Daredevil’s 10 best fights (in the comics)

Before Daredevil impressed everyone with his unique hallway scene in Reckless season one, he was defeating almost every villain he came across in the comics. With his heightened senses and penchant for good, Matt Murdock is practically perfect in fighting. A few villains have tried to fight Matt Murdock, but he wins most of the time.

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As long as he doesn’t win, his opponents can be sure that he will get revenge, and soon. When he is unsuccessful, he fights and works harder and trains more and more so that he can finally fight them and win. In countless battles over the years, Daredevil has had ten fights that stand out above the rest.

10 Stilt man

Stilt man reckless

When Daredevil was still new, freshly created by Stan Lee, Bill Everett, and Jack Kirby in April 1964, he took on various original Marvel Comics villains. Many comic book fans remember Wilbur Day’s character, better known as Stilt-Man. In Daredevil number eight, Reckless # 8 of Stan Lee and Wallace “Wally” Wood, Daredevil and Stilt-Man face off. This is a difficult opening fight, and certainly strange, but it also establishes Daredevil as a character and a fighter, as well as presenting his fighting style excellently.

9 Mr fear

Mr fear

Around the same time that Daredevil was first fighting Stilt-Man, he decided to try fighting a man named Mr. Fear, too. In Reckless # 5, also created by Stan Lee and Wally Wood, Daredevil fights against Mr. Fear of the time, who was the man Zoltan Drago.

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This fight was famous in its heyday, but it became even more important retroactively as Mr. Fear became a larger and larger presence in Daredevil’s life. Later, Mr. Fear’s mantle is taken over by Larry Cranston, who does everything he can to destroy Daredevil’s life whenever he can.

8 The legal system (and New York City)

One of Daredevil’s biggest ongoing battles isn’t even in his life as Daredevil – it’s in his life as Matt Murdock. As a lawyer, Matt trusts the law above almost everything else. However, he struggles to allow the law to run its course when he sees the need for immediate action; this is often when he appears as Daredevil. However, New York City, and Hell’s Kitchen, specifically, doesn’t always work out. with Mate. Sometimes they, and the legal system you’re trying to work for, end up working against the. He is even discovered as Daredevil and arrested for his crimes at one point.

7 Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary Daredevil

Daredevil is known for many things, including how deeply he falls in love with other Marvel characters, such as Karen Page or Black Widow. Another woman Matt is involved with is Mary Walker, also known as Typhoid Mary. This character was meant to appear on the show, but ended up appearing on Iron fist instead.

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Typhoid Mary’s character was once with Daredevil in a more romantic sense, but as most things go in her life, this went terribly wrong. The two often fight, with Typhoid Mary even gathering several of her other villains into a team to fight Daredevil at one point.

6 Gladiator

Gladiator Daredevil Villain

Tv show fans Reckless he meets Marvin Potter as the guy who made Matt’s suits, and is eventually convinced to make a Daredevil suit for Bullseye, which would get him into a little trouble with Daredevil and the FBI afterward. In the comics, he is the same costume designer, but he turned against Daredevil early on and appears persistently in the comics to fight him. Known as the Gladiator, the only person who can truly stop him is Daredevil.

5 Hand

While not just one person, The Hand is an organization that Daredevil collides with over and over again. They torment him, torture him, and want nothing more than Matt Murdock to just leave. Although Matt Murdock has defeated The Hand in battles countless times, they keep coming back for him. In fact, The Hand is such a prominent evil organization that they were used in Defenders television series to tie the programs together. When Matt Murdock is fighting ninjas and other faceless villains, he must always ask himself: Will the Hand come for him one more time?

4 Elektra

Daredevil Elektra lived

A character that is most frequently mentioned in association with Daredevil is Elektra Natchios. Elektra is the daughter of a Greek ambassador to the United States, a skilled and intelligent fighter, and one of Matt Murdock’s mistresses.

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Many argue that Elektra is the love for Matt’s life, although some say this could be another character. However, it is impossible to argue that Matt and Elektra share a lot of passion. Daredevil fights Elektra frequently, as her love is not enough to prevent her from wanting to kill him.

3 The Punisher

Marvel Daredevil Vs Punisher Kick

Daredevil and Punisher are so notoriously in conflict that they have their own series fighting each other, titled Reckless against Punisher, with art and writing by David Lapham. The two fight most of the time, as they both fight to bring justice to the streets of New York, although they have different ideas on how to do it. Also, the two of them are ridiculously similar in other ways, mainly, they are both incredibly stubborn. They will never stop fighting like Daredevil and Punisher and therefore never stop fighting each other in the process.

2 Diana

Bullseye vs. Elektra

When it comes to Daredevil villains, no one is as wild as Bullseye. Also known as Benjamin Poindexter, Bullseye is the man who never fails, and Matt Murdock is the Man Without Fear; The two fight frequently and have done so for decades. Bullseye loves to fight Matt Murdock and most of all, loves to cause him pain. He is responsible for the deaths of Elektra Natchios and Karen Page, two of the people Matt Murdock loves the most in his life. Bullseye especially takes delight in making Matt miserable, so any fight between the two is particularly satisfying to readers.

one Cornerstone

The best of the best Daredevil villains is undoubtedly Kingpin. King of Hell’s Kitchen’s real name is Wilson Fisk, but everyone calls him Kingpin because he’s the Crimelord in New York. Fight characters like Daredevil and Spider-Man constantly, tormenting them in hideous ways and fighting them until their lives are completely ruined.

Fans most often cite Frank Miller’s Kingpin and Daredevil as their favorite iterations of the characters, as their versions were driven insane, much like the Joker and Batman for DC Comics. In the end, Daredevil’s biggest fight will always be against the Kingpin.

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