Attack On Titan: 5 HxH Characters Who Can Defeat A Titan (And 5 Who Can’t)

Hunter x hunterLike other action anime, it contains many characters that have different abilities and strengths that help fans to differentiate them. Although most humans fight with the same equipment, Attack the titans Titan monsters and human characters often differ in ability, personality, or appearance.

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While Attack the titans Titans can be big, tall and vicious, they have their weaknesses and disadvantages, which the human characters in the anime use to defeat them. Therefore, highlighting five Hunter X Hunter It is worth discussing the characters who can and cannot defeat a Titan.

10 That can: Meruem because he is fast, strong and very intelligent

Meruem holding the earth

Many have noted numerous times where Meruem was the best villain in Hunter X Hunter due to his special motives and powers, and the same can be argued regarding him defeating a Titan. Although Meruem is not as big as a Titan, his intelligence and fighting experience can triumph over the clumsy but brutal strength of a Titan.

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For example, Meruem’s strength, speed, and agility matched one of the strongest nen users in anime, Isacc Netero. Not only that, but Meruem’s abilities receive a power boost after she absorbs two of her Kingsguard’s strongholds, allowing her to fly and travel people in an instant.

9 That can’t: Tonpa because his manipulative tactics won’t work on the Titans

Tonpa with an evil smile

Regardless of her reputation for crushing newbies during hunter exams, Tonpa may be one of the weakest Shonen Jump anime characters and a human who would become Titan’s food. In Hunter X HunterTonpa does not show any signs of supernatural powers or nen control, as her main feat is manipulating people.

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Although Tonpa has a way of speaking, it won’t help him defeat a mindless Titan who would love nothing more than making him his next meal. Despite Tonpa’s ability to survive many hunter exams, she does not appear to possess the powers to help him defeat a Titan.

8 That can: Isacc Netero due to his experience in the fight

Netero doesn't seem impressed

Although Netero may not be young or classified as one of the most powerful elders in anime, he is not the type to let a Titan defeat him. Netero trained effortlessly and managed to throw punches faster than sound, and had strategies that would even catch the Chimera Ant King Meruem off guard.

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Netero’s nen abilities can also provide him with more than enough power to defeat a Titan, considering his 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva is one of his best moves. With the 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva, Netero summons a Buddha-like figure with large golden hands to strike his opponents a thousand times in less than a minute.

7 That can’t: Zushi because he will need to train more to have a chance

Zushi seems determined

A young man who is not as strong as Hunter x Hunter The main protagonist Gon Freecss and will have trouble defeating a Titan is Wing’s student, Zushi. Although Zushi was able to hold his own against Killua during the Heaven’s Arena arc and is known for fighting enemies greater than himself, he lacks experience.

Also, during his fight with Killua, Zushi was forced to fall to the ground a couple of times, and Killua gave him time to get back up. However, if placed in front of a hungry Titan, they will show no mercy and will keep attacking Zushi until he dies.

6 That can: Feitan because he can defeat enemies at insane speeds and has a devastating signature move

Feitans looking at someone

One of the strongest members of the Phantom Troupe known for being a deadly fighter with a sword is Feitan. Feitan’s power is so great that the Phantom Troupe leader Chrollo Lucifer places him in charge after a confrontation with Kurapika led to Chrollo losing his nen.

Feitan is no stranger to combat and can reach intense speeds as he slashes through enemies with his trusty sword. One of Feitan’s signature moves called Rising Sun can also seal a Titan’s fate, as the more damage Feitan takes in a fight, the more deadly his signature move becomes.

5 That can’t: Komugi because he has no fighting skills

Komugi is looking at something

A female character that appears in one of the best Hunter X Hunter episodes, according to IMDb, is the Gungi girl, Komugi. Although Komugi is a great board game player, that won’t help her if she ever encounters a Titan.

What makes this situation a bigger problem for Komugi is that she is blind, making it difficult for her to see where she is going. On that note, Komugi even put a burden on Gungi, which is that if he ever lost a match, he would lose his life as well. If Meruem is not by her side, there is no hope of saving her from a Titan.

4 That can: Kite’s Nen skills should give you an edge

Kite is talking to someone

Arguably a character above Gon’s level who knows how to handle a sword is former student Kite of Ging Freecss. Although Kite met his disappearance on Neferpitou during the Chimera Ant Arc, his nen abilities and sword skill should allow him to defeat a Titan.

Regarding Kite’s swordsmanship, he can move so fast that he conjures up images of himself as a maneuver to fool his opponents. Kite’s Crazy Slots move also allowed him to rise from the dead as Meruem’s equal and helps Kite summon weapons stronger than his usual sword.

3 That cannot: Melody because her ability is not threatening and can be counterproductive for her

Melody is listening to something

Melody is a hunter whose nen ability can improve her hearing ability, yet backfire and cause harm. While her nen power allows her to master her instrument and make her enemies feel oblivious to her surroundings, it won’t be enough to take down a Titan.

The Titans are strong, and without some attack maneuvers, Melody will be defenseless and unable to finish off the Titan before he kills her. In particular, Melody can also suffer from noises that are too powerful for her to handle. This double-edged sword nen ability has too many complications that will lead to Melody’s demise.

2 That can: Zeno Zoldyck because he is an expert assassin and fighter

Zeno Zoldyck sitting

Another elderly character who has immense combat knowledge and dangerous skills at his disposal is Killua’s grandfather, Zeno Zoldyck. Not only does Zeno share the same abilities as his grandson, he is also known to be the head of a family of murderers. His immense strength, stamina, agility and intelligence is not all he will bring to the table.

Zeno’s nen abilities consist of shooting aura from his hands and summoning a dragon meant to deal damage and help him fly. The deadliest of all is him when he breaks the dragon into little ones, which has rained down from the sky to strike down opponents who are powerful enough to infiltrate concrete.

one That can’t: hover because it’s only good for spying and reporting

Flutter looking

Although chimera ants were a formidable threat to Gon and his friends, many stood out from the rest in their strength. One of these weaker ants is the Flutter dragonfly. Flutter’s purpose was to observe and report, making him an easy target for the Titans.

Despite having the senses and speed of a dragonfly, Knov easily defeated Flutter, proving that spying isn’t that great when it comes to fighting. Like Knov, if a Titan caught Flutter with one of its hands, it would crush him like any other insect.

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