Blumhouse’s Firestarter movie remake features Michael Greyeyes as Rainbird

Blumhouse’s remake of Stephen King’s classic horror novel Firestarter has confirmed its latest casting choice, starring Michael Greyeyes as Rainbird.

Blumhouse’s upcoming remake of Fire starter has cast actor Michael Greyeyes for the role of John Rainbird. The first film adaptation of Stephen King’s hit 1980 novel about a young woman with powerful pyrokinetic abilities came in 1984, with acclaimed actor George C. Scott playing Rainbird. The film also starred Drew Barrymore as Charlie McGee, the so-called fire starter.

First announced in 2017, Fire starter it has come a long way to completion. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic can be blamed for a significant amount of this delay, but casting has been a slow process, with Zach Efron being one of the few stars confirmed for production. However, despite its relatively smooth progress, the film is still alive and well, although the exact release date is unknown. The plot revolves around a government plot to kidnap a young woman whose pyrokinetic abilities are of great interest. The plan is to study your skills and learn to use them for your own means. This triggers a desperate effort on Charlie and his father, Andy (Efron), to find freedom at all costs.

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After months of no news about Firestarter’s progress, a new press release from Blumhouse has revealed that the latest casting decision on the project has been made. Actor Michael Greyeyes has been cast as John Rainbird, one of Firestarter’s key antagonists. Rainbird works for the obscure government agency The Shop and is in charge of chasing Charlie and his father as they move from place to place in an attempt to escape. Greyeyes has worked in various productions throughout his long career and has recently been seen on the HBO series. I know this is true.

Stephen King Firestarter

Although Fire starter It doesn’t seem close to starting filming yet, Greyeyes’ naming as Rainbird should be seen as an important one. As mentioned above, the role was taken over by George C Scott in the original film. While Scott was a formidable actor, his choice as a Cherokee man was a misstep for the production. Blumhouse has tried to rectify this in the remake by making sure diversity and cultural accuracy are respected. Though not Cherokee, Greyeyes is First Nation, specifically Plains Cree, and hails from Muskeg Lake First Nation in Canada. The 53-year-old star has a wealth of experience in academia, theater, television and film and is sure to be an asset to the anticipated remake.

For those who have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Fire starter, casting news is always welcome. And while there may still be a long way to go until the movie arrives, it’s great to know that things are moving forward and that the cast is looking better with every update that comes. With Blumouse taking the time to find an actor who can do Rainbird’s character justice, there are arguably more reasons than ever to believe that this time, this second big screen adaptation of Fire starter in fact, he might be the one to get it right.

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