Dogma and 9 other great religious satires

Satirical movies are rare in the mainstream, because they rarely become blockbusters (even better known as Fight club Y American Psycho barely surviving financially), but the cinema is an excellent medium for satire. One topic that many filmmakers have satirised is organized religion, both specific religions and the idea of ​​religion itself.

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Kevin smith Dogma it is a great example of religious satire. Since Smith is a lifelong Catholic, the movie has a lot of affection for the Bible, as well as a deep understanding of its teachings, so the satirism doesn’t feel like an attack on anyone’s beliefs.

10 Dogma


Kevin Smith started writing a movie called God – a satire on the Catholic beliefs he was raised with – before doing Employees. Put it aside while shooting Employees and returned to the project after Employees it was collected for distribution. He titled it Dogma and it finally hit theaters five years later as Smith’s fourth directorial effort.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck play a pair of fallen angels who plan to use a loophole in Christian doctrine to return to heaven. However, since doing so would prove that God is fallible and thus erase all existence, the agents of heaven and hell are willing to stop them.

9 Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey stars Bruce Almighty – one of his many high-concept blockbusters – like downtrodden news reporter Bruce Nolan, who believes that God is not doing his job right. God, played by Morgan Freeman, grants him his powers to see if he can do better.

At first, he has a lot of fun, but is soon crushed by the immense pressure of keeping an eye on everyone in the world. The movie doesn’t do as much of its juicy premise as you might expect, but Carrey brings his A game.

8 This is the end

Evan Goldberg’s directorial debut alongside Seth Rogen revolves around Rogen and some of his closest associates (Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, etc.) as fictional versions of themselves surviving the Christian apocalypse in the postmodern mansion. Hollywood by James Franco.

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As they battle with demonic possessions and the arrival of the armies of Satan, Rogen and company. riff on how crazy it is that the Bible turned out to be true and expresses his disappointment at being excluded from the Rapture.

7 The sky can wait

Adapted from Harry Segall’s play of the same name, The sky can wait stars Warren Beatty (who also co-wrote, co-directed, and produced the film) as a man whose guardian angel mistakenly takes him to heaven.

His quest to return to Earth and live the rest of his life is complicated by the fact that his body has been cremated. The movie reunited Beatty with his Shampoo Y McCabe and Mrs. Miller his co-star Julie Christie.

6 Religious

Bill Maher on Religulous

Technically, Religious It can’t be a satire because it’s a documentary and the two are in conflict, but like Michael Moore, Bill Maher brought a good dose of humor to his exploration of world religions.

BoratLarry Charles directed the film, which was titled A spiritual journey during production in order to get interviews with religious leaders without revealing comic intent.

5 The invention of lies

Ricky Gervais and Jonah Hill in The Invention of Lies

Very on the mark for Ricky Gervais’s uncompromising acid-tongued comic style, The invention of lies it’s set in an alternate universe where everyone tells the truth all the time and the notion of lying doesn’t exist. Gervais co-directed and co-wrote the film and stars as the first man to tell a lie.

When he invents an afterlife to make his mother feel better about death, he becomes a worldwide sensation. Basically, he uses the power of falsehood to create Christianity. Invent the concept of heaven, encourage everyone to follow “ten rules” and talk to a “man in heaven” who promises paradise after death if people do good things in life and punishment if they do bad things.

4 Four lions

four lions chris morris movie

Extremist terrorism isn’t the easiest subject to turn into comedy, but Chris Morris’s sharp satire Four lions he succeeded. Riz Ahmed plays a radicalized Muslim youth who plans to commit suicide with a bomb at the London Marathon.

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The film addresses the very serious issue of terrorism through the hysterical lens of a farce, as Morris intended to bring out the “Daddy’s army side of terrorism. “

3 Sausage party

Another effort by Rogen and Goldberg, Sausage party does not openly address a particular religion as This is the end; rather, it satirizes belief in deities in general. It’s a darkly comical parody of the Pixar movies about anthropomorphic food in a grocery store.

All foods dream of being bought, to be able to take them to the “Great Beyond”. However, they are horrified to discover that in the Great Beyond, all that awaits them is to be eaten alive.

2 Oh God!

George Burns in Oh God!

Directed by comedy legend Carl Reiner, Oh God! starring comedy legend George Burns as a supermarket manager who is chosen by God to spread his wisdom on Earth.

Naturally, Christian leaders, the media, and the man’s own wife are skeptical about whether or not he is really speaking for the Lord.

one Monty Python’s Life of Brian

On the promotional tour of his movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Pythons were incessantly asked what their next project would be, so Eric Idle jokingly announced Jesus Christ: lust for glory as your follow-up movie. This seed of an idea eventually became Brian’s life, the definitive cinematic demolition of organized religion.

Loosely interwoven with incisive satirical sketches, including some of the best python materials ever, Brian’s life tells the story of a man in biblical times who is mistaken for the Messiah and then condemned to die on a cross.

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