Attack on Titan: 10 Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time

The names Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman are likely to become two of the most memorable names in all of anime. These two characters have led fans of Attack on Titan through some of the most entertaining and exhausting anime content ever put on screen.

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Fans of Attack on Titan Know that these two main characters have never been able to overcome the threat of the Titans on their own. Interesting and powerful supporting characters have offered help to Eren and Mikasa since they joined the 104th Cadet Corps. In fact, Attack on Titan It has as many interesting secondary and tertiary characters as it does captivating main characters. The following list takes note of the 10 characters who deserve the most screen time, regardless of their status as main, minor, or even tertiary characters.

10 Annie Leonhart’s screen time was mostly concentrated on the first season

Annie Leonhart, attack on titan

The warrior candidate who inherited the Female Titan received a decent amount of screen time in the first season of Attack on TitanBut few would complain if he was given a little more time in the limelight this past season.

In fact, the most recent episode of Attack on Titan saw Armin talking to Annie through the hardened shell she created to protect herself when Eren defeated her in season one. Will Annie be given a chance to redeem herself in the last season, or was it the last of the Female Titan?

9 Hitch Dreyse had an interesting perspective worth exploring further.

Hitch _ Military Police _ Attack on Titan

Hitch is little more than a minor character in terms of the major Attack on Titan it’s about the plot. Her relationship with Marlo and Annie is perhaps the only thing viewers will remember of her when the show ends.

Still, there is something about Hitch Dreyse that draws fans of the series. Maybe it’s the casual way he embraces his fear of the outside world. In a show that promotes the idea of ​​risking your life to fight and learn from the outside world, it is refreshing to see a character who is content to stay where he is.

8 Lara Tyber was shown only once using the power of the War Hammer Titan

There’s a good reason Lara Tyber wasn’t given much screen time before transforming into the War Hammer Titan in the final season of Attack on Titan. The Tyber family has kept the War Hammer Titan safe within their walls for generations due to its ability to protect the identity of its bearer from the outside world.

Still, it’s hard to sympathize with Lara and Willy Tyber considering how little of their relationship was shown. Also, it will likely take Eren some time before he can master the War Hammer Titan’s abilities, which makes it a shame that viewers have only seen Lara Tyber wield power once.

7 Ymir Fritz has only been mentioned so far in the anime

The original Eldian who received power from the Titans has only been mentioned in the Attack on Titan anime, but you haven’t seen any actual screen time yet. Just like it was a pleasure to see Avatar Wan inherit the Avatar’s powers in The legend of Korra, fans of Attack on Titan He would surely appreciate the opportunity to see the Founding Titan on screen.

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The stories tell of a woman who made contact with the source of all living matter and controlled the nine abilities of the Titan. Upon his death, his soul was divided among nine successors who built the original Eldian Empire.

6 Dina Fritz is primarily associated with being the smiling titan who devoured Eren’s mother

The smiling titan is etched in the minds of Attack on Titan fans. The inciting incident that pushed Eren down the path he is currently walking began with the Smiling Titan walking through the hole in Wall Maria and devouring Carla Yeager.

As the series progressed, it was revealed that the Smiling Titan was none other than Dina Fritz, a royal blood Eldian hailing from the Marleyan Empire. It’s a shame the smiling titan is the main image fans think of when they hear the name Dina Fritz. Perhaps a little more screen time could offer Dina another chance to win over fans.

5 Mikasa Ackerman could always use more incredible fight scenes

Mikasa Ackerman Beach

Readers may wonder how one of the three main protagonists of Attack on Titan She may need more screen time, but the way Mikasa is adored by fans is proof of the fact that more screen time would be appreciated.

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Mikasa has quite a few epic moments throughout Attack on Titan, but considering the incredible fight scenes Levi has been a part of, it seems like fans have yet to see the peak of Mikasa Ackerman. If Mikasa gets more screen time, fans get more action sequences from Ackerman. It is an easy argument to make.

4 Pieck Finger has yet to show the effects of being inside the Cart Titan

Pieck will surely get more screen time as the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan progresses, but it’s a shame viewers didn’t get a chance to see it a bit more before this point.

The third season of Attack on Titan He presented the Cart Titan as a mobile and intelligent explorer, but failed to introduce Pieck at all. Considering the way Pieck acts, it appears that he can remain in Titan form for much longer periods of time than each of the other Titans. It would be interesting to see how this time inside the Cart Titan has really affected Pieck both mentally and physically, but until he has more screen time, viewers will just have to keep speculating.

3 Marco Bodt could have had a more emotional death if he had had more screen time

When Marco is killed by a Titan during The Fight for Trost arc, Jean’s character gives viewers a chance to feel the weight of his loss. Still, up to this point, Marco was little more than a tertiary character, functioning as a friend to supporting characters like Reiner and Bertholdt.

If the creators of Attack on Titan They really wanted fans to feel the weight of Marco’s loss, they should have given the character more screen time before The Struggle For Trost Arc. The most recent season has given fans a chance to revisit Marco’s character, but here it is used to develop Reiner’s character, rather than his own.

2 Karl Fritz is only spoken in the legend

Attack on Titan _ Wall Titan

The king behind the wall is only mentioned in legend, but fans would surely love to see on screen the man who built the walls behind which Eren and his friends live. The episode “Declaration of war” from the last season of Attack on Titan made the legend of King Fritz common knowledge, but only mocked fans with his power.

The ability to create enough Colossal Titans to build the walls that protect the people of Paradis is an ability that has yet to be shown today. In fact, it is more than likely that Karl Fritz had a number of abilities that fans have yet to see.

one Eren Kruger is part of a plot hole that can be fixed with a screen time

Fans should assume that Eren’s name comes from Eren Kruger, but the man who passed the Attack Titan to Grisha Yeager remains a mystery. After infiltrating the Marley Public Safety force, Eren Kruger worked with the Eldian restorationists as an informant before giving his life so that Grisha Yeager could live.

Fans are left completely in the dark when considering how Eren Kruger managed to inherit the power of the Attack Titan without the Marleyan Government finding out that he was Eldian. Unless this character is given a bit more screen time, the Attack Titan’s descent line will always be tainted by a hole in the plot that can’t be explained very easily.

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