From celebrity cameos to mysterious creatures, these classic Sims expansion features would make The Sims 4 more fun.

The Sims The franchise is over twenty years old. In that time, there have been more than 36 expansion packs for the main games. That’s a lot of content. The sims 4 he has ten expansions just for himself! And yet there are still things from those other older expansions that have yet to be added to the game. These are some classic expansion packs that The sims 4 it would be more fun with.

In April 2001, Party in the House was released as an expansion pack for The Sims. It is perhaps one of the less creative named expansions, as it gave players the ability to host parties at home. Having a Sim throw a small (or large) party has been a staple of the series ever since. The sims 4 It already has this functionality, but what it doesn’t have is Drew Carey. In The Sims: Home Party, a successful evening was rewarded with the visit of the actor / comedian / presenter of The price is ok. EA needs to add Mr. Carey to The sims 4 – and ask him to bring “Plinko” and “Mountain Climbers” too.

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Similary, The sims 4 you already have most of the content added in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage – namely, the mechanics of ‘holidays’ for Sims worlds, but the expansion’s star NPC, Bigfoot, is missing. The current world of camping available in The sims 4 it is completely devoid of cryptids. How much fun would it be for the Sims to take blurry photos of the furry biped? And it is The Sims, so there would undoubtedly be some WooHoo potential.

Other features of the Classic Sims expansion

The Sims 4 Mountain Temple Walk

The sims 4 it already has some ‘hidden’ simulation types (ghosts, aliens, vampires, mermaids, magic users, and robots), but it is still missing werewolves, fairies, and geniuses from The Sims 3: Supernatural. Adding them back to the game would create much more storytelling possibilities, adding fun for many players who enjoy role-playing games in The Sims. The last Sims 4 pack of things, Paranormal, sparked the return of fan favorite Bonehilda, who last appeared on Supernatural. Maybe werewolves will appear with the next full moon?

Take a more liberal view of the definition of ‘expansion’, or simply discard it in favor of ‘spin-off’, adding characteristics of The Sims Medieval it would also increase the fun factor of The Sims 4. The quest system in this game, in which players would create various characters that would join their kingdom while maintaining a level of automation (that is, they were not always under the player’s control) was a departure from the usual game of The Sims. A riff of this system, perhaps one based on the creation of non-controllable NPCs that would help run a shop, for example, would add to the aforementioned role-playing possibilities that are really where the fun lies. The Sims.

The sims 4 has had a lot of content added across 10 expansion packs, 9 game packs, and over a dozen stuff packs. Some of that content has been taken from the classic Sims expansions. EA has done a good job going through the older packages to find the critical additions. What remains are mostly smaller things, but still things they would do The sims 4 More fun.

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