think it had to do with pride, his idea of ​​what makes you a man. Somehow we had done it. gay to Russell “. She added: “It was hard for him to see that Russ was happy and we had to accept it.” Tovey said he doesn’t harbor any hard feelings about the period. “People react in different ways, there is no rhyme or reason, but if you love someone you have to respect the process.”

Tovey concluded that despite the difficult process, today he has a strong relationship with his parents. He said, “[Mom] She is still the most important person in my life and I talk to her about everything. “The British actor believes that his parents also have a model relationship with each other, which he hopes to emulate with his fiance, Steve Brockman. I want what my parents have”, Tovey said, “After 42 years they are still best friends and laugh all the time. That kind of love doesn’t come every day.”

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Tovey joined the CW superhero fray in 2017, voicing Ray Terrill in the animated web series. Freedom Fighters: The Ray on CW Seed. , a reporter who is exposed to a genetic light bomb and gains light-based powers by becoming the superhero character, The Ray. He later continued with a live performance of Terrill throughout the Arrowverse.

Tovey is also widely known for his work on Human being, the supernatural British television series that followed the friendship between a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf living as roommates, trying to navigate their complicated relationship with humanity.

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