Did Taylor Swift hide a clue in her intrepid re-recording ad?

If you look closely, the capital letters include A, P, R, I, L, N, T, H. Like … April 9? Will something new happen on April 9? April 9 may be the planned release date for Fearless (Taylor’s version), which he did not specify when announcing the album’s expected arrival. That feels a bit far off, considering “Love Story” is coming tonight. On the other hand, that sentiment could be based on the much faster change we’ve seen on his last two albums (Folkmore Y Increasingly), which were published very shortly after their announcement. Taylor Swift may revert to the more traditional release format for Fearless (Taylor’s version) and he’s planning to release some singles for the re-recorded album before the full album comes out, and maybe the play for that is April 9th.

But if the Bold The re-recording announcement happened on 11/2, maybe she plans to announce the re-recording of another album on 9/4 (4 + 9 = 13!).


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