BOTW 2 can fix Link animation problems

Breath of the Wild 2 needs to give Link more idle animations when he’s standing still, making the Zelda protagonist feel more like a person than a robot.

Even after 100 years in the Dream of Restoration, Breath of the wild Link is a bit stiff. Other Nintendo titles, such as Super mario odyssey, they give their characters expressive idle animations that let the player know it’s time to get moving, but Link seems content to just sit still for hours on end. BOTW It has some subtle animations that make Link feel a bit more human than a robot, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see ancient machinery beneath Link’s youthful exterior. BOTW 2‘s Link has a chance to fix things.

During E3 2019, BOTW 2 it was announced through a movie trailer. Link and Zelda were shown exploring the depths of Hyrule Castle and stumbling upon a mysterious ancient corpse. The corpse awakens, Hyrule Castle begins to rise, and in the meantime, Link probably has a blank expression on his face.

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With the amount of life that flows BOTW ‘s from Kingdom of Hyrule, it’s puzzling that part of it can’t be helped to make Link a little more energetic. After all, he’s the 17-year-old hero of Hyrule, and he should have a lot of pent-up energy from his 100-year dream. With some additional idle animations, BOTW 2 has a chance to fix Link’s animation problem.

Link needs to move more in BOTW 2

lower link stretch

Outside of his expressions of pain while subjected to environmental hazards, Link only has four idle animations. One of these only happens if Link is shirtless, and another only happens at night. The other two consist of a little stretch when you are standing and when you are bending over, you wipe something off your hand. Other than that, Link has no life. BOTW 2 needs to give it more expressive idle animations so that players feel like Link is a real person. He’s been asleep for 100 years, and what most players get is a little shoulder. Link must touch his toes, stretch his arms in the air, and jog in place to keep the blood flowing.

There are a lot of details poured into Breath of the wildIt’s Hyrule, but that depth is missing when it comes to Link. The game has specific music for certain specific times and locations, but Link doesn’t have a proper set of idle animations. Link should yawn when the sun goes down or after the player hasn’t rested for a while. You must sit when you are by a campfire. You should remove mud from your shoes after walking through swampy areas. And at the very least, he should have been able to pet the dogs found in the stables.

That is not to say that developing these animations is easy. Coding, modeling, and all the internals of game development need to be integrated into something as simple as a few seconds animation. But with the attention to detail BOTW ‘s already shown, making Link so stiff feels like a missed opportunity. You don’t have to turn around and look at the camera or make a silly joke out of boredom like other video game characters, but you could at least lean in to get out of the way of the NPCs or take a second to admire your weapon. It’s too late to correct Link’s boring behavior in Breath of the wildBut it’s not too late to spice it up a little more BOTW 2.

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