DCEU: 10 times Superman was his worst enemy

Superman was the character who started the DCEU with his eponymous film Iron Man. It was this movie that introduced DC Comics to the big screen in the 21st century, and it was Superman who paved the way for the movies to follow. However, Clark Kent, despite all his Krpytonian strength, is still just a man, and men have flaws.

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You make mistakes that you must learn from, and sometimes these mistakes gain traction in an attempt to destroy your life. Like Snyder’s cut from League of Justice It will be released soon, fans are eagerly waiting to see if Clark Kent will be more in character in the film’s director’s cut. In the past, Superman has made some decisions that make it obvious that he is his worst enemy.

10 Terrified of his own powers

superman and his mother in a cornfield

As a child, Clark Kent was apparently unaware at first that he was tremendously different from other children. At one point, he accidentally burned a comic book in his hands with his heat vision, but it wasn’t until Clark was nine that his enhanced senses really impressed him.

At such a young age, it was almost impossible for Clark to handle the rapidly manifesting powers. He attacked other students and his teacher. It was only when his mother, Martha Kent, came to school and helped him that Clark was able to recover, putting him on a long road to learn to control the abilities that would haunt him forever.

9 Difficulty hiding the truth

a young clark kent coming out of a lake

Martha and Jonathan Kent feared for their son as any normal parent would, but they had an additional cause for concern: their son had superpowers. When Clark was thirteen, he was struggling to hide the truth about his powers from his peers.

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When he was on the school bus and one of the tires exploded, causing the bus to crash into a river, Clark Kent wastes no time: he quickly saves the lives of his classmates. Jonathan Kent tells his son that people cannot know about his gifts if they want to be safe, even if it means that others will be harmed. Clark will always struggle with this, always unable to truly internalize this instruction.

8 Could have saved his father

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Towards the end of Clark’s childhood, the lesson his father had tried to teach him at the age of thirteen was put to the test. When Clark was just seventeen years old, Clark Kent and Jonathan Kent try to help people as a tornado crosses a highway in Kansas. Jonathan is killed while Clark can do nothing but watch, even though Clark knows he could have saved him.

Jonathan believes the sacrifice is worth it to keep Clark’s powers a secret, but Clark will always regret this action. He knew he could have saved his father, and yet he didn’t; You will never be sure you made the right decision that day.

7 He tormented himself for years

After losing his father, Clark Kent decided that he needed to be punished. He felt such immense guilt that, for many years after his father’s death, Clark Kent wandered the Earth, never living a human life.

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It just floated from place to place, never truly joining society, skirting the boundaries of civilization and helping people as needed. Every time you get too close, you know you need to move on. By the way, he stays away from human relationships and a happy life for many years as punishment and, in a way, as a pursuit.

6 He always gets into the smallest fights, even like Clark

While Clark Kent seems to believe that he can stop being Superman at any time, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Clark is unable to not help; he has to get involved in every little altercation or skirmish he encounters.

Even watching a fight between a trucker and a waitress, Clark Kent feels the need to step in and get involved. His complete inability to stay out of situations that have nothing to do with him will follow him forever, always involving him in things he doesn’t need to be involved in.

5 Surrendered to the army

After so many years operating as a lone vigilante, Clark Kent sees fit to surrender to the United States Army after becoming Superman. As Clark has acquired the ability to fly, among other abilities, he doesn’t want to put more people in danger and sees no other option.

General Zod said that he would destroy the people of Earth, forcing them to suffer his wrath, if Clark does not surrender to him. Clark is the one who turns the same finished, willingly sacrificing himself to Zod and the military as requested.

4 Made sure he was the last Kryptonian

One of the most tragic elements of Clark Kent’s character is the fact that he feels so lonely. Child of two worlds, he feels that he does not really belong to either of them. He is the only Kryptonian you know; He lives among earthlings, among humans, but he can never be one of them. Upon finding General Zod, he discovers that he is not alone in this universe, that there are still others like him out there.

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Unfortunately, however, General Zod has a very different idea of ​​his future, and Clark has no choice, ultimately, but to kill Zod. He may have felt like it was the only option, but Clark is still the one making sure he’s the last Kryptonian (that he knows about).

3 Jimmy Olsen couldn’t be protected and Lois is often at risk

a man who seems unhappy

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen may be human, but they mean more than the world to Clark Kent. They are his best friends and the public knows it. Even if Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent didn’t spend time together in the DCEU, fans still know how much the two mean to each other, and that made it all the more shocking and devastating when Jimmy Olsen was quickly killed in the DCEU.

Clark Kent struggles with the loss of humans under his protection, especially when Lois Lane is threatened. He loves her more than anything, and his continued risk haunts Clark, even if it’s partly his fault.

2 Superman is seen as a god

Clark Kent is a man, or so he says; actually, he’s more than human, even if he was raised by humans and seems to think like them. Other people realize that Superman is beyond humanity and begin to see him as a god.

By doing so, Superman becomes more than a superhero; people start to question him and what he stands for, as well as the decisions he makes. Clark can only do so much, but the image he cultivates of himself ultimately ends up being counterproductive for him as people struggle to trust someone they can’t understand.

one He allows Lex Luthor to manipulate him against Bruce Wayne

Batman Superman Dawn of Justice

As Clark Kent’s story begins to intertwine with that of the other founding members of the Justice League, he seems shocked that there are others like him. It has felt so lonely for so long that the discovery of other metahumans, even strong humans like Bruce Wayne, seems incredible.

However, Batman and Superman are quickly confronted with each other, as Lex Luthor manipulates them into not trusting each other. Clark Kent nearly died at the hands of Bruce Wayne due to how far this manipulation goes. Ultimately, though, Clark Kent is his own hero too – he saves himself and the world, though he dies in the process.

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