Avatar: 10 ways Bolin is Korra’s Sokka

Avatar, the last airbender Y Legend of Korra are shows that have given their fans a treasure trove of lovable and fun characters. In fact, several Skip Y LoK Fans went so far as to say that Bolin was basically Korra’s Sokka. Well, there is no denying that the two share many similarities with each other.

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To begin with, they were both an integral part of their respective Team Avatars, who showed great growth throughout the fair. However, when it comes to more similarities, they weren’t just limited to their respective characteristics. Many of the experiences and events that happened to them were also suspiciously similar, and 10 of those similarities are listed below.

10 Both were popular with the ladies

1 bolin of korra

Sokka was without a doubt one of the most attractive people in Avatar. It attracted the attention of quite a few girls. Aside from his girlfriends Princess Yue and Suki, even Ty Lee found him cute. Even Toph was in love with him at some point.

Bolin was also a highly desired character. He went on a date with Korra, was kissed by his co-star Ginger, and dated Eska and Opal. He also received a lot of attention from fans after becoming a moving star.

9 They both wore a mustache as a disguise

2 bolin with mustache

Bolin and Sokka dressed up multiple times at their respective shows, but their most preferred costume always seemed to include mustaches. Sokka’s “Wang Fire” personality was a hit with fans, where he wore a large mustache and beard to pose as Aang’s father.

Similarly, when Bolin needed to raise money for his tournament, he trained Pabu to do some tricks to show off on the streets and pretended to be an artist. He disguised himself by donning a fake mustache to keep his identity hidden.

8 Both of her first loves never came to fruition

3 Bolin crying pakku

Sokka’s first love was Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe, but his was a very short-lived love story. When Admiral Zhao killed the lunar spirit, Yue sacrificed her life for the good of the world and its people, breaking Sokka’s heart into pieces.

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Bolin was in love with Korra for a long time, and it was something he had also confessed to his brother. Korra agreed to go on a date with him to make Mako jealous when he rejected her. Not long after their date, Bolin found her kissing her brother. He felt betrayed not only by her but also by her brother, who knew how he felt about her.

7 His first girlfriends were the daughters of the chiefs of the northern water tribe

4 bolin and the daughter of the chief of the eska water tribe

Many fans may not have realized this fact, but Bolin and Sokka’s first girlfriends were Princesses of the Northern Water Tribe. Sokka’s first love and girlfriend was Princess Yue, daughter of Arnook, who was the then Chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

Although Bolin dated Korra, he never had a relationship with her. His first girlfriend was actually Eska, Unalaq’s daughter, who also happened to be the Chief of the Tribe at the time.

6 His second girlfriends weren’t Earth Kingdom Benders

5 kingdom of the land of bolin and opal

Sokka’s second girlfriend was Suki, a Kyoshi warrior from Kyoshi Island in the Earth Kingdom. Bolin’s second girlfriend was Opal, the daughter of Suyin Beifong, who was the leader of the Zaofu city-state of the Earth Kingdom.

Another interesting thing to note here is that both girls were born unbent. Opal became an airbender after the Harmonic Convergence, but it should be noted that she was not a teacher when she was born.

5 They were both unsure of their abilities

Even though Sokka was not a master and Bolin was an earthbender, they were both similar in the way that they were not confident in their abilities. Sokka felt less than his teacher friends and felt that he was not contributing enough in fights.

Similarly, Bolin had no faith in himself when it came to his abilities. This became especially evident the moment Suyin offered to teach him Metalbending and he was hesitant to learn. Others believed more in his bending abilities than he did.

4 They both had a difficult childhood

7 sad bolin

Sokka lost his mother and his father went to war when he was just a child. He was the only “man” left in his tribe and his father ordered him to protect everyone else. He took that responsibility very seriously and ended up teaching everything himself.

Similarly, Bolin and Mako were orphaned at a very young age. They had to resort to many questionable things just to survive, like joining a gang of criminals. They had no home to live in, so they stayed a long time in a gym. Both Sokka and Bolin had to grow beyond their years and take on responsibilities when they were just children.

3 Both of his mothers were killed by firebenders

8 bolin and mako

Bolin and Sokka lost their parents in their childhood and, coincidentally, their mothers were killed by a firebender. Bolin’s mother and father were killed in a robbery when he was just a child. Sokka lost his mother when he was about nine years old.

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While Sokka’s father was alive, he was not present during his son’s childhood when he went to fight in the war. They didn’t meet until Sokka was a teenager. So, basically speaking, neither of the two children had the presence of their parents in their childhood.

2 They were both cared for by their brother

9 bolin and mako

After being orphaned at a young age, Mako stepped up and took over for Bolin. It was just the two of them against the world, and Mako did everything in his power to keep his brother safe.

Likewise, even though Sokka was the older brother, it was Katara who took on much of the responsibility in their home after their mother passed away. He confessed to Toph how much he had done for him and that every time he tried to remember his mother, all he could see was his sister’s face.

one They were both characters from Comic Relief

Both Bolin and Sokka were the funny guys on their respective Avatar teams. While Sokka’s humor was more sarcastic and witty, Bolin’s humor was more full of silly and lovable antics.

Either way, they brought in some much-needed laughs for fans and Team Avatar alike. They could change any serious situation and improve your mood. Often, they were the ones who kept their team’s spirits high and kept them going when things got dark.

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