Bowser’s Fury and Super Mario Sunshine have a lot in common, and that may prove that Fury Bowser is the result of the events on Isle Delfino.

Bowser’s fury He takes Mario on yet another adventure to save an endangered kingdom from the likes of Bowser, but what if Mario’s adventure on Lapcat Lake takes place immediately after the events of Super Mario Sunshine? While Mario’s parole vacation took place nearly 19 years ago, neither Nintendo nor Mario have been fans of keeping a concise timeline. Very similar The legend of Zelda, Mario The games can take place in any number of orders, and the similarities between Bowser’s fury Y Super Mario Sunshine they are too strange to be a coincidence.

While it is not a complete experience, Bowser’s fury is an independent adventure that includes Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch. During this adventure, Mario teams up with Bowser Jr. to take down the menacing Fury Bowser as he terrorizes the land of Lapcat Lake. This open world adventure resembles Super mario odyssey as Mario has free rein in a large area and is tasked with collecting Cat Shines (the feline version of Power Moons).

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Nevertheless, Bowser furry Y Super Mario Sunshine They share eerily similar plot points and mechanics that could tie the two titles together. This article will discuss how Bowser’s fury is probably a direct sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, proving that Mario never really gets a break.

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Bowser’s Fury: The Proof is in the Goop

Mario Goop Bowsers Fury

The biggest that Bowser’s fury Y Super Mario Sunshine They have in common their main danger: the sticky substance. When Mario lands on Isle Delfino, he is arrested for the harmful substance that has spread throughout the island. This mysterious ink-like substance covers Isle Delfino’s attractions, citizens, and shores in a similar way to how the goo pollutes the waters of Lake Lapcat. Both share a similar quality to ink and cause damage to those who touch it, and it could be argued that the goo from Isle Delfino found its way across the ocean to the waterways that flow into Lake Lapcat.

Bowser Jr. is a key player in both titles as well. Bowser’s son only appears in a handful of Mario titles, and even fewer of those features the koopaling equipped with its Magic Paintbrush. Bowser Jr. is responsible for the Isle Delfino contamination, and it’s also his first time using the brush, which means he probably didn’t have full control over his abilities. At the end of Super Mario SunshineBowser Jr. is seen drifting out to sea with his father, promising to fight Mario again once he grows up.

Now to Bowser’s fury, where Mario is summoned by Bowser Jr. to help save his father. Bowser’s fury He explains that the reason Bowser has transformed into his gigantic new form is due to his prolonged exposure to the inky black substance. The same goo that harmed Mario has had a very different effect on Bowser, and that could be due to his association with Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Sunshine. Similar to the effects of radiation, Bowser’s proximity to the sticky substance in Super Mario Sunshine could have turned him into Fury Bowser, while Mario’s direct exposure causes him physical harm.

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It is also important to note that after the events of Super Mario SunshineBowser Jr. doesn’t use his magic brush too often. In fact, I still had to use it again in 3D. Mario game before the launch of Bowser’s fury. This could be because Bowser Jr. felt sorry for the damage his actions caused and led to his father’s monstrous transformation. The interactions of Mario and the Bowser family have always held a sense of joy to them, and perhaps Bowser Jr. may no longer use the paintbrush due to the serious repercussions it once had.

It’s easier to believe that Mario titles are released chronologically and Mario’s life is a constant battle for survival, but there are many dots that connect. Bowser’s fury Y Super Mario Sunshine. Perhaps Bowser’s fury It has been a lesson in the importance of environmental safety for 19 years. Or maybe Nintendo is repurposing ideas because it’s easier than creating new ones.

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