Buffy’s Michelle Trachtenberg Supports Co-Star Allegations Against Joss Whedon

Michelle Trachtenberg has become the latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer star to support Charisma Carpenter in her allegations against Joss Whedon.

Michelle Trachtenberg has become the latest Buffy the Vampire Slayer star to support Charisma Carpenter in her accusations against Joss Whedon. Trachtenberg joined the fantasy series in season 5 as Dawn Summers, the previously unmentioned sister of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy. Although it was not exceptionally well received, Trachtenberg and Dawn remained a part of Buffy until the series ended. Her time on the show did not overlap with that of Carpenter, who played bad girl-turned-ally Cordelia Chase. Left carpenter Buffy after season 3 and joined the spinoff series Angel.

Earlier Wednesday, Carpenter posted a statement on social media accusing Buffy Joss Whedon’s creator of abusive behavior, particularly when it came to his time in Angel. Numerous allegations about Whedon have surfaced in recent months, particularly of League of Justice star Ray Fisher. However, Carpenter’s story is so far the largest derived from Whedon’s work on Buffy Y Angel. She accused Whedon of being verbally abusive, especially when she got pregnant in real life. This prompted Whedon to dismiss her from the show, something fans have discussed and debated extensively. From the post, another Buffy Stars like Gellar and Amber Benson have publicly endorsed Carpenter.

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Trachtenberg is the latest to do so, posting Gellar’s statement on Instagram and adding her own comments. Trachtenberg thanked Gellar for speaking, stating, “I am brave enough now as a 35 year old woman … to re-post this. “Then he continued in a slightly more vague way, writing,”This must. Be known. As a young man. With his inappropriate behavior …“In the comment section, Trachtenberg added”What he did was very bad. But we won. Surviving!“Finally, on his Instagram stories, he once again shared Gellar’s statement and added below”We know what he did. Behind. The. Scenes. “His full comments can be seen below.

Trachtenberg’s unconditional support for Carpenter and Gellar’s statements, as well as her own insistence that she knows how Whedon behaved, accounts for how toxic the environment is. Buffy set must have been. It’s gratifying to see everyone gathered to back up Carpenter’s claims, as sad as it is to see that they really are something she had to endure. Now fans will certainly turn to others Buffy stars for further feedback. In the past, Spike actor James Marsters alluded to Whedon’s troubling reaction to his character’s growing popularity as another notable example of the creator’s misbehavior.

While Whedon’s behavior on the set of Buffy is gaining attention, last summer the conversation surrounded League of Justice. In July, Fisher filed allegations of abuse on set by Whedon during the League of Justice reshoots, prompting an internal investigation at WarnerMedia. Carpenter was also involved in that investigation. With each person who comes forward, the evidence against Whedon grows and hopefully this will lead to some real consequences on his part.

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Source: Michelle Trachtenberg/ Instagram

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