Bling Empire: Christine Chiu’s most expensive and rarest jewelry pieces

Christine Chiu is a fashionista with untold high jewelery treasures. She is known for wearing a certain necklace in a signature power move.

The new Netflix series Bling Empire it has the word bling in the title for a very good reason. The cast of this Crazy Rich AsiansThe inspired show has some of the most luxurious gemstone designs in the world. Christine Chiu is one of the cast members who owns exceptional pieces of fine jewelry. This reality star is particularly fond of necklaces and other expensive Louis Vuitton ornaments.

Christine Chiu is painted as a villain on the show, but that may not be true. She has a compelling background. Her husband Gabriel Chiu is a member of the 24th generation (of direct descent) of the Song dynasty. Christine has explained that if dynasties still existed in China, Gabriel’s father would be an emperor, Gabriel would be next in line, and little Baby G would be a prince. Since the dynasties no longer exist, Christine lives a different lifestyle. She and her husband own and operate Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, where Gabriel is a plastic surgeon. Chiu is also a producer, philanthropist and collector of haute couture. Typically, Christine attends at least 30 fashion shows a year and buys at least one item at each show. Items from elite fashion shows can cost more than $ 100,000. In addition to her impressive wardrobe, Christine has a collection of expensive and rare jewelry.

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While getting ready for her Chinese New Year party on Rodeo Drive, Baby G’s adorable mom Christine pulled out her best Chanel jewelry. A single piece of Chanel jewelry can cost between $ 40,000 and $ 3.7 million. “You’re going all over Chanel tonight, huh?”Gabriel says after seeing the fabulous jewels placed. Specifically, she planned to wear a patterned bracelet, two layered necklaces, earrings, and a ring. Christine argued that the event was sponsored by Piaget, a luxury watch and jewelery brand, which is why she presented her best Chanel. “I thought it was too much,Gabriel declares again, to which Christine responds comically, “No, I think more is more when it comes to jewelry.

Christine and Gabriel Chiu at a dinner

Later, Christine wears her Louis Vuitton pink sapphire and diamond necklace. It is definitely high jewelry! Similar to Chanel, LV jewelry can cost anywhere from $ 50,000 to several million dollars. Christine’s biggest rival in Los Angeles is Bling Empire co-star, Anna Shay, who owns the exact same necklace. The drama came when Christine wore the butterfly and flower print necklace to so-called friend Anna’s dinner.

Christine definitely has some impressive diamonds, which are set in the most precious metals. However, his decision to use fine gems as a power move might not have been the right one. We look forward to seeing more luxurious jewelry from the Bling Empire issue someday!

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Bling Empire now airing on Netflix.

Source: Prestige Pin, Business Insider

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