Black Clover reveals the dark and devil-warped history of the Spade Kingdom

Black Clover Chapter 281 reveals that the legacy of hatred within the Spade Kingdom is connected to the birth of two ancient demons.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black clover Chapter # 281, “Assault on the Kingdom,” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel and Annaliese “Ace” Christman, now available in English from Viz Media.

the Black clover The latest reveal of the manga is significant in terms of the devil’s story. Not only have the Spade Kingdom’s dark connections to devil magic developed, but also the inclinations toward hatred and fear among the current rulers of the Kingdom.

Chapter 281 reveals that the legacy of hatred within the Spade Kingdom is connected to the birth of two ancient demons. These demons were once human wizards of royal lineages who possessed powerful magic. At one point, they were friends, but jealousy led them to hate each other and turn into demons.

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The Dark Triad making pacts with demons to become diabolical hosts is no mere coincidence; this would not be the first instance of contact with entities from another dimension. Each of the members of the Dark Triad is also descended from the royal Zogratis lineage, and they are responsible for taking over the Spade Kingdom after defeating the ancient rulers, Grinberryall.

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Zenon now claims that the Grinberryall were protecting the ancient demons, but from whom? Since the ancient demons were the manifestation of real old wizards, their bodies must contain invisible magic for many years. As the earliest known examples of wizards turning into demons, their bodies likely hold secrets about the nature of diabolical hosts, which explains why the Kingdom of Swords is so inclined towards dark magic.

Demons get their power from the hatred of humanity. In order for them to create a union with a human, they must make a pact through a ritual. However, the process of becoming a demon has yet to be revealed in Black cover. As such, finding out that two of the strongest ancient demons used to be human is a big deal because it means that their hatred for each other must have exceeded human capabilities. It is still unclear if the ancient Spade wizards were hosts of demons at the time, but contracts with demons clearly come at a price.

The Kingdom of Swords may believe that they can control demons with their vast knowledge of diabolical magic, but they are clearly being used as part of the demons’ own resurrection plans. Lucifer’s plan to bring demons into the human world has been a long process, and these first two ancient demons could have been Lucifer’s experiment to test the limits of hatred and jealousy. Although demons are unable to manifest in the human world as Liebe, they can utilize the power-hungry underlings of the Spade Kingdom to make their dreams come true.

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The demons take advantage of human emotion and turn it into a source of power, and it was the manipulation of the demons that led the two royal friends to become so jealous of each other that they eventually turned into demons. It seems likely that one of these friends was from the Grinberryall family and the other from the Zogratis family of the Dark Triad. Their intense hatred has been passed down for generations among the royal houses, and now, the Zogratis have taken full advantage of this situation.

Clearly, history repeats itself and the cycle of hatred is only feeding the demons with more power in Black clover. The Spade Kingdom is certainly not the only kingdom with dark secrets. The two ancient demons are shown in Chapter 281 with tears of blood; even as evil beings, they still feel pain and regret. Since they used to be human, it is quite possible that there is a method that can reverse their transformation, and the key to that transformation may lie in Asta and Liebe’s anti-magic abilities.

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